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Neighbours Episode 2927 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2927
Australian airdate: 26/08/97
UK airdate: 06/02/98
UK Gold: 06/01/04
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Ross McGregor
Guests: Alistair O'Connor: Michael O'Neill
Samantha O'Connor: Elise Hearst
Angela Quinton: Fiona MacGregor
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Jack Foster: Craig McMahon
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: algy
Ben offering Angela a room at his place.
Sarah turning Angela down flat and shutting her out of the house
Alistair telling Ruth he wants to be part of her life - and not just for the kids
Alistair telling Lance that Amy's got him wrapped around her little finger antd that he shouldn't cop the flack for her stunts.
Lance writing a note at the kitchen table - and then claiming to aAmy in the Coffee Shop that it's another of her secret admirer letters - which of course Amy knows nothing about.
Alistair introducing his daughter Sam to Ben and Lance at the Garage
Amy dumping Lance - in front of Sam - after thinking that she's the non=existent secret admirer.
Amy storms through the arch next to the Coffee Shop - with Lance trailing in her wake - still protesting. Amy says she's got nothing to say to Lance and goes into the Coffee Shop.
Coffee Shop
Lance follows Amy in asking for a chance to explain - there's been a big misunderstanding. Amy grabs a drink from the fridges and says sarcastically that the explanation'll be good. Amy pays for her drink and starts to head out -as Lance explains that he hadn't even met Samantha until 5 minuts ago. Amy doesn't believe him. Lance asks her to sit down - and she does. Lance admits he wrote the note to pay her back - and Amy fell for it - pretty funny huh. Amy doesn't agree and gets up to go. Lance grabs her arm and pulls her back down the the table and says they're even now - and it's nothing to do with sam. Amy says she'll leave Sam out of it - but Lance was playing a joke? Lance agrees he was.
AMY: A harmless little prank.
LANCE: Yes, that's it.
AMY: To make me look stupid.
She gets up to go again and Lance pulls her back down and says it wasn't to make her look stupid. Amy says she was mucking around with her letter - she never tried to make him look like an idiot. Lance says he didn't want her to look like an idiot either. Amy says Lance's acted like a total moron - and she's got no intention of being the butt of his juvenile little pranks. In fact she doesn't care if she never speaks to him again. And with that she storms out, leaving Lance doing his best stranded codfish impression at the table
The Garage
Phil is sat in the back room going through the accounts - apparently Ben's making his life easy - although there is just one thing. Ben jokes that next time he won't get grease on the pages. Phil says that's not the problem - he's worried about this account in the name of A Quentin - it seems he did an awful lot of work and didn't get much money for it. Ben says not to worry about it - it was a job for a friend. Phil wants to know if Lou knows. Ben, somewhat sheepishly says not exactly. He didn't think Lou'd mind as it's a one off - and he's doing so much work getting all those vintage cars up to scratch, he thought it'd even out. Phil, shuffling up his papers to pack up, says fair enough - but not to make a habit of it as Lou'll come down like a tonne of bricks if he thinks he's losing money. Ben nods and says he's taken the point. And at that point Ben says hi to someone who's just arrived off camera - and when the mystery person walks into shot - it turns out to be Angela. Ben introduces her to Phil - who asks Angela if her second name's Quentin. Angela says it is - how did he know. Phil says it was just a hunch - and Ben tries to cover by saying he talks about her all the time, to everyone. Phil says it's only good things and leaves - telling Ben that Lou doesn't need to know about this - this time. Angela, who's sat herself down on the counter wants to know what that little exchange was about. Ben says work, and moves the conversation on to how Angela is. Angela is looking glum, but says alright - until she ran into Sarah. Ben wants to know what happened, but Angela wants to know why he didn't try to talk her round. Ben says he was working on it - but he's not sure it was a good idea for Angela to take Sarah on like that. Angela says she didn't - she just toured by, she didn't think it'd be such a hassle. Ben looks pensive, but turns to reassure Angela that it's not a big deal really - he just needs more time, he'll whittle her down eventually. Angela is sceptical and says so to Ben - adding that Sarah's made it perfectly clear that she hates her. She tells ben he'll have to do a hell of a lot of smooth talking to change Sarah's mind. And then stomps off in a black mood, leaving Ben staring after her.
The Wilkinsons
Ruth's reading the paper while Lance, who's still dressed for the garage, goes to drink from the orange Juice. Without even turning Ruth tells him, just as he's about to take a slug, that OJ's for breakfast, not snacks. Lance though is thirsty. Ruth suggests water. Lance reluctantly puts the orange juice back as Ruth ask's how his day at the garage voice. From the tone Lance replies that it was fine, anyone could tell that it wasn't - and ruth remarks on it. Lance says he hasn't had a good day, that's all. Ruth wants to know if he's still fighting with Amy. Lance asks how she guessed. Ruth ignores the question and says she thought they'd sorted all of that out. Lance, clutching a glass of water, says when he thought about it, Amy shouldn't be allowed to walk all over him like that and says that Alistair said... At which point Ruth cuts over him and asks what alistair's got to do with it - in fact what was the relationship advice Alistair gave Lance. Lance tells her it was nothing - except that he should stick up for himself. Lance, rather sheepishly tries to explain his note plot, trying to make it sound reasonable. Ruth says it was asking for trouble - and not to take alistairs advice. Lance is just saying he thought Ruth liked Alistair, when Hannah knocks at the window and distraction. Hannah's waved through the back door and asks where Anne is. Anne apparently is out spending her pocket money. Hannah asks Ruth to tell Anne that she'll be down the pool. Lance hails this as a good idea and says he might come. Hannah says she'll be busy - and they won't be able to hang out. Lance says that's not a problem - he'll fetch his stuff. He asks Hannah to wait, unless she wants to go on ahead and Lance walk 20 paces behind. Hannah reluctantly agrees to wait - but as long as Lance doesn't take too long. Lance leaves to get his stuff, leaving Hannah in the kitchen looking pensive.
The Swimming Pool
Hannah emerges from underwater next to a pair of steps and stares down the pool. The camera cuts to reveal she's eyeing up a lifeguard - it looks like Hannah has a crush. Cue long lingering stare.
The Wilkinsons
In the kitchen Ruth and Alistair are laughing at the kitchen table, while Samantha loiters in the background looking unhappy. Lance arrives and goes to dump his bag on the floor. Ruth stops him, and Alistair asks, in a very fatherly way what he's been upto. Lance says he's been down the pool. Alistair remarks he's pleased to see him keeping fit. Ruth asks if Lance has met Sam (who waves coyly at Lance as Lance agrees he has met her) and then tells Lance Alistair's invited them out for dinner. Alistair says that Ruth's said she's busy - but he gets the impression that she's waiting to see if Lance's keen. Lance doesn't look particularly keen but says its fine with him - until Ruth gives him a subtle head shake, at which point Lance announces he's just remembered that he and ruth were meant to be going shopping together - they've been putting it off and the fridge is empty. Alistair accepts the (somewhat unconvincing) excuse saying it was short notice anyway - he'll just take Sam to a movie. Sam siddles across the room towards Lance - saying it's a shame he can't come. Lance looks uncomfortable, but is saved from answering by Ruth - who says it was a lovely idea, maybe next week. Alistair agrees and Ruth says she'll see him to his car. They head out leaving Sam to ask Lance if he's coming out too. Lance says he's got to sort out his swimming kit. Sam says goodbye, looking like she's hoping for something more than the "yeah, see ya" she gets from Lance. She goes off to the car, leaving Lance looking somewhat puzzled and unhappy in the kitchen.
And at that moment, Amy walks in through the back door. Lance asks what she's doing there. Amy says Lance is lucky she's there - and speaking to him - but she thinks she might've been a little hasty, after all everyone makes mistakes. Lance says he'll never write a letter like that again. Amy wants to know who Sam is. Lance explains that she's the daughter of one of Ruth's friends and in fact he wouldn't care if he never saw her again. Amy says she's glad to hear it. Lance asks if he can have another chance and Amy agrees, a little coyly. Sam then reappears to ask something, Amy clocks her, Lance starts to stutter an explanation (apparently it's not what Amy thinks) but Amy's not interested, and storms out, leaving Lance and a very smug looking Sam alone in the kitchen. Sam asks Lance if he'd like to meet up after they've done their shopping. Lance says no. Sam's not taking no for an answer though - she suggests a movie, not the same one as her dad though obviously. She says she'd really like to get to know him better.
The Swimming Pool
And Hannah's crush has just swapped with Billy. Hannah hauls herself out of the pool quickly - to reveal a blue and green bikini - as Billy comes over. Billy says that Hannah looks freezing - Hannah claims she's not and asks where the other life guard's gone. His name's Jack - and apparently he should've finished his shift 20 minutes ago - but Billy's a bit late. Hannah asks if Jack minds Billy being late - apparently not, as jack just recon's Billy owes him one. Hannah says they sound like pretty good friends. Billy says he's alright - and then asks why Hannah's interested. Apparently she's not - it's Lance, who Hannah claims used to play cricket with him. Billy agrees that Jack's pretty good at sports - does Hannah know him. Hannah says she doesn't and stares mournfully into the middle distance.
Outside the Wilkinsons
And Alistair is still there, talking to Ruth. He recon's Sam's taken a shine to Lance. Ruth remarks that Sam certainly goes after what she wants - Sam's clearly inherited her dad's persistence. Alistair says he think's he'll take that as a compliment. Ruth laughs nervously and ask Alistair about the advice he gave Lance. Alistair says he's not giving away any trade secrets, but it'll always stand him in good stead. Ruth counters that it's got him in hot water with Amy. Alistair replies that it's nothing Lance can't handle. Ruth says they'll see and tries to leave. But Alistair wants to know about tomorrow - they've got some loose ends to tie up. Ruth looks uncomfortable and asks what he means. Alistair says it's about them and the future - what they talked about at lunch. Ruth nods her head as the camera cuts to Phil who's just bringing a pile of stuff out of the Martin house. As they cut back to Ruth, she says she's still getting used to havin Alistair around. Alistair says it's been wonderful, and as Ruth agrees, he goes in for the smooch. Cut to Phil, carrying bundled up newspapers, who can clearly see the whole thing and looks rather sad. Alistair breaks off from his kiss and says he'll see her tomorrow, at Lou's place, 1 o'clock. Ruth's rubbing the back of her neck nervously, and the cut to Phil, who's looking mournful and staring at the newspapers, and as Alistair calls for sam, the camera cuts back to Ruth, a shot between the trees, to make it clear that she's seen Phil as well.
Ben and Sarah's
They're washing up, and Ben's working on Sarah about Angela moving in again. Ben asks Sarah if she hates Angela. Sarah denies it, saying she was just upset about Bob and took it out on her. Ben wants to know where they stand. Sarah says she hasn't changed the way she feels. Ben looks exasperated as Sarah says although she was a bit rude to Angela - she still can't move in. Ben pleads with Sarah to be reasonable - and suggests a trial period, where Angela could stay as a guest so Sarah could get to know her properly. Sarah doesn't look convinced, but gives in - as long as it's just for a little while, but tells Ben not to assume when the times up she'll say yes. Ben suggests a month, Sarah a fortnight and they compromise on three weeks - with Ben claiming that he and Angela could be the best pair of housemates that Sarah's ever had.
SARAH: Don't push it - you're bad enough!
The Martins
Phil's just arrived home with Hannah from visiting Helen, and suggests putting some dinner on. Hannah's not hungry. Phil asks what she ate earlier, but before Hannah can answer he tries to encourage her about Helen's condition - although she looks weak she's a fighter. But Hannah's worried - Helen could hardly talk to them and Hannah's worried she won't get stronger. Phil says they've got to keep hoping. Hannah says she hate seeing Helen like that and Phil agrees. He puts his arm around her and they start to walk towards the kitchen. Hannah suggests that Helen could come home and they could look after her there. Phil rules it out - Helen needs specialist care they just can't give her at home. Hannah asks if she'll ever come home. Phil says he doesn't know and Hannah says they'll just have to keep hoping. They walk into the kitchen and Phil asks Hannah how Jack-from-the-pool is. Hannah replies that it's none of Phil's business and anyway they haven't met properly yet- he proably doesn't know she's exist. Phil suggests she introduces herself. Hannah says that's too obvious, and Phil says that men aren't mind readers - he can't be expected to guess she's interested. Hannah tells him to leave it, and Phil changes the subject to dinner - which is going to be spaghetti bolognaise. But he says that if Hannah doesn't do something, she might end up saying "what if" for the rest of her life. Hannah says Phil doesn't know anything and she wishes she'd never asked him, and then flounces off to feed Holly. Phil tells her not to end up regretting it for the rest of her life wishing she'd done something before it was to late - and it's clear from Phil's face what he's regretting.
The Coffee Shop
Billy and Lance are discussing the Amy-Sam debacle. Billy can't believe Sam's timing. Lance says he's been dumped twice - without even doing anything wrong and now Amy'll never speak to him again. Billy suggests getting Sam to tell Amy it was all a big misunderstanding. Lance says that as Sam asked him out, she's hardly likely to help. Billy laughs and asks if Lance likes Sam as Hannah arrives and pulls up a chair. Lance quips that he doesn't believe Hannah Martin is letting them hang out with her. Hannah tells Lance to shut up and asks billy when he's back at the pool. Tomorrow afternoon apparently - as Jack's got his normal morning shift. Hannah immediately asks what time the morning shift starts. Billy doesn't give a definite answer - he wants to know why Hannah's interested. Hannah rather lamely claims there's no reason she's just glad she doesn't have to get up early on a weekend. Billy and Lance exchange amused gLances.
The pool
Oh look, it's Hannah at the pool, early in the morning... Why could that be? The clock on the wall tells us t's 7.05 and Hannah dumps her stuff on the side and looks around... and spots... Billy. She asks what Billy's doing there. Apparently Jack called in that favour. Hannah looks crestfallen as Billy asks her what she's doing there. Hannah says she thought she'd go for a bit of a swim, but actually it's getting abit cold, she turns and makes to leave. It dawns on Billy why, and he asks if Hannah has a crush on Jack. Hannah denies it, but Billy says that Hannah only turned up because she thought Jack was working - subtle. Hannah feigns ignorance and claims she wanted to do some training.
BILLY: Just wait until I tell Jack you've got the hots for him
HANNAH: You wouldn't
BILLY: Listen to you - a second ago you were denying it!
HANNAH: Billy, if you tell anyone, I'll never speak to you again.
Billy says he won't - he secret's safe with him... for now. He walks off grinning.
Ben and Sarah's
Sarah's answering the door and it's Angela. Sarah invites her in and apologises for flying off the handle yesterday. Angela says it's ok - Ben told her they'd had a good chat. Sarah (who's wearing rubber gloves and wiping down a wall?!) wants to know what Ben said. Angela says she's cool with the arrangements - infact she thinks it's a really good idea to be temporary until thinks settle down. Sarah says it's certainly better for her anyway. Angela agrees and says maybe she has been rushing into things just a bit. Sarah asks whether Angela means Ben - although she doesn't mean to pry. Angela explains that she's just been through a breakup fairly recently. Sarah asks if it's all sorted out now and Angela, less than convincingly, replies it's sort of settled, her ex is still ringing up all the time. Sarah asks if he'll be ringing there. Angela says she hopes not - for Ben's sake. Sarah looks miffed - and says this is what she was worried about - living with couples is bad enough - but living with broken hearts is even worse. Angela promises she'll sort it out asap. Sarah looks worried.
The Swimming Pool
Oh look. Hannah's still there, sat pool side in a Bikini waiting. Billy wanders over - asking her if she's bored waiting. Hannah tells him not to speak to her. Billy apologises but says Hannah's got to admit it's pretty funny. Hannah won't admit any such thing and checks her watch. Billy says she's been waiting for hours - in fact it's almost time for Jack to arrive. On Cue Jack walks down the pool, stopwatch in hand watching a swimmer training. Billy makes to get up to talk to him, but Hannah tells him not to. Billy says he doesn't want to ruin it for her - and offers to introduce Hannah to Jack - and then they can take it from there. Hannah agrees- but only once Billy's promised not to say anything stupid. Billy immediately calls Jack over. As Jack's walking over Billy tells her not to embarrass him by drooling over Jack. Jack arrives and he and billy agree they're now even and then Billy introduces Hannah... who's opening gambit is to ask Jack if he works there (hint he's wearing a name badge and a lifeguard tee-shirt which says staff). Jack says he does nearly everyday and makes his excuses and goes. Hannah looks gutted as he walks off and says she can't believe she asked him if he worked there. Billy says he can believe it and walks off, leaving grumpy looking Hannah.
The Martins
Where Phil has just opened the door to Ruth - who's planning on visiting Helen that afternoon and wants to know if there's anything Phil'd like her to take. Phil invites her in - saying there's a couple of nighties but promptly remembers that Debbie took them the previous night. Ruth says in that case she'll just take her some flowers. They both agree Helen loves flowers - particularly roses. Phil offers Ruth a lift - he's going in himself in about half an hour, but Ruth can't - she's having lunch with a friend and going after.
PHIL: Alistair.
Ruth: Alistair, yeah.
They both look uncomfortable and Phil says he gathers they're getting on pretty well. Ruth says they were always pretty matey at school. Phil laughs and says they looked more than matey yesterday. Ruth shrugs and says Alistairs just a bit over the top sometimes.
PHIL: Over the top, right.
RUTH: Why shake a woman's hand when you can sweep her off her feet?
PHIL: And kiss her.
RUTH: Phil...
But whatever they might've been about to say is interrupted by Hannah - who bursts through the door. Ruth takes the chance to say her goodbyes. Phil says they might cross paths at the hospital again later. After Ruth leaves Phil wanders into the kitchen where Hannah's pouring a drink. Phil asks if Hannah's been at the pool all this time. Hannah says she has. Phil's surprised -she's been there since the crack of dawn. Then he asks if she spoke to Jack. Hannah snaps at him to shut up. Phil says it was just a question.
HANNAH: Yeah well for your information I did get to talk to him and as far as he's concerned I might as well be dead. Are you happy now?
And with that she storms off.
Lou's Place
Ruth and Alistair are sat at a table - and Alistair asks Ruth if she'd like another drink. Ruth declines. Alistair says he's very satisfied - lovely meal, full stomach, perfect company. Ruth apologises for not being more talkative. Alistair says its ok - as long as she agrees with everything he says. When he gets no reaction he says that it was a joke. Ruth laughs nervously and says she things its time she gave him an answer. But Alistair jumps in and says he's not going to rush her - he thinks fates done them a huge favour. Ruth agrees it's been great getting to know one another again. Alistair goes one better and says it's been the best thing that could happen to him. Ruth says she wants to make it clear all she wants is friendship. Alistair says friendship is the best basis for a relationship. Ruth replies that she has a very good life in Erinsborough and she doesn't want to change it. Alistair says he won't. Ruth comes back with the old different ambitions line. Alistair wants to know what she means. Ruth explains that it's really important to her to create a stable family life for her kids - Alistair cuts her off, saying he agrees. But Ruth gently but firmly continues that she doesn't want him to be part of that life. Alistairs face falls.
ALISTAIR: Ahh So I'm getting the kiss off.
RUTH: Sorry.
ALISTAIR: (sniffs, then sighs) Hmmm I've been a bit slow haven't I? Should've seen it coming.
Ruth says it's nothing to do with him. She's had a few things happened lately that've made her think about her life. Alistair cuts her off before she can go any further - saying that's just happened to him too. Ruth says at least they can still be just good friends.
ALISTAIR: Ah not the just good friends line into the bargain. Talk about kick a guy when he's down Wilko.
Ruth laughs and Alistair stares at the table.
The Coffee Shop
Lance is drinking a milkshake, looking thoughtful. Ben walks through the door, dressed in overalls. He walks over to Lance and asks how he is. Lance says he's been better. Ben promptly wants to know what's happened.
BEN: Now don't tell me - the letter thing backfired.
Ben says he hates to say it... but Lance talks over him - saying he knows and he should've listened and now he's stuffed. Ben asks if Amy's talking to him at all. Lance says no -he's been dumped. As the turn and walk over to a table Lance asks Ben for advice - after all Ben's got a good thing going with Angela. Ben advises honesty, sincerity and understand the way she's thinking. Lance says he's done that and anyway he didn't do anything wrong and they're even now. Ben remarks that that attitude's not going to fix anything. Lance reluctantly concedes the point - but tells Ben to ease off - he's not in dumpsville after all.
A door slams in the background and Sarah appears in shot - she needs to talk to Ben about Angela. An exasperated Ben asks what she wants - he thought they'd sorted this out. Sarah says it's not about sharing the house. Ben asks if Angela's ok. Sarah replies she is - but she rang her old boyfriend to "clear the air and stuff".
BEN: And?
SARAH: And well apparently he begged her to come back and she...
BEN: She what?
SARAH: (sits down) Ben, I'm sorry, I didn't want to be the one to have to tell you, but she's gone.
BEN: (shaking his head in confusion) No way.
SARAH: Ben, I'm so sorry
Ben's still shaking her head as he asks where Angela is. But apparently she couldn't face Ben - and asked Sarah to break the news. Sarah apologises again as Ben shakes his head - and then the credits roll.
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