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Neighbours Episode 3480 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3480
Australian airdate: 03/03/00
UK airdate: 07/04/00
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Dione Bliss: Madeleine West
Rob McCredie: Myles Collins
Tanya Rodgers: Tania Trigili
Merridy Jackson: Suzy Cato
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Bright Red Chevrolet" by The Steve Byrd Band
- "Did You Really" by Jebediah
- "Johnny Too Bad 1" by The Steve Byrd Band
- "Twang Bar Blues" by The Steve Byrd Band
- "Flowers" by Janine Maunder
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Harold reading Grease Monkeys' (GM) rules and laughing at them. Dione teasing Joel about being attracted to another girl.
Lou's Place where Joel is Lying
Joel confesses that he does like Dione's friend Carrie, and Dee keeps asking him who is the most attractive of the two; he says that he finds Dee more attractive - very inconvincingly.
No 30 where Tad is Confused
Tad thinks that the adoption centre is taking a long time to get back to him; Toadie tells him to be more patient. Tad suggests that he gets his impatience from his genes - maybe his real mother Rachel is impatient, too. Tad hopes Rachel isn't a real loser, and is feeling confused about everything. Toadie tells Tad that Coral rang today - she's 'phoning everyday, actually. Toadie reminds Tad that Coral and Barry love Tad so much, and that he only remembers them treating him as if he were their own.
Joel comes home and tells Toadie that he's in big trouble.
Grease Monkeys where there are Really Scary Big Balloons
Seriously, I hate balloons. Flick asks Harold if he's worried about the big opening of GM, but he seems quite calm. As they are hanging the balloons Rob McCredie - Don McCredie's son (Don is the big boss) - comes in and asks him how it's going. Harold introduces Rob to Felicity and Paul, and Rob tells him that he thinks the place looks terrific, and that he's really looking forward to tomorrow.
No 30 where Joel is Confused
Joel apparently really, really, really likes Carrie, but only really, really likes Dione. Three versus two. It's not looking good. Tad thinks that it's great though - it's making him feel a whole lot better about life! Toadie asks Joel how long he had to get to know Carrie - he had an hour. That's a really long time. Apparently. He'd really like to get to know Carrie better. Toadie would really like to get to know Cameron Diaz better. Toadie thinks Joel should pick Dione. But Joel has a Truth Pact with Dione - who knows he likes Carrie. But not how much.
Confused, Joel? Me too.
Joel leaves and Tad says he shouldn't tell Dione the truth - it's better to lie. If that's the case, Toadie asks, why is Tad giving Barry and Coral such a hard time? Tad thinks that's different.
Outside the Scullys' where Flick is Being Nice
And that's a rarity these days.
Flick asks Paul in for a coffee, and they agree that Rob is a jerk. Michelle and her friend Tanya are inside talking about Joel - Tanya wants to try and get Joel to their party. Flick goes to put the kettle on, and Tanya leaves. Flick warns Michelle to learn her lesson from the first time - don't set friends up with Joel!
The Bishops' where Lou is being a Nice Person
Lou comes round to see Harold and brings him a present - Harold is all excited - it's a soft toy monkey dressed in a chef's hat and apron! Very cute! Harold tells Lou that he met Rob McCredie today, and he's coming to the opening tomorrow - now Harold's worried in case Rob isn't impressed. Lou tells him not to worry about these things - he's very experienced.
Paul comes home and wants to know what's for dinner. Its pasta - woo! That's what I'm eating right now! Tad comes home and Paul tells him that he's had the best day with Felicity. Tad reminds him that he wants to be friends, but Paul reminds Tad about the bet they have...if he kisses Flick then he gets Tad's bike...
You can just see how this is going to end, and it's painful.
No 30 where we find Joel and Toadie Talking
Joel and Toadie are eating breakfast, and Toadie asks him what he's going to do about his babe dilemma. Joel doesn't know - he'll go to the pool to clear his head. Toadie's going down to the pub to earn some more money - they still owe Lou for that restaurant bill, but Toadie actually wants to use the money to give Billy K a good send-off. Aw - what a good friend he is!
Ramsay Street where Joel makes a Mistake
Toadie suggests selling Bob as a mop or a wig to raise some cash, but Joel doesn't think anyone would buy him. Michelle approaches Joel and he tells her she's trouble - he doesn't want her to set him up with her friends ever again. As Toadie leaves, Joel shouts out that he's meeting Dee for lunch at GMs - and Michelle overhears, with a smirking look on her face...
Grease Monkeys where we find a Red Ribbon
Harold cuts the red ribbon to announce that GMs in Erinsborough is open! The music comes on, he offers a free drink with each burger, and everyone cheers! Lou introduces himself to Rob and asks him how he's finding it, then goes on to praise Harold. We then see Tad serving two drinks and an ice cream, and Rob looking decidedly cross. We cut to Flick taking an order with an extra pickle and walking away, and Rob looking angry again. Flick asks Tad if they can add the pickle - he says it'll take longer, so just do an ordinary 'chimp' (that's the name of the burger) as no-one will ever know the difference.
Rob looks so annoyed and this point and appears to be taking notes.
Tad tells Harold that everyone's ordering burgers and they can't keep up. Harold tells them to keep smiling - and Lou tells him not to panic if the customers are ordering - it's only a good thing!
It looks completely manic.
The Scullys' where Michelle is Going Down, Down, Down...
Tanya `is telling Michelle that her friends will be so jealous if she takes Joel to Alisha's tonight. Michelle looks a bit worried. Michelle lends her a necklace, and they make their way to GMs.
Grease Monkeys where Michelle is Being Manipulative
I HATE manipulation.
It's getting even busier, and mistakes are being made on customers' orders. Rob reprimands Flick for not asking if customers want chips with their burgers - she apologises. Harold tells Rob that they are good workers, but Rob doesn't seem impressed. Joel and Dee are there and chase their orders.
Michelle and Tanya arrive, and Tanya is questioning why Joel is sitting with another girl; Michelle tells her that Dee is his cousin. Flick asks Michelle to take some drinks to Joel - and Michelle accidentally-on-purpose spills the drink all over Dee.
Lou's Place where we meet Merridy
Merridy Jackson turns up at Lou's place and says hello to him - apparently she's Lolly's teacher. Lou asks her if he can have a word about his daughter. She says that she's currently having lunch with a friend - he can make an appointment with her during school hours if he needs to.
Grease Monkeys where Michelle deserves her Come-Uppance
Flick reprimands Dee for spilling the drink; she apologises, as does Rob - he asks Paul to organise a complimentary meal for them. Rob is cross with Flick, and Michelle smirks on, pleased that Flick is getting a dressing down. She is such a nasty person.
Dee says she has to go home and change; Joel will stay and eat. Tanya says hello to Joel, and she says that now his cousin's gone, they can have some time alone. Joel is cross and looks at Michelle.
Lou's Place where Lou wants to see Merridy, like, now
Toadie says that everyone likes Billy and that's why he needs a great party...Lou realises that Toadie's trying to get him to fork out for some drinks! Merridy comes up to pay her bill, and Lou reduces it for him, and then asks to have a word about Louise. She tells him no!
Grease Monkeys where Tanya is Very Very Cross
Tanya tells Joel that he can't go - she paid $10 for this! Joel tells Tanya that she's been had, before turning to Michelle and telling her to grow up and stop using people. Tanya is livid with Michelle - she keeps trying to lie her way out of it, but Tanya leaves - and before she does, Flick demands her necklace from her. Honestly - Michelle has NO scruples at all.
And no friends, either, now.
No 30 where Dee is being Honest
Joel apologises to Dee for lunch, but she's not too bothered - neither Michelle or Tanya are real threats to her. She confesses that Joel obviously attracts women and has some sort of effect on them. Dee then tells him that she really, really likes him.
Grease Monkeys where It's All Over
Harold says he thinks they did very well today, but Rob says it's the worst opening he's ever witnessed - if Harold doesn't raise his game, his father will pull the plug on the whole fiasco.
Poor Harold. Let's put him out of his misery and cut to:
End Credits
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