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Neighbours Episode 2993 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2993
Australian airdate: 26/11/97
UK airdate: 11/05/98
UK Gold: 07/04/2004
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Philip East
Guests: Mike Burns: Daniel Jolles
Mandi Rogers: Sabina Lokic
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
- "Mrs John Henry" by Sean Sennett
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Billy and Caitlin celebrating that Billy's in the swim squad and going to Sydney.
- Anne quizzes a very silent Toadie on whether she should be worried about Billy and Caitlin's relationship.
- Billy vows to tell Caitlin that he's not going to Sydney as a way of proving his dedication to Anne.
- Caitlin convincing Billy to reconsider going to Sydney.
- Libby discovering that she's failed all of her exams.
- Libby stating that uni just wasn't meant to be for her.
- A television news report flashing up that Mike is being hunted for as a missing runaway.
- Philip demanding that Mike explains himself.
Number 26
Mike stays silent.
PHILIP: Well, I'm waiting!
MIKE: Well, it's kind of complicated.
PHILIP: NO, Mike. The TRUTH is never complicated.
Philip demands to know the full story - starting with the whereabouts of Mike's parents. Mike finally admits that his parents are overseas and he was supposed to be staying with her grandmother. He explains that she wasn't well, so he told her that he was going to stay at a mate's place for a few days. Philip looks horrified.
PHILIP: And you did a runner to here?!
Mike says that he wanted to be with Hannah, so he just jumped on a bus. Philip is amazed that Mike thought he'd get away with it. Mike shrugs - he told his grandmother not to bother ringing his mate's place, so he figured it would be fine, but evidently she must've rung and discovered that he wasn't staying there after all.
Philip tells him that it was obvious that his grandmother would check up on him, and his behaviour was very stupid. He tells Mike that he doesn't appreciate how many lies he's been told, and turns on Hannah, asking her how much she knew about the situation.
HANNAH: I didn't know any of it at first! ...but Mike told me most of it later.
PHILIP: (appalled) So you just became a party to the lies?!
HANNAH: I didn't like it, honest!
PHILIP: HONEST?! I don't think either of you two know the meaning of that word!
Number 28
Karl and Susan are washing up. Billy is clearing the table. Karl is unhappy that Libby didn't contact them about not being home for dinner. Susan defends her, saying that she has a lot on her mind. Karl is annoyed that she's staying out to avoid facing him, and he's very upset as his daughter has wasted the whole first year of uni.
Susan warns him to keep his voice down, as Billy's results are due out tomorrow and he's nervous. Karl thinks that Billy tried a lot harder than Libby. Billy tells them that if they're talking about him, they shouldn't build up any high hopes. Susan says that him trying his best was all that they asked and he's done that.
BILLY: I hope I don't have to repeat the year.
Karl tells him not to think like that until he gets his results. Susan asks if he's going to collect them, or having them delivered. Billy says he'll wait for the delivery, as he's going to be depressed enough when he gets them! Susan tries to cheer him up, but Billy is upset, thinking that they're building up expectations like they did with Libby.
KARL: No, I expected Libby to not fail. I don't think that's placing unreasonable demands upon her.
Libby and Darren walk in.
KARL: Just talking about you!
LIBBY: Why doesn't that surprise me? Look, Dad, I know I've stuffed up, but there's no point going on about it, ok?
KARL: I'm not. But I think we need to discuss it!
Darren makes a sharp exit! Libby tells them to get it off their chest. Karl and Susan explain that they're not angry, but they are disappointed. Karl starts moaning about how many times they asked her to knuckle down and how many times she promised that she'd got her life under control.
Libby admits that she made a lot of mistakes, but she can't go back and change them now. Karl tells her that she could've listened when it counted. Libby agrees and apologises for disappointing them so much, but realises that the person she's let down the most is herself. She tearfully says she doesn't want to talk any more about it, and goes off to bed.
Karl and Susan look upset and annoyed. Billy is sitting on the sofa alone and looks worried.
Number 22
Darren is back at 22 with Toadie, Lolly and Lou. Darren says that Libby's going to cop it with both barrels.
LOU: I can understand Karl being upset.
TOADIE: Yeah, and when he's upset, WOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHHH!!!! It's Mount Vesuvius erupting!! I'm glad I don't have to put up with that any more.
Lou suggests that he do the heavy bit on Toadie when he gets his exam results tomorrow. Toadie doesn't want to be reminded that they're due out! Lou settles down to some drawing with Lolly. Darren goes over to Toadie.
DARREN: (confrontationally) What are you worried about? I thought you were a genius.
Toadie tells him that exams aren't easy and he had a lot on his mind. Darren imagines that would be the case, considering he nearly killed a load of schoolkids!
TOADIE: It wasn't that bad!
He admits it could've been worse, but everything turned out ok. Darren thinks that Toadie got off lightly. Toadie disagrees - after all, he got expelled and had to do his exams in a strange place, which made it hard to concentrate. Darren asks if Toadie bombed out. Toadie says they'll have to wait and see.
Lou shouts them over to look at a picture. Darren takes a look at the drawing.
DARREN: Hey, Lol's come on a long way!
LOU: (annoyed) She didn't do it. *I* did.
DARREN: Oh. Well. Umm. I wouldn't go out and buy an easel just yet.
Darren laughs as Lou huffs back down to his drawing!
Number 28
Karl, Susan and Billy are sitting in the living room. Billy, despite bagsying it not to be him who answers the door, is sent to answer the door! It's Caitlin. She asks about Sydney, and whether he's still going. She reminds him that they leave tomorrow and Simon didn't mention that he'd withdrawn.
Billy is unsure, and guesses that it's a bit late to pull out now. Caitlin agrees and Billy finally decides that it's probably best for him to go, even if he doesn't get to swim. Caitlin is pleased. Caitlin asks if he's still having problems with Anne. Billy admits that they haven't been talking much lately. Caitlin reassures him that she will come around.
CAITLIN: So, have you told her you're definitely coming yet?
BILLY: Not yet. I thought I'd wait until after I get my results.
CAITLIN: Yeah, one hassle at a time, eh?
BILLY: Yeah, something like that!
Number 26
Philip is on the phone to Mike's grandmother. He reassures her that 'he will'. He finally hangs up, and looks very annoyed. He tells Mike that his grandmother has been worried sick. Mike asks if she's ok, and Philip tells her that she sounded fairly shaky, but it's not surprising given what she's been through over the last few days!
Philip explains that when Mike's grandmother discovered that he was missing, she tried to contact his parents but couldn't get through. Mike is scathing, saying that sounds about right. Philip ignores this, and says that that's why she contacted the police. Philip tells Mike that he's caused heaps of trouble.
MIKE: I'm sorry.
PHILIP: We are *way* beyond apologies.
Philip tells Mike to pack his stuff as he'll be on the first flight back to Perth in the morning. Mike reluctantly goes. Philip sits next to Hannah, with his arms folded and looking very unhappy.
PHILIP: You brought this on yourself. You know that, don't you? I mean, giving your personal details to a complete stranger!
Hannah insists that she didn't know that Mike would turn up the way he did. Philip says that she should've told him as soon as she did know. Hannah apologises.
PHILIP: I suppose you're upset with me now because I'm sending him back?
HANNAH: Not really, it's probably for the best, isn't it?
Philip tells her it definitely is! He hopes that she'll know better than to do something similar in the future!
Number 28
Susan wonders if it's partly her's and Karl's fault that Libby failed. Karl is confused. Susan thinks that they might have expected too much. Karl mutters that they didn't put any pressure on her, and if they did, it didn't have any effect anyway!
Susan thinks that Libby might be burnt out due to being a dedicated student for so many years. Karl is adamant that if she felt like that, she should've spoken up and then they could've arranged for her to have taken a year off before uni.Susan scoffs, as she knows that Karl would never have agreed to it.
KARL: So now you're saying this is my fault?
Karl gets very annoyed, but Susan says that it's as much her fault - she should've seen the signs. Susan says that they need to help her get through next year. Karl is unsure as everytime he tries to help, he's accused of nagging or putting pressure on. He says it's the same with Billy.
SUSAN: Billy has studied very hard. He deserves to get good marks.
KARL: He might deserve it, but I haven't got high hopes. If he has to repeat, at least it'll be at Elliot Park, that could make it easier for him.
SUSAN: Don't you *dare* assume that he's going to fail.
KARL: Look at his track record.
SUSAN: He might have a learning disability, Karl, it doesn't mean he's going to fail. If he heard you talking like this, he'd be totally crushed!
KARL: Well, I'm not saying it to him, am I?
Susan says that they have to keep encouraging Billy. She says that he's tried his best and they can't ask for anything more.
KARL: We just have to hope his best is good enough, don't we?
Karl snaps the television back on. Susan looks appalled.
Ramsay Street
Billy approaches Number 28's mailbox with his fingers tightly crossed. He peers inside, but there's nothing there. He keeps his fingers tightly crossed. Libby comes outside and tells him that he's jumping the gun a bit, as the postie won't arrive for ages. Billy tells her that sometimes he comes early, but Libby points out that with it being exam results day, he definitely won't be early!
Libby empathises with him, saying that the waiting is horrible and Billy tells her that he just wants to get the results and open them himself. He definitely doesn't want to go through the same ordeal that Libby did with Karl. Libby tells him not to let what happened with her ruin his day - she knows he's worked really hard, and believes he will be fine.
BILLY: I hope so. I don't want to go to Sydney all depressed.
LIBBY: So you're definitely going?
BILLY: Yeah, it's too good an opportunity to miss.
Libby thinks that a free trip is always good, and wishes she had somewhere to go! Libby gets on a bit of a downer and then apologises to Billy, saying that she shouldn't be depressing him! He agrees, saying it won't be much fun for him if he fails! Libby says he won't fail and the pair of them cross their fingers together. Billy watches Libby walk off - with her fingers crossed - with a very anxious expression on his face.
Number 26
Mike tells Hannah that he rang his gran to apologise to her for all of the trouble he's caused, and it turns out that she's not feeling too well, so he thinks it'd be best if he stayed in Ramsay Street! Hannah's eyes nearly fall out of her head!
HANNAH: Stay?!
Mike is very keen, but Hannah tries to put him off, certain that Philip won't be happy. Philip enters the room, muttering about a phonecall he's just received. Mike is very enthusiastic about staying and Philip makes it clear to him that he's not too happy, and he's only considering it because his gran is so frail. Philip tells Mike that he's said he'll get back to Mike's gran - he's not going to make the decision; he's going to leave it up to Hannah. Hannah looks surprised.
PHILIP: You're the one Mike came to see. Do you want him to stay or not?
Hannah looks unsure.
Ramsay Street
Billy and Toadie are tearing into their exam results. They start to yell with delight.
BILLY: I did ok!
TOADIE: I did great!
Down the road, Caitlin is looking through her own mail with Mandi (as the Ramsay Street residents are often prone to doing!) and then goes over to congratulate the boys when she sees them cheering. Toadie asks who's going to congratulate him, and Caitlin shakes his hand. Billy is reading Toadie's transcript.
TOADIE: Are we great or what?!
BILLY: You got 3 As here, and you were studying under the house with a torch!
TOADIE: I know, don't remind me!
Billy and Toadie reckon that they deserve champagne all round, and start yelling about parties, sprinting into Number 28 with the girls close behind them.
Number 26
Hannah is still unsure about Mike staying. Mike admits that he stuffed everything up and did everything wrong, but he thinks she's really ace - and that's the reason why he wants to stay. Philip walks in from the garden and asks if Hannah's made up her mind, as he has to call Mike's grandmother back.
HANNAH: (reluctantly) Yeah, I guess it's ok.
PHILIP: (solemnly, to Mike) All right then. You can stay. But no more lies and no more trouble.
MIKE: I promise. (to Hannah) It'll be great.
Hannah doesn't look overly convinced!
Number 28
Anne congratulates Billy on his exam results and in the background, we can hear Toadie on the phone. Anne apologises to Billy for being narky lately and he invites her in to join the party. Toadie gets off the phone and Susan proposes a toast.
SUSAN: To Billy and Toadie. You are over the big hump - let's hope the road ahead is easy travelling.
ALL: Cheers!
Billy and Susan hug and she tells him how proud of him she is. Toadie thinks he could do with some easy travelling after the last few weeks. Susan hugs Toadie too, saying she's also proud of him and asks what Angie said.
TOADIE: Well, I told her that I blitzed, and she thought that meant I failed so she started crying-
SUSAN: She did not!
TOADIE: She did so!
Everyone laughs. Libby comes in and Susan tells her that Billy and Toadie did very well. Libby hugs Billy and tells them both she's proud of them. Susan offers her a drink but Libby has stuff to do. Caitlin says that it must be a relief to know that they're done with school forever.
TOADIE: Oh, you bet, these holidays are going to be EXCELLENT!
MANDI: Yeah, and it'll be great up in Sydney where we can celebrate big time.
ANNE: Sydney? I, I thought you weren't going.
BILLY: Yeah, yeah, I've been meaning to talk to you about that.
ANNE: Well, you told me that you weren't going.
BILLY: I changed my mind. If I pull out, the coach won't think I'm serious. He might drop me from altogether.
ANNE: So how come you didn't tell me earlier?
BILLY: I was just waiting for the right time.
Toadie interrupts them with a bowl of crisps.
TOADIE: Chip? Anyone? Salt and vinegar?
Anne declines and heads off home. Whoops!
Number 22
Libby is talking to Darren and says that there's no way she's doing the first year of uni again. Darren says she'll have to so that she can carry on. Libby isn't sure that she wants to carry on and Darren is confused - she's always wanted a degree, and he worries that by not having one, she'll affect the rest of her career. Libby thinks that sometimes experience can count more in journalism than having a BA.
Darren warns that she hasn't actually got the experience either! Libby indignantly tells him she's got more than some people. Darren asks if she's hoping that the paper will take her on full-time. Libby hopes so, but asks Lou if she can have some more shifts at the pub to help tide her over. Lou agrees.
Darren isn't impressed and points out that working behind a bar isn't her career choice. Libby says that it's only to keep her going until the paper gives her regular assignments. Darren points out that the paper might not do that once they realise she's chucked up her degree. He tells her to go back and to finish her degree.
Libby isn't at all happy and thinks that going back to uni is daft - she'll have spent 17 years in the classroom by the time she graduates, and that's not a good grounding for a journalist. Lou agrees and tells her to get out and get on with life. Darren tells him that he's talking rubbish, and only saying it because Lou left school early, just like Darren did!
Darren is very upset at the idea of Libby throwing away her education over one hiccup. Libby can't face going back to uni next year, but Darren tells her that if she doesn't go back now, she might not go back at all. Libby says it's her decision, and she's not going back next year.
Number 32
Billy calls around. Anne answers the door, but thought he'd be too busy packing his bag to bother with her! Billy tells her that he doesn't want to fight, but Anne's upset, wanting to know why he lied to her. She gets annoyed, saying that she shouldn't be surprised because all he's done of late is lie to her.
Billy insists that he didn't lie - when he told her that he wasn't going, he meant it, but he changed his mind. Anne asks when he was planning on telling her - when he was waving goodbye from the bus?! Billy tells her that he wanted to get his exam results first. Very upset, Anne points out that he's leaving this afternoon and she had no idea he was going.
BILLY: I was going to tell you but y'know, we've hardly been speaking lately.
ANNE: You could've made an effort.
BILLY: Ok, I should've told you before but I've only just made up my mind.
ANNE: Yeah, with Caitlin's help, I bet.
BILLY: Caitlin's got nothing to do with it! Look, you don't have to worry about me - you can trust me, ok?
ANNE: How can I, when one minute you say one thing and then off you go and do another?!
BILLY: Well, what about you?! The other day you were saying you couldn't care less if I went or not.
ANNE: You know that's not what I meant. (her voice drops) ...look, Billy, I really don't want you to go.
BILLY: Come on, Anne. This is important to me.
ANNE: Obviously more important than me.
BILLY: I didn't say that!
ANNE: Well, it seems that way!
Billy looks a bit takenaback.
BILLY: If that's the way you feel then, y'know, maybe we should just forget it.
ANNE: Forget what?
Anne is clearly upset by this, but goes on the attack.
ANNE: Yeah, look, you're right, it's a lousy relationship anyway, so let's just forget it!
BILLY: Fine.
Billy walks out. Anne sits down in shock.
Coffee Shop
Toadie gives two milkshakes to Caitlin and Mandi. Caitlin tells him not to forget their food, but he points out that he only has two hands and he doubts that she's going to die of starvation before he gets back! Billy walks in and Caitlin asks if he sorted things out with Anne. He tells them that he's definitely going to Sydney, but he and Anne have had a bit of a row and have broken up. He says that he'll talk things through with her properly when he gets back from Sydney.
CAITLIN: He's broken up with Anne.
TOADIE: Again?!
BILLY: It was pretty serious.
TOADIE: Oh, they're all pretty serious, mate! But you always get back together with her.
BILLY: Maybe. Maybe not.
Caitlin tells him not to let him ruin his trip. Toadie agrees, and suggests patching things up with Anne before he leaves. Caitlin quickly jumps in and tells him to let Anne cool down, and he should put it all out of his mind so he can concentrate on his swimming. Billy agrees, saying it can wait until he gets back.
Caitlin looks very pleased with herself!
Number 22
Libby has popped over to ask Darren if she can borrow a medium-sized suitcase, as Billy has too much stuff packed for Sydney to use an overnight bag, but their family suitcases are far too big. Darren says that they have them in all shapes and sizes, and Lou goes off to hunt one out.
Darren asks how Billy fared in his exams, and Libby tells him that both Billy and Toadie did well. She admits that she feels that her nose has been rubbed in it a bit as a consequence. Darren asks if she's told Karl and Susan her plans not to return to uni. Libby says she hasn't, and Darren thinks it will be a bit of a shock for them.
DARREN: I wish I'd stuck at school, Lib.
LIBBY: Why? You're doing all right.
DARREN: I'm beginning to. I just hope it lasts.
LIBBY: Well, the renovating business is only going to get bigger. It should make you pretty secure financially.
We see Lou eavesdropping on the conversation.
DARREN: *Hopefully*.
LIBBY: So there's no great stress about my career, ok? We're not going to starve, are we?
DARREN: I'm just worried that you might be throwing away something you've always wanted to do, Lib.
LIBBY: Things change. It's my decision.
...just as the conversation starts to descend into an argument, Lou appears with the suitcase and interrupts them. Libby thanks him. She tells Darren to stop worrying and kisses him before leaving.
Darren sighs.
Number 28
Billy is stressing and says that if Libby doesn't hurry up, he'll have to make do with a small case. Susan says that they'll get to the bus on time and thinks that he should say goodbye to Karl properly. Billy is confused, as he already spoke to him on the phone but Susan says it's not the same.
Billy stops Susan from putting more clean underwear in his bag, and Susan begs him to let her fuss!
SUSAN: It's bad enough my baby's finished high school.
She goes to embrace him. Billy winces and looks disgusted.
BILLY: Here it comes.
SUSAN: Here it comes, brace yourself, yes!
She hugs him and he laughs. Karl and Libby arrive home and Karl is pleased that he hasn't missed Billy.
SUSAN: He won't hug his mother, make him hug his mother!
Karl laughs and warmly congratulates Billy on his exam results.
BILLY: I guess you were pretty surprised, hey?
KARL: Me? No, not at all.
Karl gives him a wad of cash for Sydney and tells him how proud he is. Caitlin and Mandi call over for him. Billy leaves and Karl tells him not to worry if he doesn't get to swim. Susan tells the girls to look after Billy, and Caitlin grins that she will!
Number 22
Darren thinks that Libby is making the wrong decision. Lou refuses to state an opinion, saying that Libby's life is nothing to do with him...but points out that she's keen to get a leash around Darren's neck. Darren is surprised but Lou tells him that he overheard her talking before and her comments about not starving to death.
Darren brushes it off, saying that Libby's always been set on having her own career. Lou thinks things might have changed with her failing uni. Darren just thinks she's a bit depressed and she'll bounce back. Lou warns him that he needs to make sure that - as far as their futures are concerned - what he wants and what Libby wants are the same thing.
DARREN: What's that supposed to mean?
Lou merely smiles. Darren looks unsettled.
The swim team, including Billy, Caitlin and Mandi are piling onto the bus.
Caitlin says they should grab the backseat as there'll be more room. (Amazingly for a bus journey, no other teens have grabbed it!) Billy sits between Mandi and Caitlin and they all look excited.
The bus driver starts the bus up and the team whoop and cheer.
The bus pulls away and Anne is left watching it from a distance. She sits down, looking very upset.
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