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Neighbours Episode 2943 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2943
Australian airdate: 17/09/97
UK airdate: 02/03/98
UK Gold: 28/01/04
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Matt Compton: Jonathan Kovac
Claire Girard: Adele Schober
Jack Foster: Craig McMahon
Danny Silverman: Evan Higgins
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal/Sal
Lance asks Bill (his dad) to be with him at the car rally so he doesn't have to share Ruth with Anne.
Billy breaks up with Anne.
Matt takes Sarah to the ball.
Lance is on the phone arguing with his dad, who's pulled out of the rally. Ruth asks Anne about Billy but Anne says that Billy doesn't want to know. Lance rings off, extremely angrily and Ruth tells him not to talk to his dad like that. Lance says he shouldn't have been surprised, he's done it before and now he's out. He doesn't want to be with Ruth and Anne because he wanted to do the driving alone. He's livid and Ruth tells him to stop. She says she doesn't agree but he's still Lance's father. Lance says that either way, the rally's stuffed for him.
Ben's cooking and Debbie arrives. Ben asks if she's running late for the girlie night with Sarah and Libby. Deb says she doesn't know about it and Ben says he might have got it wrong. Debbie tells him Phil's car has got something wrong with it and asks him to have a look at it. He agrees but she asks if he'll look at it tonight because she has to be at the markets early tomorrow. She offers to buy him a drink after and Ben agrees.
Ruth's arguing angrily with Bill on the phone when Lance and Anne appear, unbeknown to Ruth, behind her. She's disappointed and hurt for Lance and rings off. Lance says it's fine for her to get angry at Bill but she can't. Ruth says what she says and the kids say about Bill are two different things. Ruth says she's tried not to bad mouth her ex partner in front of the kids and she doesn't want to think of Bill talking about her behind her back. Lance says that chance'd be a fine thing - they don't see him enough for them to talk to him. They say that he doesn't want anything to do with them. Ruth says he doesn't mean to be like it but they shouldn't give up on him, he loves them just as much as she does.
Toadie's studying maps when Billy grabs them off him. He's looking at the car rally maps and he's going with Karl. Billy's down about Anne. Toadie reckons they'll get back together but Billy doesn't want to go crawling back, he wants time apart. He says he'll get over it, being depressed isn't a good enough reason to get back with Anne.
Lou tells Ben and Debbie that he's got a date. Debbie lets slip that Lou joined a dating agency and Ben and Debbie rib him about it. Ben says that Matt want to the ball by himself and Lou should give him the number of the dating agency, although no-one would go with him because he'd arrest them for wearing too much lipstick or something.
Matt peers around the door of 30 and lets Sarah in when he realises Ben's not in. Matt says she was the most beautiful woman there and the guys kept asking him how much he'd had to pay her to go. They kiss. Matt says he's going to move out because he can't pretend that he doesn't have feelings for her, he wants to date her. Sarah says she doesn't care if they get into trouble with Ben. They continue to kiss.
Toadie is excited about the rally and talking to Billy at the Coffee Shop. Anne and Lance walk in and Anne tries to make small talk with Billy, who's very cold. Lance gets annoyed over the rally and walks off, telling Anne to get him some food. Toadie asks what's up with Lance and Anne tells him about their dad. She bags out her dad again as Toadie asks if there's anyone else who'd go with Lance. Billy looks thoughtful.
Lance is talking to Phil about the rally and when Lance tells him that his dad's pulled out, Phil looks sorry for him. Anne comes over with Lance's breakfast and Phil says he's not sure Ruth'd approve of it!
Matt and Sarah tease each other over breakfast. Ben comes in and wonders what happened to Sarah's girls night out. Sarah lies and says she went to a nightclub. Ben says that he accidentally told Debbie and she was a bit upset at being left out. Ben leaves and Sarah asks Matt if her nose is bigger from lying. Matt says it's going to be too hard to keep up but Sarah says it's a challenge and it's exciting. Sarah is only upset about Debbie and then suggests they meet back at 30 for lunch.
Lou tries to convince Darren to go out on a double date with Barbara as her friends have pulled out. Darren refuses but Marlene offers...Lou declines because he wants a couple, not a single. Lou says he'll move heaven and earth to keep his date.
Anne asks Billy how long he's going to ignore her. (GREAT incidental music). Billy's really off with Anne and walks away saying that they're still friends, leaving Anne looking upset.
Matt kisses Sarah and Ben walks in. Ben's suspicious and wants to know what they're doing. They start yelling at each other and Matt tells him that he's paranoid. Ben asks if they're ok with lunch for free but Matt says he has to go. Ben tells him if he can't take the heat... Matt gets out of the kitchen. Ben tells Sarah to level with him. Sarah tries to tell Ben that it's his fault Matt's awkward but Ben's convinced something is going on. He tells her if he finds there is, there'll be trouble.
Phil spies Ruth at the Coffee Shop and sits down with her. He tells her that he knows about the rally and that Lance seemed upset. He says that Lance shouldn't miss out and offers to be his co-driver. Ruth said it'd be fantastic if he would and Phil says that he'd love to do it anyway, just that Hannah's too young. Ruth says Lance'll be thrilled and seeing as they're not a couple, it's nice of him to think of Lance. Phil says that they're still friends, even though they're not dating. They smile at each other and Lou wanders over and asks if they'll go on a double date. Phil and Ruth refuse. Phil says that he needs an early night for the car rally and Ruth agrees. Lou says that Barbara's going to think he has no friends at all.
Lou asks Ben and Ben doesn't want to go but gets blackmailed into it. Darren appears and Ben welcomes him back. Ben then has to go and find a date.
Ben asks Debbie, who tells him to forget it, she'll die of boredom. Ben says they can die together. He reminds her that he fixed her car in the dark and blackmails her into it. Matt walks in with one of his copper mates and speaks to Ben. Ben says that neither he or Deb have done anything to break the law. The other cop asks how Ben's carrying on with Matt and Sarah going out with each other. Matt says these rumours have happened since he took Sarah to the ball. Ben says he thought he went alone and Matt tells him it was just a last minute thing. Ben tells Deb he's going to find out what that was all about.
Anne arrives at 28 where Billy's about to leave for the pool. Anne says that Billy's treating her like dirt and seeing as last week they were going out with each other, he must feel something for her. Billy says that what's the point of breaking up if you don't treat the other person differently. Anne says that she doesn't see why they broke up. Billy says she can't handle it so she takes it out on him. Anne leaves tearfully, saying he's obviously made up his mind. Toadie comes in and says that Billy is too stubborn to admit he wants Anne back. Billy says he knows what he's doing and Toadie says he hopes he does because if he keeps treating Anne like that, she'll never get back with him - she won't even want to know him.
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