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Neighbours Episode 2937 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2937
Australian airdate: 09/09/97
UK airdate: 20/02/98
UK Gold: 20/01/04
Writer: Xenia Michael
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Claire Girard: Adele Schober
Jack Foster: Craig McMahon
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Noel/Sal
Claire being introduced to Billy.Phil and Ruth discussing whether she is really that sweet.
Hannah staring at Jack and being dragged home by Phil.
The coffee shop vs. lunch cart price war.
Billy and Anne going for a late night swim and being caught on camera.
No. 26
Claire is going out somewhere with Hannah since the alternative is a tour of Erinsborough with Harold. Lou asks Debbie if she can supply sandwiches to the pub, but she says she is too flat out already and could only do it if she had an extra pair of hands. After she has gone, Lou tells Phil that the rivalry has gone to far and Phil agrees.
No. 28 breakfast table
Toadie asks Karl if he can get $20 for the first repayment on the jukebox since all he has is coins. Karl says he's going to a bank and doesn't think they will mind. Anne arrives to walk to school with Billy and Toadie starts to wind them up asking where they went when they left the party early. Karl asks if it's something he should be concerned about too. Karl tells Toadie to take his bag of money straight to the bank and not go to any pinball parlour.
TOADIE: "What... me waste money on dumb machnines. Good on ya!"
KARL: "It's just as well some of your customers don't consider them to be 'dumb machines - good on ya'"
Coffee Shop
Claire and Hannah arrive and Madge asks why Claire has decided to go to school with Hannah rather than spend the day with Harold. Toadie, Billy and Anne arrive and Toadie finds out from Madge that the special offer is a free caramel slice with every hot drink. Toadie asks Hannah what Debbie is giving away today but she doesn't know. He hits upon the plan that they take advantage of the offers and then divide the free food between them, and sends Hannah and Claire off to the lunch cart. Then he orders two hot chocolates with caramel slices (with Billy and Anne having nothing) and asks for extra cups and the caramel slices to be cut in half. Madge looks puzzled at what he's up to.
Lou's Place
Karl is ordering coffee to avoid from Lou to avoid the feud going on outside. Lou tells him everyone is becoming an entrepreneur and shows him the form Toadie has given him to list the songs that get chosen on the jukebox, except all the songs sound the same to him. Debbie comes in and says she has had an idea to solve Lou's problem. She asks if she can use the kitchen at the pub to produce sandwiches for both him and the lunch cart, and Toadie will run the cart to cater for the school kids who can't enter the pub. Lou agrees, and then after Debbie has gone Karl asks him what will happen when Madge finds out.
School corridor
Billy tells Anne he has to go to the pool to drop off the keys before the manager notices. Anne tells him she wants to tag along because she has grown attached to the place now. Hannah is telling Claire about Jack and how her father humiliated her in front of him and now she doesn't have a chance. Claire decides she has a plan to get Jack to notice Hannah.
School courtyard
Anne tells Billy she would rather go the pool at night when no one else is there like before. Toadie is taking the jukebox money to the bank and asks if Hannah wants to go along to make sure he doesn't get robbed on the way. Claire becomes interested and says:-
CLAIRE: "You have a head for business. It is obvious under all that sexy hair"
TOADIE: (confused) "Yeah that's me, mister umm... business head"
He offers to show her the jukebox after school, then after he has gone Hannah asks Claire what that was all about.
CLAIRE: "You do not ever chat up boys?"
HANNAH: "Not Toadie"
CLAIRE: "It is just a bit of fun. Besides did you see him... I have made his day. You could do the same with Jacques too"
Lou's Place
Madge is telling Lou she saw Debbie packing up early, but he isn't paying attention. Instead he asks the question the rest of us were asking ourselves as to what the song is that is playing. Madge says she doesn't have a clue, then Debbie walks in with a tray of sandwiches to take through to the kitchen. Madge wants to know what's going on and why he is helping the enemy. Lou tells her he thinks the whole thing has gone far enough.
Nunawading Swimming Pool
Hannah points Jack out to Claire and goes over to him. Jack vaguely remembers Hannah as a friend of Billy, then Hannah introduces him to Claire and he seems more interested. Billy arrives and introduces Jack to Anne. He says he hasn't met her before but knows a lot about her, then tells Billy the manager is keen to see him before he starts his shift. Claire asks Jack where he is going after work, and is keen for her and Hannah to follow him.
No. 26 kitchen
Debbie is packing her stuff up in boxes to take to the pub kitchen and tells Phil he will be able to have his kitchen back. Hannah and Claire arrive and he wants to know what they are doing. Claire explains that Hannah has to get changed out of her school clothes for an important rendezvous at the coffee shop.
Lou's Place
Toadie enters and Lou tries to chase him out because he is underage. They come to an arrangement that he can come in to check the jukebox but only when Lou is there, and that he shouldn't come in his school uniform because it's bad for business. Debbie arrives and tells Toadie that from now on he'll be working a couple of hours in the pub kitchen for her after school. Then Toadie tells Lou he'll be getting some new CDs for the jukebox. Lou is relieved because the same ones keep getting played over and over, but Toadie says they won't be replaced because they are popular. It is the ones that never get played that will be changed.
Swimming pool
Billy comes out of his meeting and Anne wants to know why it took so long. Billy tells her that Jeff the manager found the surveillance tape. Billy isn't in any trouble, but Jeff has shown the tape to the other staff and that is why Jack was acting weird. At least Billy has been given the tape so no one else will see it.
No. 28
Billy and Anne watch the tape. It shows them kissing for a while then cuts out. Anne is worried that the tape looks like it has been censored, and no one will believe nothing else happened after the tape ended.
No. 26
Hannah and Claire are heading out with Hannah very dressed up. Phil says he didn't realise Madge was having cocktail hours at the coffee shop now. Hannah explains Claire helped her with the hair and make up because she didn't want to look daggy. They pass Debbie on the doorstep who wonders what's going on. Phil explains and Debbie wonders if the friends they were going to meet would be of the male variety. Phil thinks so too.
No. 28
Billy and Anne are watching the tape again. Billy laughs but Anne says it isn't funny. Toadie comes in and tells them how his life is going great... the jukebox is making him money, Debbie is giving him more work and he thinks Claire has the hots for him. He wants to know if they have been making home movies and when Billy goes quiet he thinks they have. Anne leaves and Karl arrives, then Billy and Toadie are fighting over the tape. Toadie mentions it is something X-rated, and Karl becomes interested too. Either Billy shows him the tape or explains to him what is on it that means he can't show it him.
Coffee Shop
Hannah and Claire are waiting for Jack. Madge asks if they are going somewhere and if Phil knows what Hannah is wearing. She takes Claire to one side.
MADGE: "You do know how old Hannah is don't you?"
MADGE: "Then maybe in future you'll resist dressing her like that"
CLAIRE: "What is wrong with it?"
MADGE: "Hannah looks like a little..."
CLAIRE: "I tried to make her look like me. Just un peu"
Jack arrives and Claire gets him to sit with her and Hannah. He takes little interest in Hannah and asks Claire why he hasn't seen her around before. Hannah tells him she is from France and he says he wondered where the accent was from. Then she starts talking to him in French.
No. 28
Billy is explaining to Karl what happened at the pool and with the tape. Toadie laughs and can't wait to tell everyone at school about it. Karl says Billy explanation is good enough for him and he doesn't need to see the tape. Toadie says if it was him in that situation Karl would make him play the tape. "Perish the though" says Karl.
Coffee Shop
Claire and Jack are talking and while Hannah is at the counter getting another milk shake she hears Jack asking Claire if she wants to go out with him and says she is pretty cute. Hannah comes back and slams the drinks down on the table saying:-
HANNAH: "Here have this. You've got everything else you wanted"
CLAIRE: "Hannah, where are you going?"
HANNAH: "Home - at least I don't feel like an idiot there. Thanks a lot!"
Episode ends with a shot of Hannah looking upset outside the coffee shop door.
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