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Neighbours Episode 2941 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2941
Australian airdate: 15/09/97
UK airdate: 26/02/98
UK Gold: 26/01/04
Writer: Louise LeNay
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Claire Girard: Adele Schober
Jack Foster: Craig McMahon
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Madge unimpressed at Harold's tuba playing and Harold accusing her of stealing the mouthpiece.
Hannah sarcastically telling Claire she can have the boy she likes too.
Claire promising to help Hannah get the boy of her dreams.
Libby remorseful at Darren leaving.
Lou, Lolly and Marlene seeing Darren off.
Susan suggesting Libby tries to get Darren's bus before it leaves.
Road somewhere
The bus Darren caught is swiftly making its way out of Erinsborough with Susan's car (Libby driving) literally in hot pursuit of it. However she is thwarted by a police officer speeding at 65km/h and he doesn't seem interested in her reasons for driving so fast.
The Coffee Shop
Claire and Hannah are discussing their plans for how to get Hannah with Jack although the girl in question would rather the discussion wasn't taking place and is therefore quite happy to delay it happening for as long as possible.
And someone else trying to avoid having a chat is Harold and Madge over the missing tuba mouthpiece although she begrudgingly gives in to his request for them to discuss it after work at home. "Do you want it in blood?" she asks when he questions if she is really going to come.
Road somewhere
The bus Darren is travelling in gets pulled over by a police car. It's the officer Libby got stopped by earlier - he enters the bus to ask if there is a Darren Stark (there is) and when Darren acknowledges himself, is told to get off the bus taking his belongings too.
Darren comes off the bus and waiting for him at the bottom is Libby! He's puzzled why she is there and she explains that there is something she forgot to do - tell him that she loves him so much and then immediately hugs him right in front of the watching bus passengers!
Libby thanks the (uncredited) police officer for his help but he still hands her the ticket before he leaves them to it!
DARREN: How much?
LIBBY: Doesn't matter, you're worth it.
Swimming pool
The girls arrive at the pool and immediately spot Jack working. Claire tries to suggest things to get his attention like pretending Hannah can't swim (Jack knows she can) or taking off her bikini top (a big no to that one!). Thankfully the third suggestion meets with Hannah's approval (swim over to where Jack is) meets her approval and the girls get into the pool.
Number 28
Karl doesn't approve of Susan's suggestion that Libby took off to get Darren and the two of them have a heated discussion about it with Susan having the final word - he's just going to have to trust her on this one.
Number 22
Darren leads Libby into #22 admitting that he didn't think he'd be doing this so soon! Lib confesses that she did wonder on the way back if he would regret it (coming back) and likewise he thought the same but Lib quickly shakes her head.
Number 28
Karl is still unamused at the thought of Darren being Libby's partner especially as he thinks she can do better. Susan just reminds him that her family didn't fall in love with him straight away either!
Number 22
Darren confesses to Libby that he threw away the ring he bought for her (including how he did so too) and she asks him to promise her that he won't go away again. "I promise," he replies back and at his question, she replies she isn't going anywhere either.
Swimming pool
Claire's plan to attract Jack finally works when Hannah inadvertently swallows water doing an underwater handstand. Jack is quick to put his lifesaving techniques into operation when the girls come to the side of the pool and he assists Hannah (more in care than resuscitation!) by making sure she is okay.
Number 24
Harold tries to broker a deal with Madge - he'll forget about the missing mouthpiece if she'll forgive Debbie. It's 'no deal' from Madge mainly because she is adamant she didn't touch his mouthpiece! Harold is aghast that Madge is even suggesting that it could be Claire and can't think of a reason why.
MADGE: She heard you play!
HAROLD: That's below the belt.
She then reminds him that the feud with Debbie is about their livelihood! He tries to get her to go leniently on Debbie when he reminds her about how ill Helen is in hospital and while she concedes there is that, at the end of the day the more money Debbie makes the less they do.
"How important is money?" he asks and when Madge just looks at him, he goes on to say that they aren't living on the poverty line and so can stand to lose some dollars. "I hate it when you're right," she says after a few minutes silence and agrees to think about what he's said to her.
Number 28
Libby and Darren enter the house almost unsure of what the welcome will be. Susan warmly greets her daughter and even Karl is very polite with Darren, sincerely welcoming him back although is politely told to shut up when he brings up the fact Darren will now be regretting selling the business. "Be nice," Susan quietly tells her husband when Libby puts the kettle on (they will stay for a cuppa but reject Susan's offer of dinner in favour of going out).
Swimming pool
Claire quizzes Jack and gets out of him that he does like Hannah especially when he discovers she is almost 16.
Number 26
Hannah answers her door to Claire... and Jack! He's there at Claire's suggestion and she leaves then too it when she conveniently remembers she has something else to do! Now alone, Jack asks Hannah to go out on a proper date with him, which she readily agrees to.
Number 28
Karl isn't amused when he finds out about the speeding ticket Libby got in her pursuit of Darren and can't help but get another dig in at Darren too (about having on source of income) when he volunteers pay the fine. Libby makes it clear that she is will be the one to pay the ticket. Darren finally decides he's better off heading home when Karl brings up again about selling the business. This earns both the wrath of his daughter and wife when Darren leaves. Karl explains it's because he doesn't want to see Libby get hurt again but Lib reminds him that it's her choice.
LIBBY: I'm all grown up now. You keep telling me how intelligent I am so please just trust my judgement on this one.
Lib heads into her room after saying that and again, Karl tries to explain why his actions. Susan semi- sympathises with him but points out that there is a difference between protecting and stifling.
Number 24
Hannah calls by to tell Claire about what happened post departure including the date, which turns out they are doing so tonight!
Number 22
Darren is surprised to see Karl on his doorstep. He is round off his own back to try and clear the air and asks that Darren tries to see it from his point of view - Libby is his only daughter and thus he can't not care or love her. "Me neither," Darren quickly replies, which with a small smile Karl at least acknowledges that they have in common!
Number 26
Hannah doesn't appreciate Claire's tips for her date with Jack, mainly because he likes her as she is. Claire then let's slip why she needs to dress up - because she told Jack that Hannah was nearly 16! This doesn't impress Hannah and she wants to back out of the date but then changes her mind to going and telling him the truth as soon as she sees him. "You imbecile," Claire tells her as that will mean the end of Hannah and Jack and bluntly tells her to go on the date but keep quiet!
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