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Neighbours Episode 2936 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2936
Australian airdate: 08/09/97
UK airdate: 19/02/98
UK Gold: 19/01/04
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Claire Girard: Adele Schober
Ms. Killalee: Maureen Andrew
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal/Sal
(The 96/97 recap music is replaced by the 97/98 recap music in this episode)
Lou installs the jukebox in the pub.
Ruth tells Madge and Harold about the exchange student and they agree to take her on.
Anne's about to unveil the nude painting of Billy.
Billy begs her not to unveil the picture. He gets told to move to the back and the rest of the kids laugh. Anne tells him to go; it'll be fine. He looks gutted as some of the other kids laugh at what's about to be shown. The teacher says that smutty remarks won't be tolerated. Billy turns and sees that Anne's added a pair of boxer shorts to the painting. He babbles a bit and Anne asks if he thinks she'd embarrass him infront of the whole school. She tells him she fixed it up that morning.
Ruth takes Claire, the exchange student around to Harold and Madge's. Harold makes the common misconception that if you speak loud enough English, a foreigner will understand you.
MADGE: Harold, quieten down, she's French not deaf.
Claire asks for a drink and Harold lists the options, seeming quite taken by her, and she chooses tea. Madge departs for work and Ruth explains that she runs the Coffee Shop. Claire will be going to Erinsborough High and asks if there are any kids in the area. Ruth explains about Anne, Lance, Hannah, Billy and Toadie - although she's a bit bemused by the name, "Toadfish." Claire asks why she's not in a family with kids but Ruth explains the mix up and says she'll love the Bishops. Harold pops over and asks what sort of tea she'd like!
Toadie, Anne, Hannah and Billy talk over the painting in the Coffee Shop (and if anyone knows the music here, I'll marry them..or something). Anne says it's not the same as a nude but Toadie says he might have started up a trend - Billy could sign a deal with a boxer shorts company. Madge reminds them about the planned bbq for Claire that night. Toadie seems quite taken with the idea of a new girl in the street and he and Hannah depart to check the jukebox takings. Billy shouts Anne to a treat at the Coffee Shop and offers to make things up to her.
Toadie and Hannah are checking the takings when Libby tells them to get out for being under 18. Toadie says they're not kids, they're contractors! Libby tells them they'll cost Lou his license and it's not her problem. In the end, they convince her to check the takings whilst they wait outside.
Back at 26, Toadie and Hananh count their money as Phil watches on. Phil congratulates them on making nearly 100 dollars. Toadie tells Debbie that he knew it'd be good. Debbie said that it wasn't her who stopped it - and it serves Madge and Harold right that they rejected it. Debbie jokingly asks Hannah for a loan but Hannah protests, saying that she worked hard for the money! Debbie asks what she did and Toadie interupts, saying she spotted a good investment and backed it. Debbie points out that Phil did the backing - if he hadn't gone guarantour, it wouldn't have happened. Ruth appears to remind everyone about the bbq. Toadie asks what Claire's like and Ruth says she's very French (no Ruth, it's very Australian with a very bad accent ). Toadie asks if she'll go for him. Ruth says if all of the money on the table is his, she just might. Toadie crams his arms around the money saying, "Mine, all mine." He adds that there's some for his little French...I missed it and I'm not rewinding the tape...and Hannah says that there's one problem - she's not French - and also lunges for the money.
Harold's in the garden at 24 showing Claire all of the flowers. Harold prattles on a lot and they spy Anne and Billy walking up the road. Billy's telling Anne he's got her surprise worked out but won't tell her what it is. She asks if he'll tell her what to wear - and he says to wear her bathers. Before she can get more out of him, he darts off. As Billy heads towards his house, Claire asks Harold who he is. Harold calls him over and introduces him. Claire is happy they'll be going to Erinsborough High together and tells Harold that he's cute. She asks how old he is - and if he has a car!
Claire asks if there's to be any meat at the bbq but Harold says they're vegetarian. The door goes and Ruth, Phil, Hannah and Karl are at the door, all bearing gifts. Karl's introduced as Dr Kennedy and he welcomes Claire to Australia and Phil's introduced as Mr Martin but he tells her to call him Philip (so she calls him Phillipe. How rude. Was she not listening?). Hannah compliments Claire on her dress and they seem to get on well. Ruth asks if Harold's going to play his tuba and Harold says that his arm could be twisted. Karl pipes up that he'll twist his arm if he does play. Hannah tells Claire that if she lived in France, she'd never move to Erinsborough! Hannah tells Claire never to ask Harold to play his tuba - he's terrible. Claire says she suspected as much but if you charm the old people, things go so much easier.
Anne asks Billy about Claire and says that she'd better not try cracking onto Billy. The pair kiss as Karl gets back - he tells them to unlock their lips and get over to the bbq. Toadie's still in the bathroom getting ready and Billy teases Anne further about where they're going for a surprise.
Ruth comments to Phil that Harold seems to like Claire. Phil says that he does too - it's a pity she couldn't have stayed with them. Phil says that she'll be fine at the Bishops but Ruth says something makes her uneasy about Claire - she thinks under the lovely manners she might be a handful. Phil says that Madge's kids weren't angels so she'll cope (nice bloke, isn't he? Has he seen his kids? ). Ruth tells him it's not Madge she's worried about - it's Harold who's been wrapped around Claire's little finger. Phil hopes that no-one asks where Debbie is - she thought it'd be hypocritical to go to the bbq whilst warring with the Bishops. Madge arrives back and they crowd around the bbq. Harold praises Claire and worries that the other youngsters might think she's a little reserved.
Inside, Claire's courting the attention whilst Toadie tries to ask Claire out. Claire is still confused over Toadie's name and asks if Fish is his surname. Anne and Billy plot to leave for Anne's surprise. Ruth comes back in and tells them the food is ready but Toadie makes his excuses. Anne and Billy leave and Claire isn't too imperssed at them being a couple. Toadie tells her that he'll be back though!
Billy's lit hundreds of candles around the swimming pool and takes Anne there blindfold. (Another nice clear cut of music for any fans out there.) Anne tells him it's beautiful. He tells her it's just for her and Billy tries to convince her to go skinny dipping. She says it could be dangerous so he tells her that tonight is her night and they'll do whatever she wants to do. They kiss.
At the pub, Debbie's playing pool. Toadie appears with a marketing survey and tries to convince Libby to fill it in everytime a song comes on, so he knows what's popular. (And yes he needs some more cds - Paul Kelly's - Tease Me was playing again) Libby tells him the barstaff have enough to do. Debbie says it's clever and will increase his profits. He says he'll supply the pencil - Libby shakes her head. He offers a sharpener - Libby shakes her head again. A free set of steak knives - Libby tells him to leave!
Back at the pool, Anne and Billy are sitting by the pool. Anne says that she's not going skinny dipping and she thought Billy wasn't going to pressure her. He says that just being there with her is enough for him. He drops into the water and tells her to come in - it's warmer - and splashes her. They meet in the water and she dunks him.
Karl thanks Harold for a great meal and they all depart. (Interesting how Phil insists on carrying his mobile phone around with him but Karl doesn't carry his pager anymore.) Toadie stands and lingers behind Claire so Karl pulls back and drags him out. Harold says it was a great success but Madge says that the problem with entertaining is the tidying up. Claire offers to help and her and Madge enter the kitchen but Harold insists she sleeps instead because she's had a tiring day. Madge tells him off, saying that Claire's there to experience Australian life as part of the family, not to be treated like a guest. Harold says that she helped prepare and rages about how great she is. Madge agrees that she's charming but adds that she reminds her of Charlene. Harold scoffs, saying that Charlene was rebellious, outspoken and defiant! Madge merely "hmmm"s.
Anne says they should get back and Billy says that she doesn't really want to leave. They kiss and the camera cuts away to the security cameras recording their every move. Oo. Er!
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