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Neighbours Episode 2942 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2942
Australian airdate: 16/09/97
UK airdate: 27/02/98
UK Gold: 27/01/04
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Claire Girard: Adele Schober
Jack Foster: Craig McMahon
Matt Compton: Jonathan Kovac (uncredited in episode)
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Ben asking if Sarah has something going with Matt.
Despite pashing Matt, Sarah not wanting them to get together.
Harold suggesting to Madge that since Helen is ill, they should be doing their best to get along with Debbie.
Jack asking Hannah on a date.
Hannah discovering that Claire told Jack she was almost 16.
Number 26
Debbie is surprised to see Madge call round and that she isn't here to have a go either! Madge apologises for things getting out of hand between them and suggests that both of them will be out of business if they continue with the price slashing policy! Debbie offers Madge her apologies too but makes it clear that giving up the lunchcart isn't part of the apology!
The Coffee Shop
Jack arrives for the date and both complement each other on their respective appearances. He admits why he kept quiet (thinking she was younger) and she quickly decides its best to keep quiet about her age!
Number 30
Sarah shouts out to her housemates that the food is ready. Ben appears to say he is going out but he'll have his later and literally leaves her and Matt to it. She then tells Matt of Ben's accusation (that they are together) and that she said it wasn't... but then he asks her on a date to his police graduation ball. She agrees to accompany him just as a friend though!
The Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold are surprised to see Claire enter the store as they thought she was planning a night in. They quiz her about Hannah and Jack and Harold decides that he should be a good citizen and call Phil to say how late Hannah is staying out since she is only 14! Madge thankfully puts her foot down to tell him no especially since she's just made peace with the family!
Number 26
Hannah invites Jack in for something to drink after he walks her home from the cinema. He admits that he had a great night and that they should go on another date soon. Their chat is interrupted when Debbie comes through from her room having heard noises so Jack takes that as his cue to leave but not before a quick goodbye kiss!
Number 26 (next day)
An excited Claire calls round to get all the goss from Hannah about her date and if he kissed her! Hannah spills that they did kiss but that she kept quiet about her age however then gets confused with more advice from her - let him do all the running around and to make the next move.
Number 30
Sarah lies to Ben as to why she has her posh dress out (says she's taking it to the dry cleaner). Matt quizzes her about it when Ben exits the kitchen and she explains that she feels it's for the best given how things are between them and doesn't want to give Ben any excuse to ask him to move out.
Number 22
Harold and Madge call round to do a deal with Marlene over renting the house - they'd rather pay the rent weekly than month. She is happy to go along with their suggestion and talk instead moves onto Harold going to play cricket (he's got on his cricket whites).
Claire spies an enemy at the school - its Jack bunking off school to see Hannah. She quickly covers up the fact Hannah isn't with her (saying she is in another English class) and when Hannah does spot him, she readily bunks off school to join him at The Coffee Shop.
Number 28
Sarah is happy to hear about Libby and Darren when she calls round to #28 for help with her "date" with Matt - she is going to get ready at #28 and Matt will pick her up from here. She confides in Libby that she really does like him!
The Coffee Shop
Marlene reports that she had a great time at the bowls unlike Harold who didn't go so well at the cricket. He isn't amused when Marlene tries to tell him what he was doing wrong!
Harold then spots Hannah and Jack pashing and goes over to tell them off (despite Madge telling him not to). Jack tries to stand up for them and in the ensuing discussion he finds out Hannah's true age.
Number 26
Debbie tries to comfort her sister who is in floods of tears over what happened at The Coffee Shop and the fact she listened to Claire!
Harold calls by to apologise to Hannah and he explains he didn't do so to embarrass her. Debbie now sees things in a different light as Harold explains it but all it does is cause Hannah to run off to her room. In return, Debbie suggests that he may want to have a word with Claire too as she is just as involved!
Number 30
Ben arrives home and spots Matt getting ready for the ball. He's trying to put 2+2 together as in he is taking Sarah but Matt quickly puts him off the scent. Sarah arrives home and plays the part well to keep the pretence up and rejects Ben's offer of accompanying her (and Libby) to the pub because its girls only!
Number 24
Madge and Harold chat about the conversation he had with Debbie and her suggestion of having a chat with Claire. Harold would rather they didn't but Madge calls Claire out of her room to force his hand! The two of them begin chatting but Claire wriggles out of it mainly because of Harold's style of questioning and the fact it seems she can twist him round her little finger! Madge isn't fooled though and confirms that she has indeed got him wrapped round her little finger!
Number 28
A resplendent Matt calls round for Sarah and his first impression is "wow!" He dishes out more compliments too before they depart for the ball.
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