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Neighbours Episode 2938 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2938
Australian airdate: 09/09/97
UK airdate: 20/02/98
UK Gold: 20/01/04
Writer: Xenia Michael
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Claire Girard: Adele Schober
Jack Foster: Craig McMahon
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Elise/Sal
Billy telling Anne about the video that had been found of them
Hannah and Claire with Jack from the swimming bathsand Hannah catching Claire with Jack in the coffee shop
Hannah and Claire storm into the house arguing over Jack. Phil runs out and asks them what the hell is going on, they tell him and he tells them they can sort it out. They carry on bickering until Claire explains that she was only trying to be friendly, Hannah doesn't look convinced.
Ruth comes in looking for Ben, she sees Sarah practicing her bandaging skills on Lance and asks what wrong, he tells her they are just playing. Ruth then asks Ben if he would do a Drivers course for the students, she tells him she knows he has lots on but hoped he would help them out. Ben says he will see if he has enough time, they all laugh about how he will get it all wrong.
Ruth and Susan are talking about the drivers course and both agree that its a great idea. Billy and Anne are quietly taking about the video and how they have to get it back. Ruth and Susan then offer them both a lift to school but Anne quickly says they will walk. When Ruth and Susan had left, they got the video tape and smashed it up.
Claire has made Harold and Madge breakfast, she is asking what Harold can and can't eat with him being a vegetarian, but they can hardly hear eachother over Harold playing his tuba. Madge shouts him over to eat breakfast. Claire leaves for school but on her way out, she takes the mouth piece for Harolds tuba and hides it under the pillow. Harold and Madge begin to disscuss the situation with the price wars, Madge is worried about the buisiness.
Erinsborough High
Claire is telling Hannah to go and see Jack again but Hannah syas she is too embarressed. Mrs Kennedy comes and tells all the students to get to class as the bell has just gone.
Harold and Madge are still disscussing the price wars, she is very upset and says she could kill Debbie Martin, Harold doesn't realise that she is messing and will not let Madge leave. Shje tells him not to be so stupid, she was kidding, he looks relieved.
Erinsborough High
Mrs Kennedy is telling all the students about the afternoons activity at the garage for the drivers course. She then puts a video on, but to Anne and Billys suprise, its the video of them. Anne runs to turn it off, the students begin to laugh and she runs out of the class leaving Billy look very ashamed.
Coffee Shop
Madge is on the phone trying to get hold of Debbie but is having no luck, when Harold walks in. They both begin to argue and get very loud. Harold then accusses Madge of hiding his Tuba mouth piece, she looks very hurt and continues to deney it, but he still doesn't believe her. She tells him to leave and he quickly walks out.
Corridor of Erinsborough High
Billy and Anne are arguing, she thinks that he did it on purpose to show how macho he is, he deneys it but she is having none of it. Susan comes out and tells them to go back in, Anne says no, so she tells her to go into her office, she then turns to Billy and tells him to go and face the music.
Susan's Office
Susan is talking to Anne telling her things will be ok, she doesn't believe it and looks very unsure.
Corridor of E High
Claire is telling Hannah what happened over the video, Lance comes over and starts to join in laughing, Anne walks up behind them and listens, they all turn around and she is there. She runs off very upset leaving them all stood there looking very guilty.
Harold is there talking to Ruth and Phil about the price war and how it is out of hand. Phil agrees but tells him Debbie and Madge will have to sort it out themselves. Harold continues to rant and rave about it whilst Phil and Ruth sit there trying to look interested.
Coffee Shop
Billy and Anne are talking about what happened in school, they are clearly both upset and Anne continues to blame Billy. He then turns around and tells her that he is sick of being treated liek a fool in the relationship and he wnats to end it with her. She says ok, gets upset and runs out leaving Billy looking devistated.
Harold and Madge are still arguing over the mouth piece and it starts to get really heated. Claire just stands there are smiles not showing any remorse at all.
Ben is showing the pupils around the garage, they all look very interested. Billy walks in looking very upset, he goes over to Lance who can sense something is up.
Claire knocks on the door and Hannah lets her in, they talk about Jack and Claire tells Hannah she has to go and see him, Hannah tells her she needs to sike herself up a bit more first.
Matt is showing the pupils how to see if a car has been stolen and is trying to be passed off as a new one. He shows them the example of a good car, but one of the pupils shows him the car has no number, Matt looks over to Ben who looks shocked.
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