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Neighbours Episode 2988 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2988
Australian airdate: 19/11/97
UK airdate: 04/05/98
UK Gold: 31/03/04
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Sondra Pike Cathy Godbold
Keith Watts Robbie MacFairlane
Mandi Rogers- Sabina Loxic
Summary/Images by: Shona
Hannah decides to get a phone line for the Internet
Toadie is moving into Lou's, pending Darren's approval
Susan says to Karl that he's telling her that for their marriage to work she has to be physically here - he doesn't want a rock, but a doormat.
Number 28
Libby is preparing vegetables when Karl comes out of the bedroom. Things didn't go well and he says she isn't prepared to be rational. You mean she won't agree with you, says Libby. She says if she were Susan she wouldn't want to talk to Karl right now either. Karl says she doesn't know everything, despite what she may think and maybe she should keep her opinions to herself. Darren arrives, having had a bad day and Libby says they should go to his place. She says Karl will have to bake the casserole himself and he says okay, too loudly.
Number 24
Toadie cooks something for Lou as a sweetener. Darren arrives with Libby. Toadie asks Darren about moving in - he needs the green light. He tells them about his deal with the Kennedys about staying till the end of Year 12. Darren says he has to think about it.
Number 28
Karl is cooking when Susan emerges from the bedroom. She isn't hungry and neither is he. She's ready to talk so they sit down. Karl starts, telling her that he's ashamed of his behaviour, his lack of support and being selfish. Libby made him see sense - and the look on Susan's face. He knows he's really hurt her. She tells him that him saying that he didn't think their marriage could survive the separation was as bad as if he had shot her. How could he think that? As if everything she believed was a lie. Karl says he wanted her to see things his way and he was prepared to use every trick in the book - he's really sorry. He says he wouldn't blame her if it took her a while to forgive him- he's been a total idiot. Susan looks at him and says 'That's the man I thought I was married to. That's the one that I can't stay angry at for too long.' Both of them crying she goes over and he takes her in his arms. She promises that when she takes the job she'll do everything to make sure their lives aren't disrupted. Karl assures her that they're together on this.
Number 24
Libby asks Darren what the answer is going to be. He's unsure, caught up in how Sondra is driving him up the wall. She is still interested in him. Lou picks up on their conversation. He has a plan - he should pretend he wants her and she'll back off. She only wants what she can't have. Libby isn't so sure, but Darren is willing to try it. Toadie comes in and Darren agrees to let him stay, as long as he gives him his own space. He goes home to pack.
Number 28
Sarah comes in. She's getting a lift to work from Karl. Libby offers her coffee and Sarah says that she knows about the job and Karl's unhappiness. Libby says it's been a warzone. Sarah tells her that he was as bad at work as he was at home yesterday, but he's cheerier today. She recounts him blasting her for no reason and then him telling her about Wangaratta. Libby thinks it's unlike him to bare his soul for no reason, but Sarah says living with him, she must have noticed how down he was about it. Libby looks at her and nods, looking unsure.
Number 26
Phil opens the door to a man from the telephone company. He's come to put in the new line for a Hannah Martin. Phil calls her and demands to know what's going on. She tells him he's always bothering her about tying up the line. Phil says they can't afford it, which she would know if she'd ran it past him first. But Hannah will use her jukebox money. Phil relents and warns he won't be picking up any costs.
Number 28
Karl comes out with his tie and Sarah says it's a bit boring, but then says it's ok. Libby asks if he has a sec and Sarah goes to wait in the car. She says that Sarah told her about what he's been blabbing - how would Susan feel? He says she's just being overprotective, protecting her boss. Libby doesn't want Susan finding out, and she doesn't think Sarah should know these things. Karl asks her not to tell, they just sorted it out. Libby won't. Toadie comes out the bedrooms and tells Karl that he's moving out to Lou's.
Building Site
Darren is up a ladder using a saw. Sondra comes round and tries to catch his attention, but he can't hear her. She decides to climb up the ladder and puts her arms round his waist. He asks her what's she doing and she says she's just making sure he won't fall. He says he's just fine and she drops down. She asks how long he's going to play hard to get. He comes off the ladder and puts his hands on her face, going to kiss her. She asks about Libby and he says it's between them. She flinches as he tries to kiss her and he asks what's wrong, doesn't she want this to happen? She looks unsure then grabs him, kissing him passionately to his obvious surprise.
Number 26
Phil asks Hannah to get off the computer; he needs to use it for work. She doesn't want to. He tells her that from 9 to 5 it's his domain. She suggests they come up with a compromise. He says it's hers after business hours. She leaves, unhappily.
Building Site
Darren runs into the house and grabs his workbag, Sondra pursuing him. She asks why he was coming onto her one minute then running away the next. He tells her that to be honest he wasn't really coming onto her. He wanted her to stop flirting with him. Libby is the only woman for him, who he wants to be with. She shakes her head, not believing him. Darren looks to the side and leaves, Sondra smiling as she watches him go.
Number 22
Darren tells Libby and Lou about the backfiring plan. Lou thinks there must be a way. Libby suggests they go together and make her see he's not interested.
Sarah is ushered into Karl's office. She asks if everything is alright and he says if it wasn't he wouldn't be telling her after her talking to Libby this morning. He doesn't want anymore tension with Susan. They should keep their private conversations to themselves. She apologises, and says she thought she could help. He says that it's really none of her concern though and she says of course, leaving.
Darren and Libby arrive. Libby tells Sondra right away that she can stop cracking onto her boyfriend. Sondra asks what lies has he been spreading? He cracked onto her and she should have heard what he said earlier. He propositioned her and she should get him done for sexual harassment. Darren protests but she wonders if anyone would believe him. If she took this further, she would have the best case. She tells Libby he's trying to make her jealous and she wouldn't trust him if she were her.
Number 26
Hannah has been on the phone for ages and now she's playing a song for Mike in Perth. Phil turns the radio off and grabs the phone, telling Mike that he should call her future because Hannah can't afford it. Hannah yells that he won't let her have a boyfriend and storms off.
Number 28
Karl asks what it would take for Toadie to stay; he's become quite a fixture. Things might not work out at Lou's. Toadie says that he lived with him, therefore he can live with anyone! Libby comes in and tells them about Sondra. Toadie goes to pack and Libby tells him what Sondra said. Karl says it's not a million miles from possible and Libby says it got her thinking. She knows what he's capable of, but he's usually more upfront and she doesn't think he was putting it on. Karl says she should make herself more visible around the site; it's the only way she can be certain.
Sondra watches Darren work, glad Libby has gone and now they can be alone. He tells her to get over it. She has no chance with him. Sondra says he's in denial and sooner or later that'll wear off.
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