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Neighbours Episode 2909 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2909
Australian airdate: 31/07/97
UK airdate: 13/01/98
UK Gold: 16/12/03
Writer: Barb Angell
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Judy Fennell: Lise Rodgers
Peter Carson: Earl Francis
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Football coach and player: uncredited
Summary/Images by: Emily
- Ben and Lou dissagree over the shares in the garage.
- Darren isn't impressed by Libby's choice of friend and tells her.
- Marlene and Lou's dinner dates clash.
Number 22
Marlene and Lou both refuse to back down, so Marlene suggests that maybe they make it a double date. Lou isn't so sure but realises they don't have much choice. Peter is the first to arrive and doesn't seem too put out at the idea of a double date.
Libby asks Susan if she can borrow the car to go and find some venues for the uni ball. Susan suggests that he time may be better spent actually going to lecturers. Susan asks the boys if they'd ask Karl to be the footie umpire at school, but neither are particularly keen.
BILLY: Come on mum, I suffer enough with you being my teacher, without dad completely ruining my life as our footie ump.
Susan is shocked.
Number 22
While Lou and Marlene bicker over their music choice, it seems that Judy and Peter may be more interested in one another than their supposed dates. Darren arrives back, but Lou is quick to encourage him to leave, and the music debate continues.
Kennedys' Driveway
Darren pops over to see if Libby would like to go for a drink but she declines. Harold arrives with a letter for Libby that came to his address. The boys run past mucking around with the football. Harold points out that the tackle was too high, and admits he took a liking to the rules and regulations when he was in Tasmania. Libby suggests he applies for the position at the school, but Toadie and Billy don't look at all impressed.
Number 22
Judy and Peter continue to make subtle eye contact across the table and the meal draws to a close. Marlene and Lou's camaraderie doesn't seem to appeal to either of them, as Judy strokes her foot against Peter's leg.
Billy and Toadie try to persuade Susan not to let Harold have the job as 'he'll be worse than Karl'. She tells them they should've thought of that when they said they didn't want Karl to get it. They beg her to turn Harold down, but she tells them they have to do it themselves.
Number 22
Lou offers coffee to their guests, but Judy excuses herself to go home. Peter offers to drive her to save her a taxi, so they head off together.
Ramsay Street
Billy and Toadie bump into Harold who is busy power walking in preparation for the footie match. He tells them he'll take it very seriously and that they shouldn't be fooled about his fitness.
Number 22
Harold pops over to drop in his rent to Marlene, who is busy telling Phil about their double date. She wonders if she should call Peter, and Harold reckons that she should. While Marlene is on the phone, Harold tells Phil how he is trying out for the position of school football coach, and may be staying in Erinsborough a while longer. Marlene returns upset that Peter doesn't want to meet her at all that week.
Ramsay Street
Darren is surprised to see Harold in training for the coaching job as he runs backwards down the street. Libby's cab doesn't arrive, so Darren offers to give her a lift to uni; no strings attached.
Lou's Place
As Lou opens up for the day he tells Phil that he rang Judy, but she gave him the cold shoulder. Topic turns to the garage, and Lou offers Phil a 2% share and would be the person who gives the deciding vote, when he and Ben own 49% each. Phil tells him he'll think about it.
Random Road
Darren is surprised that Libby would rather go and meet Martin than go to uni. She tells him that he doesn't know Martin and not to judge.
Playing Field
Harold isn't coping too well out on the football field. His ball skills are appalling and his fitness and concept of what's going on isn't much better. As the ball is thrown to him, his finger is caught. Toadie tells him not to worry, but when the other coach tells him it'll recover in a week, Harold worries about not being able to play his tuba at the audition.
Coffee Shop
Phil bumps into Lou who asks him about the offer. Phil agrees to join the business, but as an intermediate party and his vote won't be swayed by friendship. Lou agrees. As they sit and wait for their lunch, Peter and Judy arrive together on a date of their own.
Random Roadside
The ignition has gone on Darren's car, but Libby won't believe it. She reckons he's using it as an excuse to stop her meeting Martin, but Darren tells her he's not bothered. It's clear that it's Libby who has got the problem between the two of them, not Darren.
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