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Neighbours Episode 2989 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2989
Australian airdate: 20/11/97
UK airdate: 05/05/98
UK Gold: 01/04/04
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Sondra Pike: Cathy Godbold
Mandi Rodgers: Sabina Lokic
Paul McClain: Jansen Spencer
Daniel Tullyman: Chris Freeman
Simon Butterworth: David LePage
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Caitlin tells Billy that a position has opened for Billy to try out for the swim team in Sydney. But he can't bring Anne as partners aren't allowed.
Madge and Harold invite Paul McClean to live with them.
Lou thinks Sondra is coming on strong because Darren isn't interested. He advises Darren to show more interest but this backfires!
Sondra tells Libby that Darren is playing games.
Karl advises Libby to check up on Darren.
Billy and Anne are having hot chocolates and are about to watch a video when Caitlin pops around. She tells Billy off for eating chocolate cake saying that he should sorting his diet out if he wants to succeed in the swim trial. Anne rolls her eyes.
When Caitlin has gone, Anne tells Billy that she's sick of Caitlin turning up constantly. Billy says Caitlin was just doing him a favour.
Paul comes in late and Madge isn't too pleased, asking him to call ahead next time. She gets his dinner out of the oven.
Harold tells Paul quietly that Madge likes them to be there for meals. Paul says he couldn't find a phone - he missed the bus and was waiting for the next one.
Libby is reading Lolly a story. Darren comes back and tells her that things haven't gone very well with Sondra and he's fed up of her trailing him. He doesn't know what to do - at any point she could just blow the deal with her father.
Toadie staggers in with a load of clothes and offers to take Lolly to bed, saying he's got a new CD for her - The Undead Hitmen.
Madge is trying to make conversation with Paul but he's a bit uncommunicative. They talk about music and Paul likes playing the guitar, particularly electric guitar.
Swimming Pool
Anne and Toadie wish Billy luck in the trial.
ANNE: I hope he'll be OK.
TOADIE: Don't worry, he swims like a fish...he looks like a fish...
ANNE: He does not look like a fish!
Caitlin reassures Billy and the coach tells them that it's mainly on time, but also on style. Billy gets on to the blocks, and the swim starts.
Libby and Darren are packing a picnic when Sandra pops around. She tells Darren that she's changed her ideas about the bathroom and he'll have to ring the supplier straight away. She wants brass fittings now instead.
Darren tells Sondra that Libby is coming to work with him today and Sondra says it's great as she could do with another woman's opinion on colours for the bathroom.
Swimming Pool
Anne and Toadie are cheering Billy on, but he just loses the race - by about half a finger!
The coach tells Billy that he swam well, and even though he came second, he knows that Billy hasn't actually had any formal coaching. The bloke who won, Daniel, has had professional coaching for two years. He tells Daniel and Billy that he's going to re-run the race in half an hour with just them.
COACH:(to Billy) I reckon you're capable of beating him. You just have to tune up your technique a bit.
He talks to Billy about breathing, like breathing on every other right hand stroke.
Coffee Shop
Madge has bought Paul an electric guitar. Harold is chuffed and says that Paul will be thrilled. Madge says that hopefully it will make Paul realise that she's not a total monster(!)
Swimming Pool
The race is being re-run. Anne and Toadie are cheering and so is Caitlin. This time, Billy just wins. The coach is very impressed with Billy and says he'll improve even more with proper coaching.
BILLY: You mean...?
COACH: Good to have you in the squad.
BILLY: Thank you!
Caitlin excitedly hugs Billy and Anne dosn't look too impressed.
TOADIE: Look out Sydney, here comes Billy-boy!
Sondra's house
Sondra is telling Libby stories about house renovation and interior design.
Libby goes out to Darren who says he's making good progress now that Sondra isn't breathing down his neck. Libby says she'll have to leave soon though, she's too bored!
When Libby has gone, Sondra comes up to Darren.
SONDRA: I can't understand why you would be with her when you can have me!
DARREN: Will you cut it out?!
Harold and Madge give Paul the electric guitar. He's very pleased with it and says he'll practise all the time. Paul starts playing and Harold and Madge look rather alarmed at the modern music!
Sondra's house
Sondra tells Darren that he's just teasing her. She runs her hands all over him while he tries to fend her off. But just then, Libby comes back and says she's seen the whole thing.
Swimming pool
The coach tells Billy and Daniel that when they're dressed they'll have a meeting to talk about Sydney. Anne and Toadie come over to Billy and congratulate him. Anne says she'll wait until he's finished the meeting, but he tells her he'll see her at home.
Darren is worried that Sondra will put her father off him doing the renovation job. Just then, Sondra calls around. She's furious and threatens him, but Darren says he's sick of hearing about her father and she can do what she likes. Libby and Darren dare her to ring her father and get him down there, but she stalks out instead.
When Sondra has gone, Libby says she kind of feels sorry for Sondra, her behaviour seems very weird.
Madge and Harold are grimacing at the modern music. Madge asks Paul to give the guitar a rest - he'll have to play at a lower volume. Paul is not happy and stalks off to his room.
MADGE: Back to square one, I suppose!
Anne tells Toadie that she's worried about Caitlin. Toadie lets slip that he doesn't blame her and Anne gets very worried.
ANNE: Do you think I should be worried about the amount of time Billy spends with Caitlin?
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