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Neighbours Episode 2908 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2908
Australian airdate: 30/07/97
UK airdate: 12/01/98
UK Gold: 16/12/03
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Mitch: Simon Adler
Cara: Siho Ellsmore
Judy Fennell: Lise Rodgers
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Susan suggests Ruth as Karl's new colleague, Karl isn't so sure.
Amy's friends cause trouble for Lance while he is baby-sitting
Amy can't bring herself to ask her friends to leave, and tries sweet talking to Lance, but he is having none of it and informs them himself that they are to leave. They mock him and call him names, but he isn't impressed and tells them they have to go. Mitch invites Amy back to his place to continue the party.
Karl and Ruth draw up and sign the contracts. She is glad to finally be able to set up a base for herself and comments that the waiting room could do with a freshen up, but Karl likes it the way it is. They head into the reception area where the new door has just about been completed. Karl tells Marlene that Ruth will be with them two and a half days a week. Marlene is thrilled.
Lou arrives back and is pleased to see the house looking so neat. Lance comments that Lolly slept most of the time, and distracts him from the fridge, by giving him a parcel that arrived. Lou quickly pays Lance and gets him to leave, before sitting down to watch the video that was delivered.
Ruth finds Lance collapsed on the sofa. He tells her about Amy's friends and how they came over and wrecked the place. Ruth tells him he did the right thing, and perhaps the fact Amy didn't stick up for him might suggest he's better off without her.
Marlene arrives home and Lou shows her the video he got from the dating agency. She admits that she seems a nice lady. Lou reveals that her video also arrived, but Marlene is annoyed to hear that he has already watched it. She has to persuade him hard to leave her alone to watch it herself.
Ruth is telling Helen about her new set up at the surgery when Marlene arrives. She tells them about the video tape and how there is a very nice gentleman called Peter, who seems too good to be true. They persuade her to invite him over for dinner as she'll feel more relaxed that way.
Erinsborough High
Anne is quick to Lance when they meet Mitch and Cara in the school corridor. She plays them against one another using a rumour that doesn't exist.
Ruth arrives loaded with pot plant and posters for the waiting area. Marlene isn't so sure that Karl will agree, but Ruth tells her he already has. She asks Marlene how the date plans are going. Marlene admits she rang Peter and he is going to come over for a meal.
Coffee Shop
A cheerful Lou bumps into Karl. He tells him about the date he has that evening, but admits he doesn't really know what to do. Karl suggests a nice relaxed dinner at home for two.
Erinsborough High
Amy apologises to Lance for inviting Mitch and Cara. She tells him that she went straight home and then realised that it was a mistake to invite them. She tells him that she does still really like him. They smile.
Karl arrives and immediately starts moving a pot plant telling Marlene that he didn't agree to it. Marlene points out that it was Ruth who brought them in, under the impression that he didn't mind, though he clearly does. Marlene takes him aside, and points out that he's getting stressed. Karl stands in his room slowly fuming as Marlene returns to the reception.
Coffee Shop
Mitch and Cara arrive and are shocked to see Amy with Lance. Amy admits that she'd rather go to Lance's than hang out with them, as they don't have a nice word to say about anyone. They leave.
Lou delicately lays a candlelit table and starts some gentle saxophone music playing in preparation for his date. Marlene arrives home to find the candle melting and no one about. She turns the music over to something more classical for her liking and starts preparing the house for her date.
As Lance and Amy relax to a CD, Amy admits her friends weren't really great friends. Anne arrives back and Amy is quick to try and leave, but Anne admits she can stay.
Lou comes downstairs dressed smartly and changes the music back to his jazz CD. Marlene wonders what's going on as she comes down all dressed up. They soon realise they both have invited their dates over for a meal, but both refuse to back down.
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