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Neighbours Episode 2928 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2928
Australian airdate: 27/08/97
UK airdate: 09/02/98
UK Gold: 07/01/04
Writer: Simon McDonald
Director: Ross McGregor
Guests: Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Jack Foster: Craig McMahon
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: algy
Toadie and Harold arguing about the juke box in the Coffee Shop
Sam trying to flirt with Lance at the garage as Amy arrives - with a voice over of Lance telling amy he couldn't care less if he never saw Sam again.
Sam arriving in the Wilkinsons kitchen as Lance and Amy are making up and Amy dumping lance again.
Sarah telling Ben she doesn't want to live with a new couple.
Angela telling Sarah about her recent breakup - and Angela promising to sort it out.
Sarah telling Ben that Angela's got back with her Ex and done a runner.
Ben and Sarah's
Ben storms in ranting - he fixed Angela's car and got her a place to live and what does he get in return. Sarah and Lance trail in behind him - with Sarah saying it's not ben's fault - didn't know about the ex, he'd only known her a week. Ben is unimpressed saying he thinks he's entitled to feel a bit ripped off. Sarah says better now than in 6 months time, which Ben says sounds like I told you so. Having stripped off his overall and dumped it into the washer, ben storms back into the kitchen (in jeans and a teeshirt which were underneath...) and storms off. Lance tells Sarah he's never seen Ben like that before. Sarah say's he's in for a rough few days. Lance says he knows how he feels - Sarah ask's if he's got love life problems too. Lance explains that Amy's dumped him - thinking he's hot for someone else. Lance explains to Sarah the whole Sam arriving at the wrong time debacle. Sarah tells him there's only one thing for it - he'll have to win her back with romance. Lance says chocolates and flowers won't be enough. Sarah suggests writing it down - a poem about how much he loves her. Ben arrives back to hear this and says to take his advice - tell her face to face that there's no one else - and if she doesn't believe him, then tell her to get lost. Sarah says that's not romantic like a poem. Ben says a poem would put Lance's guts on the line - his way no-one gets hurt. Lance looks conflicted.
The Coffee Shop
Harold's in the kitchen passing food out to Debbie. He tells her how glad he is Madge asked her to stay on she's very appreciated - but they've got to keep the communication lines open then everyone'll be pleased. Debbie says she won't argue with that and delivers the food to a table. She then asks Toadie and Hannah who're at another table if they're ready to order. Hannah's not, but Toadie is - he wants a chocolate Milkshake as Hannah's paying. Hannah says she's not paying. Anyway she thinks it's pretty dead - and she might go for a swim. Toadie says that she just came back from the pool. Hannah says she's just trying to get fit - what's wrong with that. Toadie remarks that Hannah's beginning to sound like Doctor Karl. As Hannah's getting up, Lance arrives and sits down on his own - blanking the other two. When challenged he says he's waiting for someone. Toadie catcalls and asks if he's waiting for Amy, but Lance tells him to leave him alone. Toadie asks Hannah if he thinks now's a good time to hassle Debbie about the juke box. Hannah's not sure, but toadie (with Hannah behind) heads over to the bar where Debbie and Harold are both working. Debbie asks Toadie if he'd like to order - but Toadie replies he wants to talk business. Harold buts in asking if it's about the jukebox - and asks Debbie if they had some sort of agreement. Debbie says, sheepishly, that they did, and Toadie tells Harold it's a done deal. Debbie asks Harold if he and Madge have reservations - because she doesn't want to throw her weight around- but she did promise Toadie and the coffee shop's always had a jukebox. Toadie jumps in with an offer to come and look at it. But Harold says Debbie's in the middle of a shift - Debbie asks if she can go and see if it's worth pursuing.
TOADIE: Worth pursuing?
Debbie mouths: Shut up out loud I won't be long.
Harold reluctantly agrees - but says he expects further discussion when they get back as will Madge. Toadie, Hannah and a thoughtful looking Debbie leave - and lance is left sitting at his table, staring thoughtfully into the middle distance.
Lou's Place
Ben's sat at the Bar as Phil arrives and asks what's wrong. Ben explains that Angela's done a bolt back to her ex.
PHIL: It is that bad.
Ben reminds Phil about the car. Phil reminds Ben about the huge discount. Ben bitterly remarks that it's not a discount - she hasn't paid a cent. Phil wants to know if Ben thinks he'll be able to get the money. But Ben doesn't know - he though she genuinely liked him, but who can he trust, all Ben knows is that he feels like a complete idiot. Phil commiserates and offers another beer. Ben declines saying he'll go and get a decent coffee and leaves.
Lou appears on the scene and presents Phil with a chalk board, before asking if Phil knows what's wrong with Ben. Phil replies that love's dealt him a savage blow. Lou asks if it was Angela - she certainly looked too good to be true. Phil absentmindedly replies that she certainly saw ben coming as she's left him with an unpaid bill for car parts. Lou pounces on this and asks how much Ben charged for labour, Phil feigns ignorance but lou's not fooled - he's worried about his bank balance. Lou start to follow Ben out - and Phil asks him to be gentle - Ben's ego's pretty bruised at the moment.
The Coffee Shop
Lance is still staring into the middle distance when Ben arrives and wanders over.
BEN: Hey. You look like I feel.
Lance replies that he's waiting for Amy, but he doesn't think she's coming. Ben tells him not to stress - at least he's calling the shots now. Lance says yes - but Amy's ignoring them. Ben tells Lance that if Amy doesn't turn up she's not worth bothering with. At that moment Lou arrives and asks Ben for a word, looking very purposeful. Ben follows him to stand by the freezers, head hanging low. Lou asks what Ben's doing giving out mates rates at the garage - or worse, freebies. Ben says if its about Angela - but Lou cuts him off - apparently it doesn't matter who it is, Ben has enough paid work and the vintage cars to keep him busy. Ben says the parts are paid for, and the labour's coming out of his pocket. Lou quotes Ben back at himself saying they have to build a secure client base - Lou assumes of paid clients? Ben apologises and Lou explains he's not against doing favours as long as he keeps up to date with the paid work. Ben snaps Fine back at Lou - who asks Ben to admit that his judgement was wrong. Which Ben does.
Over at Lance's table Harold delivers another milkshake - remarking that Lance has been there a long time. Lance says he's going - but Harold tells him not to -as he's just spotted Amy arriving at the far door. Lance says he though Amy wasn't coming. Amy tersely asks lance why he'd care - hasn't he got his new girlfriend to fuss over? Lance says its' not like that - but amy doesn't believe him. Lance repeats that Sam's the daughter of one of his mum's friends.
AMY: And just so happens to be a drop dead redhead?
LANCE: I didn't think she was as pretty as you.
AMY: Don't even try it. Now what did you want
Lance wants things to go back to the way they were. Amy says it's not going to happen - after he's been sneaking around. Lance cuts Amy off mid sentence and says he's been absolutely honest with her and if she doesn't trust him maybe they should break up -because he's got nothing to hide at all. Amy agrees - she doesn't trust him - and they should break up. In fact she already thought they had. And with that she gets up and leaves, and Lance returns to staring mournfully into the middle distance.
Sarah and Ben's
Ben's telling Sarah he's had one of the worst days of his life. Sarah say he's got to stop punishing himself - being a nice guy's not a criminal offence. Ben thinks maybe it should be - where is his karma as not only did Angela walk out on him, but Lou tore a strip off him too. Sarah says it's bad luck. , Ben wonders what's next - bad luck always comes in threes. Sarah goes to answer a knock at the door as Ben wonders what disaster will befall him next. At the door is Lance - looking for Ben. Lance has a go Ben for his advice - which Lance says lead to Amy dumping him. Ben claims that as number three and storms off - leaving Sarah to remonstrate with Lance that he could've gone easier on Ben - he's just broken up with his girlfriend too. Lance says he was following Ben's advice and being direct. Sarah reminds Lance of her advice - but Lance says he's had enough. Sarah asks if Lance still cares about Amy and he admits he does. Sarah reiterates her advice that a poem that pushes the right buttons will do the trick.
The Coffee Shop
Where the jukebox has just been wheeled in to a waiting crowd of Toadie, Hannah, Harold and Debbie. Harold doesn't think it'll work - and indeed when Debbie punches in a number it doesn't, until toadie tweaks a cable at the back. Then it comes into life - much to Harold's disappointment. Harold makes them turn it down and heads off to the kitchen - leaving Toadie to remind Debbie that it's up to her to convince Harold to keep it. Meanwhile Hannah's off to the pool again, Toadie wants to come too, but he hasn't got his kit with him and Hannah's off now. Toadie says he'll meet her there, and they both leave. Harold remerges from the kitchen to stare mournfully at the jukebox. Debbie asks him what he thinks. Harold replies that he's not sure it suits the ambiance of the place, to which Debbie says they should let the customers decide and they haven't had any complaints. Harold can't help but add "yet" to the end of her sentence.
Sarah and Ben's
Where Lance is trying to write his poem.
LANCE: Roses are red/Violets are blue/Amy you're like a flower to me too
Sarah is not impressed - she wants to know what Amy's like a flower. Lance replies that that's what girls like to hear. Sarah says that "roses are red" is old hat. Lance decides that the poem stinks. Sarah advises that he needs less horticulture and more passion. After all Amy being like a flower's got nothing to do with their relationship problems. Lance asks Sarah if she's suggesting he writes how he really feels - that's dodgy. Sarah says that Amy'll be the only one who sees it - it's not like it's going on the internet. Lance asks Sarah what to do. She advises him to loosen up, keep it simple and hit her with some truths - trust is the hardest thing to get back. Lance remains sceptical of his ability to pull it off. But Sarah says if he can get some honesty down on the page Amy will melt. Lance reapplies himself to his task.
The Coffee Shop
Harold, sat at a table clipboard in hand, is polling punters on the juke box. From the way he dejectedly pushes the clipboard across the table as Phil arrives one can deduce it's not going his way. Phil's thrilled to see the juke box - and tells Harold so. Harold replies that it remains to be seen if it's a permanent fixture. Harold asks what he can get Phil - but Phil says he's after Debbie. He heads over to the bar, where he asks Debbie about Harold and the jukebox. Debbie says that Harold isn't keen on anything - she just hopes Madge approves. Phil says he hopes so too. Debbie tells him to back off - the "kids" have been on her back all day. Phil suggests gentle persuasion before Debbie asks what Phil wanted her for. Phil is looking for Hannah - who should be at an orthodontists appointment. Debbie think's Hannah's at the pool. All becomes clear to Phil, who remarks that he thought Hannah didn't want to go back to the pool after what happened earlier, before leaving the coffee shop quick smart, just as Madge arrives back. Debbie rushes over to ask what she thinks of the juke box. Madge ahh's over it - before telling Debbie it'd've been nice to've been consulted first. Debbie apologises and says it was an agreement made before their chat the other day. Madge says she likes the jukebox anyway, and turns to Harold to ask his opinion. Harold concedes it can stay as long as the volume stays down. Madge remarks that it could be a money spinner - but tells Debbie to ask next time she has a bright idea.
Ben and Sarah's
Lance is running though his latest poem as Ben re-emerges from the bedroom area and loiters in the corridor listening
LANCE: It hurts to be away from you/It hurts to be near/because I like you heaps/and heartache I fear... that bits a bit dumb isn't it?
SARAH: No no, carry on.
LANCE: So I want you back Amy/It's not fair to blame me/so give me another chance/yours forever Lance.
SARAH: See that's much better, you're quite a sensitive soul when you get going.
Lance is getting reassurance on this last point from Sarah as ben decides to join them, just as Lance says the poems a bit soppy. Ben agrees that it is - but as Amy's a girl, she probably like it. Sarah says she told him so, and shoos lance off to give it to her. Lance is a little reluctant. Ben says he'll bottle out if he leaves it til tomorrow, and goes on to suggest squirting it with aftershave. Sarah says Ben's just teasing as Lance starts to sniff his underarms and tee-shirt. Ben says not to blame him if the whole thing back fires. Lance starts to panic, but sarah reassures him that that's not going to happen - Ben's just sore because he can't solve his problems that easily. Ben agrees and lance says he'll give it to Amy first thing in the morning. Ben wishes Lance luck and the camera holds on Lance looking pleased with himself, but apprehensive.
The Swimming Pool
Where it's dark outside and Jack is standing at the side of the pool. Hannah is sitting on the side watching him, with toadie next to her. Toadie's leaving and asks Hannah if she's coming. Hannah replies not yet, but as Toadie leaves he passed Phil - clearly hunting for his daughter. He scolds Hannah for missing her orthodontist appointment, as Hannah tries to stop him looking over at Jack. As Phil leads Hannah away the camer cuts to Jack - who's smiling and laughing at Hannah.
The Martins
Phil and Hannah arrive home. Phil's surprised Hannah went back to the pool considering what she said earlier. Hannah's upset that Phil embarrassed her and an argument breaks out, culminating in yelling that Phil treats her like a baby. Debbie's been watching this last bit - and Phil explains that Hannah missed her appointment because she was trying to impress a guy at the pool. Debbie asks if he yelled, and Phil replies that it wasn't like that. Debbie says it obviously was to Hannah and has Phil forgotten what it's like to be a teenager? Phil replies that Hannah has get her priorities straight and learn there's more to life than obsessing over boys. Debbie says it'll be a while before that happens. Phil flumps off.
The garage.
Lou arrives with a peace offering (sandwich) for Ben. Lou asks if Ben's still upset about his telling off yesterday. Ben replies he is a bit. Lou says it turns out Angela may not have left him in the lurch after all. Ben asks what Lou means and Lou tells Ben to come and have a butchers and leads him over to the back of the workshop where he flicks the blind to reveal Angela's car and then hands him over an envelope that was on it when Lou found it. Inside is a note - which says Angela couldn't afford to pay for the repairs - so she's left the car - documents and all. Bens not that pleased - he wanted the girl, not the car. Or half a car as Lou reminds him they're partners. Lou walks away, leaving Ben sighing with exasperation.
The Martins
Phil is eating breakfast as Hannah walks in - dressed for school. Phil tells her he's got her another orthodontist appointment - in her lunchbreak. He reminds her the orthodontist does not have an office at the pool. As he doesn't get a response, he asks if she's heard him. Somewhat exasperatedly Hannah replies that she did. Phil jokes that he thought she had chlorine in her ears. Hannah doesn't find that little quip funny - Phil's done enough damage. Phil tells Hannah not to talk to him like that. Hannah replies it's all he can expect after he totally humiliated her. Phil says no matter how much she likes Jack, she can't spend her entire life at the pool. Hannah says that's not a problem any more as she's been made to look like a complete loser and then she storms off.
Erinsborough High - corridor
Toadie's asking a somewhat distracted Lance who his favourite Spice Girl is. Upon not getting a response Toadie asks what's up with Lance. Lance replies nothing - just as Amy arrives at her locker, opens it, shuts it and leaves - shooting a dirty look at Lance as she does it. And the light dawns on Toadie - Lance is mood is because he didn't make up with Amy. The buzzer goes as lance produces his poem from his pocket - calling it his last chance. Toadie wants to see it, but lance tucks it back into his pocket as Mrs Kennedy arrives to hussle them to class.
Erinsborough High Classroom
Lance and Toadie follow Mrs Kennedy into the classroom - where lance tries to hand his poem over to Amy as he sits down. But Amy doesn't want it and turns away. Mrs Kennedy meanwhile is handing out work experience rules and regulations. Lance tries again, but Mrs Kennedy spots him and claims the note as public property and tells Lance he has to read it out loud to the class. He gets applause and cat calls as he stands up, but he goes through with it.
LANCE: Amy you mean the world to me/ Since we broke up it's been misery/ I'm missing your smile and the way that you care/ I'm missing your kiss and the touch of your hair./ laughter and sarcastic applause from the class, but Amy's smiling You want me gone and that's what I'll be/ But there's no-one I think will love you like me
At that point Mrs K cuts him off and sits him down telling him (as the class laugh in the background) to save his note writing for after school. Lance looks distinctly mutinous, but Amy turns around and asks when she can read the rest. Lance asks if she's serious, and it appears that Amy is - as she asks Lance to read the rest to her on the Oval at lunch and Lance agrees.
The Coffee Shop
Harold and Madge are laughing behind the counter as Susan speaks to Sarah and walks over to the counter - remarking that Harold and Madge are obviously enjoying working together. They agree they are, it's just like old times although Madge jokes that Harold's memory is still a bit patchy. Harold heads for the kitchen and Madge and Susan are just starting to talk when Sarah comes over to complain about the song choices on the jukebox, but while she's over there it makes and automatic selection - which is much too loud for Harold's liking - he comes out of the kitchen to turn it down - but he hasn't dried his hands from the washing up he was doing and when he sticks them in the back of the juke box he gets an electric shock which sends him sprawling, unconscious, on the floor. And the credits roll.
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