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Neighbours Episode 2929 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2929
Australian airdate: 28/08/97
UK airdate: 10/02/98
UK Gold: 08/01/04
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Ross McGregor
Guests: Roger: Michael Seymour
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Ben wanting to know what is going on between Darren and Libby.
Darren explaining he kissed Libby the day before when she wasn't ready.
Toadie and Hannah discussing a suggestion with Madge and Harold.
Harold getting electrocuted from the jute box.
The Coffee Shop
Sarah reacts quickly after Harold's electrocution to order Madge to switch the power to the jute box off and for Susan to call and ambulance before reassuring Harold he will be okay as he begins to come round.
Billy is admiring some car in a magazine and Anne suggests that they go and book in for their learners test although there is apparently a week between booking it and sitting it. He is surprised at her haste especially since he hasn't studied properly and doesn't wish to sit the test unprepared.
Lassiters Complex
Harold is wheeled out on a stretcher to the waiting ambulance and Karl does his best to reassure Madge that he might be even home later on if things go well in the tests they will do. Sarah volunteers to mind the shop if Karl is fine with it (he is) and Madge tells her to call Debbie in. Madge accompanies her husband in the ambulance and as they watch it depart, Karl praises Sarah for her actions in TCS. Karl is already quick to blame Toadie but Sarah warns against him being too hasty - especially since the recap showed the fact Harold's hands were wet when he put his hand inside the jute box!
Number 22
Lou finishes sorting the flowers for their trip to Cheryl's grave. Darren gets a bit of good news too - a letter notifying him that his probation is over, he's officially a free man. Lou warmly shakes his hand and hopes he isn't going to up sticks now he is free to leave.
DARREN: At least now I have a choice.
The Coffee Shop/Number 26
Sarah calls Debbie to get her to come in and gives her brief information about what happened. Debbie is shocked to hear about the accident and that she'll be down in 10 minutes.
Lou's Place
Lou, Darren and Marlene sit chatting about their trip to the cemetery and Darren's good news. Libby overhears them celebrating when she enters the bar and finds out the cause of it. Lou invites her to join them before suggesting they should have a party but Darren doesn't want to shout it from the rooftops. He then drops into the conversation that he is thinking of leaving and heading to Byron where he has a mate who has a job lined up for him.
Ramsay Street
Toadie is already peeved at the plug being pulled on the jute box after the incident and wants to get an electrician in to check it over as he, Hannah, Billy and Anne walk home from school. And passing the 4 of them is a taxi containing Harold and Madge. Toadie queries if Harold was even electrocuted since he is walking unaided and wants to go and talk to him! Hannah is aghast at his plans but Toadie heads off relentlessly only to be cut off at the pass by Madge standing guard at the top of the stairs!
Toadie begins by asking at least how Harold is before asking if he didn't tamper with it! "I can assure you he did not," Madge confidently replies back and is refusing Toadie access to the house to talk to Harold. The news of the electrician isn't winning it either, a case of "too little, too late," she tells him before bidding him farewell to be with her husband.
Number 32
Anne and Billy are still giggling over Toadie as they enter #32 although to give Toadie credence for Toadie sticking by it for so long.
Number 28
Susan pleads for a meal free of jute box discussion after Karl began chatting about it. Instead she asks Billy how the study for the driving test is going and offers to ask him questions if he wants more help. Toadie arrives home late after being with an electrician who was checking over the jute box and declared it clear of any faults - well worth the $60 fee to be told that he reckons. Libby tells everyone that Darren's probation is up and that he might be leaving to go to Byron too. Karl wonders if it's a test to see how he really feels about her but she doesn't see it that way although Karl has planted a seed of doubt in her head.
Number 22
Darren is surprised to see Libby call round to return some of his belongings. She brings up him leaving and that he should go for it when they chat a bit about it. Lib doesn't hang around too long (homework to be done) and when she leaves, he ponders with Lou on something she said - the sooner he leaves the better - and thinks it means that she can't wait to see the back of him. Lou doesn't think she meant it that way and now Darren wonders too.
Number 26
Hannah sorts out the dessert for Debbie and Phil when Madge drops by to ask if Debbie can cover their shift tomorrow. She is happy to do that and then brings up that the jute box has been checked by an electrician and found to be working okay, nothing defective. She is puzzled by this and overrules the promise Debbie made to Toadie and Hannah to let them have the jute box in TCS. Debbie decides to stand by her promise and takes Madge at her word when she shows her the door and this time there will be no going back.
Number 28
Toadie is already working on a back up plan for the jute box - speaking to Lou about it being in the pub instead! He departs to talk to Lou and passes Anne on the way - she drops by to tell Billy the good news that they can sit their drivers permit test at lunchtime after she called the centre. Susan offers them a lift there and everyone talks confidently about the kids passing the test, Billy especially due to the work he's put in.
Number 22
Darren calls his mate to check out the job prospects and is happy to hear that the job offer is still there. Marlene still wishes he wasn't going but Darren is still intent on doing something new. "As long as you aren't running away from anything," she drums into him and he plays dumb over the true meaning of her words.
Toadie and Lou enter the house talking jute box deals and they agree a deal to everyone's satisfaction.
Vic Roads Test Centre
Billy and Anne rock up for their test and after a quick explanation begin the computer assessment test.
Lou's Place
Libby confirms her shifts with Lou but before she leaves he quizzes her on the news of Darren's impending departure. She admits that she doesn't think he will go through with it, that it's just a tease. Lou doesn't think its a tease this time, that Darren is deadly serious and after he mentions the call to his mate the look on Libby's face now looks like she is changing her tune too.
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