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Neighbours Episode 2994 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2994
Australian airdate: 27/11/97
UK airdate: 12/05/98
UK Gold: 08/04/04
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Philip East
Guests: Mandi Rodgers: Sabina Lokic
Ian Lewis: Richard Neal
Simon Butterworth: David Le Page
John Philips: Marc Stafford
Receptionist: Josephine Eberhard
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
- "Way Too Long" by Moler
- "Frosted Over" by Pollyanna
- "Holdin On" by Dreamworld
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Billy admits to Caitlin that he hasn't told Anne that he's going to Sydney.
- Anne is surprised when she finds out Billy is going.
- Billy breaks it off with Anne when she guilt trips him about Sydney.
- Toadie is confident that Anne and Billy will make up. Billy is less sure.
- The swim team leaves for Sydney, as Anne watches from a distance. She's miserable.
Coach to Sydney
It's night and Caitlin has fallen asleep on Billy's shoulder. Billy and Mandi are playing snap, and after a loud round, Caitlin wakes up. Caitlin apologises for falling asleep on his shoulder. Mandi wins at snap, and then goes to sit elsewhere to sleep.
Caitlin suggests that Billy sleep too. Billy thinks he won't be able to, and Caitlin reckons he needs a massage! Billy disagrees, saying that he needs a bed! Caitlin turns him around and starts to give him a shoulder massage. She reckons he'll be asleep in no time.
Number 28
Karl has cooked for Susan, and he gets rather flirty with her. He reminds her that they're going to be all alone, and they go to kiss. Susan pulls away at the last minute to 'wonder how Billy is'! Karl laughs and says that Billy is probably still on the bus!
Susan talks about Libby avoiding Karl, and Karl says that if she'd knuckled down at uni then she wouldn't have to avoid him! Susan says that Billy was scared that he would cop the same treatment. Karl is irritated by this, saying that he is entitled to be disappointed in Libby - and he knows that Susan felt the same.
Susan says that he puts too much pressure on the kids. Karl points out that Billy knows that Karl's proud of him - and with his dyslexia, it's a credit to him. Susan says she always knew Billy had it in him.
KARL: (accusingly) And I didn't?
Susan says that's not what she's saying...but it is sometimes how it sounds to the kids! Karl says he doesn't mean to sound like that - he just wants them to do their best. Susan says that Billy's best surpassed Karl's wildest expectations! Karl admits defeat, but warns Susan not to get stuck into him about Libby, as he knows that Susan was the one who was ready to pop the champagne. Susan groans.
KARL: Have we finished beating ourselves up about this?
Susan apologises and laughs.
KARL: Listen to me. We've got a great family and maybe we care about our kids too much. But that is not a crime.
They toast to themselves and joke about.
SUSAN: You push your luck sometimes.
KARL: But you love me for it.
SUSAN: Yeah, I kinda do!
They pash.
Number 22
Toadie is counting piles of coins from the jukebox. Lou deliberately shouts out other numbers to distract him. Lou is very amused by this; Toadie is not! Lou tells him not to bother counting it - he should take it down to the bank where they have machines that can count it for him.
TOADIE: Do they have special machines that count washers?
Toadie shows Lou that someone is ripping him off by putting washers into the jukebox instead of dollars.
TOADIE: What kind of person would do such a thing?
LOU: If you didn't own the jukebox, I'd say someone just like you!
TOADIE: Haaa, very funny(!)
Lou tells him to face it - someone's beating him at his own game.
Coffee Shop
Toadie is working hard with lots of extra shifts.
ANNE: Think of the money.
TOADIE: That's all I ever think about!
Toadie tells her that he has to pay full rent at Lou's, and someone's ripping him off with the jukebox so he needs every cent he can get. Anne starts talking about Billy being away in Sydney, and Toadie is surprised - he thought that they had broken up. Anne says that they had a bit of a fight, but that's her and Billy's relationship - they're always arguing!
ANNE: ...why? What did he say to you?
TOADIE: (lost for words) Well, you know me. Someone tells me one thing and I hear something completely different.
ANNE: (fake laugh, then cold tone) Yeah, exactly what did he tell you?
TOADIE: Nothing. Nothing.
He goes back to serving. Anne looks concerned.
Number 28
Susan is on the phone. She hangs up and tells Karl it was the president of the Wangaratta School Committee. Apparently there are lots of houses that are let out to the teachers - of varying quality, and they believed that as Susan has the top job, they believed she should get first choice.
Susan gets flirty with Karl, and suggests that he go to Wangaratta with her to check out the houses. She suggests going that afternoon and making a "long weekend" of it. Karl thinks it's irresponsible, as he's got a surgery to run!
SUSAN: So what? The world's not going to end just because you cancel a few appointments.
KARL: It's not that easy.
SUSAN: Not that easy or not that important?
Karl tries to talk her into going on the weekend when he can arrange for a locum to be in, but Susan tells him that the other teachers are going tomorrow - if she wants first pick of the houses, she has to go today. Susan tells him that she's not willing to live in some draughty hole for the entire year and she will go this afternoon - alone!
Coffee Shop
Anne has rung the hotel in Sydney - again. She asks them to make sure he gets her previous message. Anne frets to Toadie about how Billy's off with the swim team. Toadie says that he'll call when gets the messages, but Anne thinks that if Billy believes they've broken up, he won't want to talk to her anyway.
Toadie tells Anne to calm down, but Anne is scornful - Billy is in Sydney with Caitlin "the man-eater", thinking that he's a free agent! Toadie tells her that nothing will happen - Billy is only in Sydney for two days, and most of his time will be taken up with swimming. Toadie thinks that Billy will be just as keen as Anne to patch things up.
There's a musical montage of Billy, Caitlin and Mandi taking in the sights of Sydney, notably around the harbour bridge. He and Caitlin share lots of little smiles.
Karl's Surgery
Sarah is admiring a bunch of flowers. Karl says that she shouldn't have(!) Sarah laughs.
SARAH: They're from Ian Lewis.
KARL: Ian Lewis is sending me flowers?
SARAH: No, silly, he's sending me flowers! I took your advice and I decided to give the older guy a go.
Sarah says she's accepted Ian's invitation for lunch, and thinks that he knows how to treat a woman. Karl jokes that they should go to the pub for lunch because they do a mean creamed rice - and then impersonates and old person with no teeth, who needs soft food(!)
SARAH: Get lost, Karl!
Number 22
Toadie is eating all of Lou's food. Ben knocks at the door - there's a delivery for Lou to pay for. Lou asks Toadie to get his chequebook for him. Toadie goes hunting for it in a drawer, and discovers a large bag of washers.
TOADIE: You rip-off artist!
Karl's Surgery
Sarah is working. Ian comes in to collect her for lunch - he's arranged a place at a very swanky restaurant (La Liaison), and Sarah is suitably impressed. She tells Karl, and Karl is also impressed. He tells her to take extra time for her meal.
Billy, Caitlin and Mandi all return to the hotel. They talk about training, and Mandi spots a red light flashing on the phone in their room. Caitlin and Billy both dive for the phone. Caitlin grabs it first and gets the message from Anne. She passes it on to Billy, and he decides to call her, telling Mandi and Caitlin to go on ahead. Caitlin says that they'll wait.
Billy calls Anne.
Number 32
The phone rings out.
Sydney - Hotel Room
Mandi says it's obvious Anne's not there. Billy says she might be in the shower and holds on. Caitlin suggests trying again later, and it's probably not important. Mandi is worried about them being in trouble with Simon.
Number 32
The phone rings out. Anne arrives home and rushes towards the phone.
Sydney - Hotel Room
Caitlin grabs the phone off Billy and hangs up, telling Billy that they're late.
Number 32
Anne grabs the phone but she's too late.
Sydney - Pool
Simon is lecturing them on the race, telling them not to focus on the other competitors. John arrives late for training, and Simon mocks him, wondering if he had such a good time at the opera house, he's decided to give up swimming and take up singing instead!
Then Simon notices that John is limping from slipping on some steps. John protests that he's ok but he's clearly in pain. Simon says he needs x-rays and refuses to let him to swim.
SIMON: Kennedy!
BILLY: Yeah?
SIMON: I knew there was some reason we let you tag along. How do you feel about swimming in the third leg of the relay tomorrow?
BILLY: I guess I could give it a shot.
SIMON: Not in my team! I don't have "I guess I could give it a shot"! You give it your ALL. You got that?
BILLY: Yeah.
The others go to get into the pool. Billy approaches John and apologises. John says that's why Billy was brought on the trip. John says he'll get over it, and wishes Billy good luck. Billy thanks him and goes off to swim.
Karl's Surgery
Ian and Sarah storm back into the surgery. Ian is protesting his innocence, but Sarah is appalled by his attitude towards women.
IAN: I was joking!
SARAH: Ian, will you just leave, please?
Ian stalks off. Karl appears, and guesses that lunch wasn't a success. He asks if she wants to talk about it. Sarah is reluctant, but then agrees, although she doesn't understand why Karl would be interested. Karl reminds her that they're friends and not just co-workers.
SARAH: Why do all guys have to be such losers?
KARL: (laughing) Be careful what you're saying here!
Sarah moans that all of the good ones are taken, and that leaves her with mysogynistic jerks like Ian Lewis!
SARAH: I mean, if that's the best I can do, I might as well give up now and become a nun or something!
Karl laughs, thinking that she's being too extreme. Sarah is sick of being single, and sick of looking for Mr Right. Karl thinks that she should stop looking and Mr Right will come to her. He thinks she will eventually find her knight in a shining business suit!
SARAH: And if I don't?
KARL: Well, there's always Toadie!
They laugh.
Coffee Shop
Anne comes in and sees Toadie marking washers. She's confused, and Toadie explains that he's setting a trap. When he explains how he's been ripped off, Anne thinks it sounds like a scam Toadie would pull on other people! Toadie thinks he knows who it is, and this is a sure-fire way to catch them.
Anne still hasn't spoken to Billy, despite her leaving heaps of messages. Anne thinks she should take the hint that he doesn't want to speak to her. Toadie thinks she should keep on calling. He passes her his mobile phone.
TOADIE: Don't say I never do anything for you.
Toadie laughs that she knows the number off by heart! Anne asks the hotel to check Billy's room, and says to Toadie that she should've got them to check Caitlin's room too! Billy isn't in his room, and the operator asks if she wants to leave a message. Anne declines.
Toadie says that Billy has to go back to his room at some point. Anne is worried that it'll be too late.
Number 28
Karl arrives home, trying to catch Susan before she leaves. He was worried that she'd left already, and Susan tells him that if he'd been another five minutes, she would've! Karl insists that he would've loved to have gone with her, and Susan accepts that she was being unreasonable expecting him to drop everything at such short notice.
Susan apologises and Karl mocks her. They joke about a bit, and Susan tells Karl that Billy's been selected to swim in the relay. Susan also tells him that they were his second choice of call, as he tried to ring Anne first but she wasn't home! Karl laughs and is pleased that Billy's blitzed his exams and now gets to swim too.
Susan tells him he can carry her bags to the car.
KARL: If you play your cards right, you might get a kiss goodbye(!)
They stop joking about, and Karl sincerely tells Susan he'll miss her. They have er, quite a passionate pash. Oo er.
Number 32
Toadie has popped over to see Lance, but he's out. Toadie is unimpressed - everytime there's a problem with the jukebox, he's the one left to it. He thinks the three-way partnership is unfair, as he's the one always doing the work.
ANNE: You're greedy and you want the money more than they do.
TOADIE: ...probably.
Anne goes to get them a drink and Toadie mocks her, saying that she must be having withdrawal symptoms as it must be five minutes since she last tried to call Billy! Anne yells back that Toadie should call him, as they're probably sick of her voice by now.
Toadie grabs the house phone and calls. There's no response, so Toadie tries Caitlin's room. Mandi answers and tells Toadie that Billy is going to swim in the relay, and Caitlin and Billy have gone out to celebrate. Toadie is surprised that Mandi hasn't gone too, and Mandi wonders if she has to spell it out to Toadie! Toadie tells Mandi to wish him good luck for tomorrow, and that Anne's been going nuts trying to get hold of him. He hangs up.
Anne wonders who he was speaking to. Toadie says it was Mandi, and Billy's gone out to celebrate getting into the swim team. Anne is pleased for him, and wonders why the team has gone out celebrating the night before a big meet.
TOADIE: Well, um...
ANNE: He's not with the team?
TOADIE: He's with part of the team. One of the team.
ANNE: CAITLIN?! Oh, look, I knew it!
Toadie tells her to calm down, but Anne is upset - she knew this was going to happen. Toadie tells her that nothing's happened yet, but he thinks that if she has some spare cash lying about, she should spend it on a ticket to Sydney - express.
<<2993 - 2995>>
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