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Neighbours Episode 2935 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2935
Australian airdate: 05/09/97
UK airdate: 18/02/98
UK Gold: 16/01/04
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Matt Compton: Jonathan Kovac
Ms. Killalee: Maureen Andrew
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Elise/Sal
Karl and Sarah looking at a cooking video.
Ben being asked by Matt for his drivers license
Ben and Sarah arguing
Bill telling Anne to enter the art competition.
Anne's about to unveil the nude painting of Billy.
Karl, Susan and Billy were talking about Anne's painting. Karl says that he is very proad of Billy and that he would be too embarressed to do it. Karl starts to tell a story about a boy when he was at school who posed for a nude painting and that it came back to haunt him. Susan glances at Karl as if to say'nice one Karl'. They all then quickly praise Billy.
Theres an awkward atmosphere in the house. Sarah tells Ben that Matts coming over soon, Ben doesn't reply. They begin to disagree about Matt. Sarah says how it should be fair in the house with the rules and flatmates. Sarh tells him that she wants Matt to move in. Theres a knock at the door and its Matt, from the moment he comes in, Ben and Matt start to bibker and pass snide comments. Matt apologies about the ticket but says he had to, he says Ben can move in, although he is still not happy.
Marlene is listening to a tape on how to learn Italian. Lou comes in and starts to laugh at her. He tells Marlene that she should learn something useful, that will help her to live life, she disagrees with him. He carries on skitting her.
Susan is cooking, she asks Anne if she would like to stay for tea, but she refuses and leaves to go home. When she had left, Karl and Susan begin to talk to Billy about the painting and how he really feels about it. He says that he is fine about it all although Karl and Susan do not look convinced.
Matt and Sarah are talking about the move. Matt asks Ben if he would like to go to the pub to settle things as friends over a nice game of pool. Sarah says that she will join them as they both look like they are in a competative mood. They all leave for the pub.
Lou's place
Ben and Matt are playing pool. The boys are being really competative and Sarah starts to look worried. They are near the end of the game and and Ben asks Matt to put a bet on who will win, he agrees and they both take their shots, Ben wins. Matt looks annoyed.
Ruth and Anne are both looking at the painting. Anne tells her that she is worried that it won't get picked. Ruth tells her that she is suprised Billy is letting her show it. Ruth then asks her if she thinks that the painting is more important than their relationship.
Karl is asking Susan what she thinks are the painting. Karl asked her what would she do, but she refuses to answer, Karl says if it was him, then he would be ok. They talk and laugh about painting Karl for a while, and then susan suggests that they go to bed early!.
Ben is looking at Lou's new juke box, he then goes over and sits with Sarah and Matt. Lou comes over and introduces himself to Matt. He then begins to tell Ben that he has this friend who can get him really cheap radios, Ben then informs him that Matt is infact a policeman. Lou looks really worried and begins to back track. Matt tells him not to worry, but Lou hurrys off. They all laugh.
Bill is eating his breakfast very slowly. He tells Karl to write him a letter so he acn stay off school as he is not feeling well. Karl and Susan look at eachother and tells him they know its because of the painting he doesn't want to go in. He then storms out of the house.
Billy is knock loudly on Annes front door, Ruth answers looking shocked and asks him what wrong. He asks if Anne is there, she tells him she has already left and he runs off towards school. Susan passes him in the car, he bangs on the car and gets in, they drive off.
Erinsborough High
Billy is running through the school looking for Anne. He tells her that he cannot go through with it and doesn't want her to put it on show. She looks upset and they bicker for a while She tells him she won't and goes away to get it.
Karl is getting annoyed because he is finding lots of yellow stickers around the place with italian words on them. He asks Marlene what they are and she tells him they are to help her learn a new language. Ruth comes in and starts speaking italian, she tells Marlene that she has an italian nona, Krl doesn't look impressed.
Erinsborough High
Susan is talking to Billy on the staris, he tells her that he has changed his mind. susan tells him that she has just been talking to Annes art teacher and says that she is looking forward to putting it up. He tells her that Anne said she wasn't putting it up, he runs off leaving Susan looking confused.
Matt's moving in all his stuff. Lou comes in to welcome him and purposly drops a recent for the radios that he bought from his 'friend', they all laugh at him and he leaves. They carry on moving all his things in. Matt and Ben begin to bicker again.
Erinsborough High
Students are looking at everybody's painting in the art room, Billy runs in just when Anne is about to expose her painting, he shouts at her not to. She looks at him as she is about to pull the cover off it.
<<2934 - 2936>>
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