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Neighbours Episode 2992 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2992
Australian airdate: 25/11/97
UK airdate: 08/05/98
UK Gold: 06/04/04
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Philip East
Guests: Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Paul McClain: Jansen Spencer
Mike Burns: Daniel Jolles
Tracey Cox: Margot Knight
Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton
- "Local MP" by Wicked Beat Sound System
- "Peachy Keen" by Pollyanna
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Philip unsuccessfully tries to get hold of Mike's parents.
- Mike promises Hannah that they'll tell Philip the truth that night, and he'll take all of the blame, but it'll be worth it as they'll have the whole day together.
- Harold walking in on Paul with his hands in their takings bag.
- Madge is surprised that Harold tells her about Paul apparently stealing their money.
- Paul is upset when Harold accuses him of stealing and protests his innocence.
- Amy introduces Lance to her brother, Jeff, and his mate, Johnny.
- Jeff tells them about the cricket match.
- Lance joins in the cricket match and is hit in the face with the ball.
- Lance leaves the cricket pitch, with Johnny and the other players mocking him as he goes.
Number 32 - Living Room
Ruth is tending to Lance's injury. She can't believe that they weren't wearing helmets, and Lance recalls there being one about somewhere. She isn't impressed that he didn't wear it, but Lance points out that it was a social match and he looked a big enough dork as it was!
RUTH: (sighing) And what do you think you look like now?
LANCE: (bitterly) The biggest dork on the face of the planet.
Ruth says that isn't what she meant! Lance knows he made a fool of himself and he can only dread to think what Amy's brother and his mates are saying. Lance moans about how if you can't hack it at football or cricket, you're a nobody. Ruth thinks that if they're that shallow, who cares about their opinions?
LANCE: Amy seems to.
RUTH: I doubt that.
There's a knock at the door. Lance tells Ruth that if it's Amy, he's not around! Ruth tells him not be so silly.
Number 32 - Doorstep
Amy is at the door and asks after Lance. She says she got there as quickly as she could and is keen to see him, but Ruth covers for Lance and says that he's a bit groggy. Ruth tells her to try again later, and Amy is keen to. Amy leaves.
Number 32 - Living Room
Ruth goes back into the living room and tells him that it was Amy. Lance says he's well aware, but he doesn't want to see her today at all! Ruth sighs and leaves him to sulk!
Number 24 - Hallway
Madge knocks on Paul's bedroom door and thinks that he ought to come out for a chat. Paul isn't keen at all! Paul moans that Harold's accused him of stealing. Madge glares at Harold and says that she's sure he didn't mean it.
PAUL: Then why'd he say it?
Harold goes off. Madge continues to try to get Paul out to chat, but he's not having any of it. Madge says that if he changes his mind, he knows where they are.
Number 24 - Living Room
Madge scolds Harold for accusing Paul the way he did. Harold is a bit upset that Madge doesn't seem to believe his version of events, but Madge points out that whilst she does, Paul's version sounds plausible too. Harold doesn't know how else to explain the missing money. Madge reasons that if Paul did take the money, why would he be as upset as he is?
Number 32
The phone rings. Lance stares out of the window. Eventually, Ruth comes in - slightly bad tempered - and can't believe that Lance didn't answer the phone as she was in the middle of defrosting the fridge.
It's Amy on the phone and Lance comes over from the window. Ruth says that she'll check for Amy and Lance wildly gesticulates that he doesn't want to speak to Amy. Ruth looks very irritated and then tells Amy that Lance is lying down.
RUTH: (pointedly) Yes, I think it's given him serious brain damage!
Ruth puts the phone down and has a go at Lance for being so silly, telling him that Amy really cares about him and that's why she's trying so hard to get hold of him. Lance thinks that Amy is only calling to dump him
RUTH: You're hopeless, you know that?
LANCE: Yep, that's why she wants to dump me.
Lance is sulking about how Amy's probably rapt in Johnny. Ruth tells him that she won't cover for him any longer - Amy's a nice girl and doesn't deserve to be lied to. Lance strops off for a walk so that he won't be in when Amy next calls!
Number 28
Libby is cleaning some shoes when Susan cheerfully arrives home. She wants to know Libby's exam results and wants to ring Karl to tell him too. Libby says she hasn't been down to check yet. Susan is confused - she would've been there at the crack of dawn, but Libby tells her that the noticeboards will be too crowded.
Susan suddenly clocks that Libby's cleaning shoes, and prior to that moment, had never cleaned a shoe in her life! Libby tells her that it's taking her so long to clean the shoes because she's never done them before(!) Susan isn't fooled and guesses that something is awry.
Darren has knocked off work early, wanting to know how Libby got on with her results.
LIBBY: I've not had a chance to check yet.
DARREN: You're kidding.
SUSAN: Unfortunately not. She does, however, have the cleanest shoes in Erinsborough and that's got to be worth something?(!)
Darren is keen for them to go - the sooner they find out, the sooner they can celebrate. Susan agrees. Libby doesn't share their confidence in her results. They reassure her and say that despite her having mucked up the start of the year, she's worked hard ever since - and it's the ones who aren't nervous come result day who are going to get the big surprises.
Susan pushes Libby out with Darren.
Libby and Darren turn up to check the results. Darren is confused at the noticeboard not having names on and Libby explains that it's done by student number. He asks what her number is and she tells him it's private! He teases her a bit, but she's not playing along and snaps at him. Suddenly, Libby puts her hand to her mouth and then stalks away from the board.
DARREN: What? You didn't fail, did you?
She runs off and Darren follows her and stops her.
DARREN: Lib? You at least passed something, didn't you?
LIBBY: (upset) I failed everything. Just leave me alone.
She runs off. Darren is shocked.
Number 24
Harold thinks that they need to do something over Paul as he's been locked in his room for hours. Madge thinks he'll come out eventually. Harold wants to talk him so he can get out of him why he stole the money(!) Madge warns him off and says that if anyone will talk to Paul, it'll be her. Harold sighs.
Number 24 - Hallway
Madge knocks on Paul's door and tries to coerce him out. When he doesn't respond at all, Madge eventually goes in.
MADGE: Oh God!
Harold asks what the matter is, and Madge reveals that Paul's run away and taken all of his things. Harold doesn't understand how, as they've been there the whole time, and Madge points out that he's gone through the window! Madge is annoyed at Harold for throwing 'those dreadful accusations' at Paul.
MADGE: I hope you're happy now!
Number 32
Philip has arrived to see Ruth. She tells him that the kids aren't around and they've got the whole place to themselves. He frets that the kids are going to barge in on them! Ruth tells him that Lance definitely won't be barging in on them, and Philip asks why.
RUTH: Same old thing. He has a fight with Amy, somehow I end up being the bad guy!
PHILIP: It's amazing how they do that.
Ruth sits on the sofa and looks a bit surprised when Philip sits on a chair a little away from her. She jokes that they could talk about the weather, but he's clearly got something on his mind.
PHILIP: Maybe we should talk about the weather. It might be easier.
RUTH: Why? What is it? Come on, I won't bite. Well, not unless you want me to!
Philip tells her that he feels funny about where they stand with each other. He understands that she wants time to think things over, but he feels that she's not as committed as he thought she was. Ruth says that he's being unfair, and he's taking it the wrong way. Philip points out that there's not many other ways to take it - her kids are more enthusiastic about living with him than she is!
RUTH: It's not that I don't want to live with you. It's just... Oh, I don't know!
RUTH: (hesitantly) Well, when you first started to ask me... I felt so excited! You know, my heart was pounding...
PHILIP: You were pretty quick to turn me down!
RUTH: Yeah, well, you went on to make it sound like some sort of economy drive - all the different ways that we could save money!
PHILIP: Well, come on, you know I didn't mean it to sound like that.
RUTH: Yeah, maybe. Just wasn't the most romantic proposal I've ever had.
PHILIP: Right, so that's why you're down on me? Because I wasn't romantic?
RUTH: No, no. You were being practical. Moving in together is practical. It's just that I thought...
Philip suddenly realises there's more to this situation.
RUTH: (laughing it off) It doesn't matter what I thought - not now.
PHILIP: (it slowly dawns on Phil) You thought I was going to ask you to marry me?
RUTH: Maybe. But it doesn't matter, I was just being silly!
PHILIP: But you did want me to propose to you?
Ruth looks away.
PHILIP: Come on, you can tell me!
RUTH: I guess I'm just an old fashioned girl. I can't see myself living with someone unless I'm married. It's just the way it is.
Philip takes this in.
Number 28
Susan is excited that Libby has returned with Darren - she's been dying for them to get back so that they can start the celebrations. Libby tells her to forget about it, unless they're going to have a party to drown her sorrows!
SUSAN: Obviously the results weren't too good. What were they exactly?
LIBBY: Does the letter F mean anything to you?
Susan is stunned. She can't believe that Libby's failed everything. Libby admits that she just managed to pass Women's Studies but failed in everything else. Susan is confused, as her last assignments were good. Libby says that a couple of good papers doesn't make up for bad exam performances and dodgy attendance records.
LIBBY: Makes me think I'm better off just shining shoes.
Darren tells her that's ridiculous and everyone knows how brainy she is, and it was just because she tried to cram 6 months of work into 2 weeks.
SUSAN: Exactly. You'll do much better next time.
LIBBY: No. No, I gave it my best shot and it wasn't good enough. Uni and I just weren't meant to be. I guess I'm going to have to face it sooner or later.
Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold burst in looking for Paul. Harold isn't surprised that he's not there - if he's genuinely run away, he'd hardly be in the Coffee Shop!
MADGE: I'm not sure it's *us* he was running away from.
HAROLD: Yes, all right. Point taken.
Harold goes to call Tracey to see if she's heard anything. Madge says that for Harold's sake, he'd better hope she has! Madge asks Cassandra to do a double shift for her, due to this crisis. Cassandra hands Madge a note that was in the till, with a note from Vicky on the back.
Madge can't believe it when she reads it.
Coffee Shop - Kitchen
Harold finishes up on the phone and Madge comes in. Harold tells Madge that Paul has turned up at the centre and Tracey will be bringing him back soon, although he's not too keen.
Madge says she doesn't blame Paul and shows Harold the note from the till. Paul didn't take the money - Vicky had to pay for a delivery but there wasn't enough cash in the float, so she took it from the takings and left a petty cash note in the till.
Harold moans that Madge said she'd counted the takings three times - and Madge tells him that was *before* the delivery arrived!
HAROLD: That is a very sloppy way to run a business, Madge!
Madge can't believe Harold and explains the situation again. Harold blames Madge for not having a proper accounting system, which led to him accusing Paul.
MADGE: Don't you start blaming me because you jumped to conclusions!
HAROLD: A very logical conclusion.
MADGE: I told you there was no proof that he'd done that. But no, you were adamant! That poor kid, you could've at least given him the benefit of the doubt!
Harold is upset and wishes he'd listened to Madge. They wonder what they can do to make it up to him. Madge mutters about Harold's insistence that *they* are to blame, instead of just Harold! She says that whatever they do, it won't be easy.
Number 32
Ruth comes in with some drinks for her and Philip.
RUTH: You should've seen your face!
She tells him that she didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but he sort of forced her to.
PHILIP: I'm surprised it's so important to you.
RUTH: I'm surprised you're surprised!
PHILIP: But we've both been married before. I'm assuming you don't want to have any more kids?
RUTH: Oh God, no! The ones we've got give us enough grief already!
Philip goes on about how marriage is just a piece of paper. Ruth tells him that for some people, it's a very important piece of paper! Philip is surprised that she's one of those people. Ruth laughs and tells him that she isn't sure that she knew herself until this all cropped up, so how was he supposed to know?
There's a knock at the door and Ruth goes to answer it. Philip looks a bit confused by the whole situation!
Amy's at the door and Ruth tells her Lance has gone for a walk. Amy is sick of the situation - one minute Lance is so zonked out, he can't talk to her and the next, he's off and about. Amy knows that he's avoiding her. Ruth invites her in and the two talk about when Lance might be back.
Philip looks very distracted and thoughtful, and excuses himself. He says they'll talk later, and he and Ruth kiss before he leaves. Amy hopes that she hasn't interrupted anything and Ruth says that it can wait - because right now, they've got Lance to worry about!
Amy thinks that he's acting like a baby, and she can't understand him because he won't talk to her about it. Ruth explains that Lance has been down on himself lately, and goes on to reveal that Lance thinks that Johnny and Jeff won't respect him as he's no good at sport - and if they don't respect him, Amy won't respect him either.
AMY: But that's ridiculous!
LANCE: (coming in) What's ridiculous?
AMY: *You* are. And your Mum's just been telling me why. You can be such an idiot at times, Lance.
LANCE: I don't believe this!
RUTH: No, I didn't say anything bad.
AMY: No, she was just filling me in on a few things.
LANCE: (sarcastically) Oh! Well, in that case, sorry to butt in(!) I'll leave you two to it, shall I?!
RUTH: Oh, Lance!
Lance storms out. Amy follows. Ruth sighs and rolls her eyes!
Ramsay Street
Amy follows Lance up the driveway of Number 32. She asks what's got into him. He doesn't turn around and says nothing's got into him.
AMY: Then why are you acting like such an idiot?
LANCE: I've always been an idiot. You probably just didn't notice it before.
Amy says that the cricket game was just a bit of fun, and Lance agrees - he had a lot of laughs playing(!) Lance is annoyed that Amy's making light of the situation, because he knows that she gets off on all of the macho stuff. He points out that Jeff and Johnny and their mates are heroes to Amy.
LANCE: They're bigger, they're older, they're stronger. Let's face it, Amy, they're more you're type.
Lance says that he doesn't blame her for liking them more than him. Amy tells him that's rubbish - she couldn't care less about his lack of sporting prowess. She says she likes him for other reasons, but Lance says she'll wise up sooner or later!
AMY: That is pathetic! Look, if you don't know why I like you by now, then you might as well forget it. But if something amazing happens and you grow up a bit, then you've got my number. But until then, you're on your own.
Amy walks off. Lance is lost for words.
Coffee Shop
Darren buys Libby a coffee. She's relieved to have left Numbver 28. Darren thinks that it's a bit cowardly not waiting until Karl arrives home. Darren thinks that Karl will be more supportive than she expects.
LIBBY: Yeah, right, after all the yelling and the screaming dies down?
Libby says that Karl makes it very hard for her - Mal failed at uni and Billy probably won't even get there, so all of the pressure is on her and it's always been that way.
Darren tells her that the only person she's let down is herself. Libby says that makes her feel so much better(!) Darren says that she just didn't pace herself very well, and it's a minor setback. Libby thinks it might be major motivation instead. Darren is confused, and Libby tells him that it might be time for her to find something easier to do with her life!
Number 24
Tracey and Paul arrive. Harold wants to leave and Madge tells him not to be a wimp! Madge hugs Paul and tells him what a fright he gave her when he ran away. Tracey prompts Paul to apologise, which he does.
PAUL: But I don't like being called a thief.
TRACEY: (lightly) Is that supposed to be an apology?(!)
Harold says there's only one person who should be apologising, and he says sorry for what he said. He tells Paul that he should've listened to Madge, as she didn't doubt Paul for an instant. Madge tells Paul that Harold wants to make it up to him, and Harold hopes that Paul can forgive him.
TRACEY: What do you say, Paul?
PAUL: ...I guess so.
He shakes hands with Harold, who is overjoyed. They invite Tracey in, but she has to leave. She asks Paul if he'll be ok, and Madge says that she and Harold will look after him. Harold is really pleased at the outcome.
Number 32
Ruth draws the curtains and Lance comes in. He's still grumpy and Ruth isn't impressed. Lance tells her that his mood will improve when she stops meddling in his life! Ruth tells him that she was only trying to help and Lance tells her that he can speak for himself.
RUTH: Oh, can you?! I saw no evidence of that. Poor Amy had no idea what was going on. You wouldn't take her phonecalls, you wouldn't talk to her when she came around. It's not my idea of how you treat someone that you care about.
LANCE: I was getting around to it! It just makes it so much harder when someone who's supposed to be on my side keeps treating me like a kid all of the time!
RUTH: Well, I'd stop treating you like a kid if you stopped behaving like one!
Ruth kicks off on him, telling him that he needs to stop looking for other people to blame - these are his problems and he needs to solve them for himself. Lance looks a bit takenaback.
Number 26
Philip is watching tv. Mike and Hannah finally return home and Philip isn't happy. He wants Mike's gran's number and tells him not to pretend that he doesn't know it, because he clearly does! Philip brandishes the phone as Mike protests that he's not hiding anything. Suddenly, Philip's attention is caught by the television, where a photograph of a young boy is on the screen.
PHILIP: Gee, he looks like... That is you!
He grabs the remote and turns the volume up.
NEWSREADER: There are still no clues to the whereabouts of missing Perth boy, Michael Vincent Burns. Detectives are baffled by the disappearance of the 14 year old, who hasn't been seen since last Thursday.
PHILIP: Ohhhhhh!
NEWSREADER: Apparently he told his grandmother he was going to visit a friend. Detectives hold grave concerns for his safety.
Philip is gobsmacked and turns the television off.
PHILIP: The police aren't the only ones concerned about this! And if you've known about this, Hannah, and you've been lying to me... (to Mike) I think it's about time you started explaining yourself!
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