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Neighbours Episode 2987 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2987
Australian airdate: 18/11/97
UK airdate: 01/05/98
UK Gold: 30/03/04
Writer: David Allen
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Steve Van Eck: Daniel Tobias
Paul McClain: Jansen Spencer
Ian Lewis: Richard Neal
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Noel/Sal
Karl being unhappy at Susan's decision to go to Wangaratta.
Steve Van Eck teasing Ben before the race, and Ben replying him the only thing he will see is his exhaust pipe.
Calder Park
The race continues with Van Eck in the lead and Ben close behind. Madge, Harold and Paul arrive and take their place in the stand. Madge complains about the racket of the cars and Paul asks Harold if it was a good idea for her to have come.
No. 28
Karl tells Libby that Susan has got the principal's job in Wangaratta. He tells her he is actually happy for her and that she is in the bedroom getting things ready. When Libby says she'll go in and congratulate her, Karl asks her not to since things are a bit strained at the moment. Billy arrives home and Karl tells him the news too. Billy thinks it's fantastic and asks where she is. Libby tells him the bedroom then when Karl isn't looking mouths "fight" to Billy. Karl says he can't stand around chatting and abruptly ends the conversation because he has to go to work.
Calder Park
We see the 'last lap' board being held out. Ben gets alongside Van Eck and the cars bump sides going round the bend. Ruth and Phil, and Harold, Madge and Paul look on with anticipation. On the final straight the cars are level and Ben just edges in front enough to cross the line first. Lou is on the finishing line and waves excitedly.
No. 28
Karl comes home for lunch and Libby is surprised to see him. She tells him her mother has gone out, and that she and Billy had a long chat with her earlier. Karl asks Libby if she wants tea or coffee, then gets irate with her when she changes her mind and wants orange juice. He wants to know exactly what they had been talking to Susan about, and while they start arguing Toadie walks in. Karl leaves again saying he'll get something to eat on his way back to work, and after he's gone Toadie tells Libby he realises he didn't pick the best time to come in.
TOADIE: "Well for what it's worth I think it's great that Mrs. K's got the job at Wangaratta. The doc will come around."
LIBBY: "You think so. I dunno."
TOADIE: "Yeah. They're as solid as a rock."
LIBBY: "I hope you're right."
The surgery reception
Karl arrives and Sarah tells him there are three patients waiting for him. He says he can see that, and complains at her for sitting reading instead of getting his files ready. Sarah hands him the files which she had already got prepared and tells him it's actually a nursing book she is reading. He tells her he doesn't care and she should be studying in her own time. She follows him into the surgery and says she thinks it's unfair of him to criticise her in front of the patients. She was only reading to look busy and cover for him being late anyway.
No. 32
Toadie is telling Lance about the situation between Karl and Susan. He tells Lance the last thing they need is him hanging around. Lance asks what he's done now, but he says nothing and the only reason he went back is because Billy wanted him to. Lance asks why he doesn't go back to his parents and says he can't imagine him working at their service station. Toadie gets insulted and says his father makes a lot of money pumping petrol. The only reason he doesn't go back there is because it's too far away from his mates.
No. 30's kitchen
The champagne is flowing as the residents celebrate Ben's victory. Lou makes a toast and says the trophy will be the first of many. Toadie tries to ask Ben something, but Paul gets in first and gets Ben to autograph his programme and thanks him for taking him round the track in his car. He goes to take the programme home, and after he has gone Madge tells Harold she thinks he's ignoring her. It was her who organised for him to go round the track and he never said thank you. Harold asks who she was doing it for... Paul or Madge Bishop.
Surgery reception
A man called Ian Lewis enters and is surprised to see Sarah working there. He says there was a different lady there last time he came, and Sarah explains Marlene is on leave and she has taken over some of her shifts. Karl comes out and Sarah tells him they know each other already because Ian is in her nursing faculty.
No. 30 kitchen
Toadie tries to convince Ben to let him move in. He says he is house-trained by Ben points out that apart from him and Sarah there is a full grown teenage girl living there already. Lance butts in and says that wouldn't be a problem for Toadie. Ben suggest that he would be better living with Lou since he has plenty of spare room - an idea that almost makes Lou choke on his champagne. They think the idea wouldn't work because they are from different generations, but Ben says Toadie could do all Marlene's chores, baby-sit Louise and pay rent as well. That starts Lou think that maybe it is a good idea, but now Toadie is less enthusiastic.
Surgery reception
Ian comes out from seeing Karl and Sarah says she'll see him later at college. He says she could see him sooner if he went for a drink or dinner with him, but she declines saying she's too busy at the moment. After he has gone, Karl comes out and says he seems a nice enough guy and wonders why she didn't want to go out with him. He says he couldn't help overhearing and asks it he wasn't her type. She says he was too old for her, but Karl says Ian is only in his forties and not much older than him. Sarah says Karl is different, and he isn't sure how to take that. Karl says that plenty of young women go out with older guys these days. He also apologises for the way he spoke to her before, and says he had no right to take his personal problems out on her. He tells her about Susan's decision to go to Wangaratta.
Coffee Shop
Toadie and Lance enter. The waitress (Elizabeth Shingleton?) says "Hi guys" to them which is a bit of a shock. Toadie is moaning about the idea of living with Lou. It would be like living with the oldies with RSL on Saturday nights and wrinklies karaoke. Lance says Lou definitely isn't a wrinklie and they actually have a lot in common. Toadie could learn a lot from Lou and become an apprentice scammer. Toadie corrects him and says a "very rich apprentice scammer".
No. 28
Libby comes in and finds Susan sitting on the sofa. She sees her mother has been crying and asks what's wrong. She tells her that Karl came home at lunchtime and it seems like he wanted to patch things up. Susan thinks the patching he wanted to do would only be coming from her side. Libby says they will all be able to manage with her away, but Susan says she knows Karl. He will just keep pushing and pushing until she backs down, and if he's not careful he will push her away completely.
No. 22
Lou asks Toadie why he has come round. Toadie tells him is considered his offer and that he'll move in. Lou says he is jumping the gun and it's he who will do the considering plus he hasn't even suggested the idea to Darren yet. Toadie says Darren is a mate so he'll vote for him, and Lolly likes him too. Lou says Lolly doesn't get a vote, but Toadie says he is good with the littlies. Lou reminds him that the first time he babysat Lolly he took her to the mall dressed as an orphan with him holding the begging bowl, but Toadie points out that last time he saved Lolly's life and that he's a reformed character. If they let him move in he'll be "Mr. Perfect".
LOU: "Come on, if God gave you a personally signed halo you'd flog it off before you got back inside the pearly gates."
TOADIE: "Yes but I'd get a good price for it."
Lou considers the idea and says if Darren agrees then Toadie can stay.
Ramsay Street
Karl gives Sarah a lift home from with in the ute. He hands Sarah her nursing books and again apologises for his behaviour. Sarah says he's had a difficult day and if he needs anyone to talk to she is there. She says that they are friends as well as having a working relationship and kisses him on the cheek before getting out.
No. 30
Sarah opens the door and Ben and Lance appear holding the trophy. Ben says he won despite her dream predicting doom. She says that doesn't mean it still isn't dangerous and he shouldn't gloat, but Ben tells her about what Lou said about it being the first of many trophies and that next time he will win by an even bigger margin.
No. 28
Karl arrives home saying "Hello" but neither Susan or Libby respond. He begins by saying he can't understand why Susan would want to move when she has a perfectly good job already. Libby points out that it's at a school that's about to merge, and Karl says that she's done so much work there already and they would be lost without her. At last Susan speaks and says Karl should be talking to her about it and not Libby. He sits down and tells her he's starting to feel like what he thinks doesn't matter. Susan says that it's really about "us" and that in the past they've both made decisions the other hasn't liked but they've got through it. Karl says that it's never involved a separation before, but Susan says they will still see each other at weekends and their marriage will survive it. If not then maybe there is a basic problem with to two of them.
Karl says she's confusing the issue. They both have great jobs and three great children, and they have become great children because they have both been there for them like a rock. Susan asks why that is relevant and he raises his voice and says because she won't be there.
SUSAN: "Right, so you are saying that in order for our marriage to survive, that depends on me being physically here at all times for everyone's convenience. That is not a rock Karl, that is a doormat."
She heads to the bedroom and Libby takes her turn to argue with Karl. She says he's done it now by giving her an ultimation to choose between the job or the marriage. Does he honestly believe they can split up over a midweek separation? How could he do that to mum to save himself a little inconvenience? Karl almost starts to apologise, then changes and says it has nothing to do with Libby.
LIBBY: "I'm sorry I think it does. I'm a part of this family remember? If you keep on going the way you are, we're not going to have a family left. Just think about that will you."
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