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Neighbours Episode 2907 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2907
Australian airdate: 29/07/97
UK airdate: 09/01/98
UK Gold: 15/12/03
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Mitch: Simon Adler
Cara: Siho Ellsmore
Bob: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Toadie and Hannah try to restore the juke box but need to find a way to fund it.
Harold is keen to join the Salvation Army band with his tuba; the other Neighbours aren't so sure.
Karl shows Susan his plans for extending the surgery, to incorporate a new consultation room which he can use to share the practice with someone else and get a higher income. Susan mentions that they've been invited to Ruth's for dinner, but Karl quickly makes up an excuse that he's got to work at the hospital.
Anne and Ruth mock Lance as he speaks on the phone to Amy. Susan arrives early for dinner so she and Ruth decide to have a bit of a gossip. Anne and Lance take the opportunity to head down to the coffee shop to leave the adults to it. Phil pops over with the finance report for the school PTA meeting, as he is unable to attend. Ruth mentions to Susan that it's like nothing ever happened between them anymore.
Coffee Shop
Lance tells Amy about how he's going to start learning to drive soon. Amy finds it cool, but Anne is quick to point out the realities. She also reminds them they'll need to behave when they baby-sit for Lou the next day. Amy doesn't seem so bothered.
Ruth and Susan agree it would be a great idea for her to take the new room at the surgery as she'd be able to have a more permanent base for her clients. Karl arrives back from the hospital, which turned out to be golf, and Susan tells him about their idea. He's not so convinced.
Number 30
Sarah is busy tidying up the mess that Bob was quick to make. Ben is less than impressed at his work books being chewed up, and informs her that he has to go.
Over breakfast, Karl is still not thrilled with the idea of sharing his work space with Ruth, but Susan can't see what the problem is. While they continue their discussion, Ruth arrives informing Karl that she's been up half the night thinking about the design for her new room.
Anne is busy fussing over Lance, making sure he knows what he's doing with regards to looking after Lolly. Lance on the other hand is trying to get her to leave, explaining that everything he needs to know is in the notebook. She eventually leaves.
Number 30
Sarah tries to persuade Ben to let them keep Bob, as he behaved himself that night. Ben points out that it was only because she locked him in the laundry. Sarah tells him that if he wants Ben to go to the shelter then he will have to take him himself as she's got to go to work. Ben agrees as Bob slowly wanders in looking at him with adoring eyes.
Lance and Lolly are watching TV as Amy arrives. Lance introduces Amy to Lolly, but Amy is more keen to know what they can raid from the fridge; because looking after a kid makes you a parent and so you're entitled to what the parent's have!
Karl shows Ruth where he plans to put the door through to the new room. She admits it's smaller than she thought it would be, and although he gives her the option to pull out, she agrees to go with it. Sarah arrives in tears and Karl escapes to his room. Sarah explains to Ruth that Ben is being horrible about Bob.
Number 30
Ben eventually finds Bob hiding behind the sofa. He explains about the shelter but soon softens and admits that maybe they'll keep him.
Just as Lance has got Lolly down for a nap, and is about to enjoy some quiet time with Amy, he is shocked to open the door to a couple of kids from school, who invite themselves in and inform him he's done well to get a free house with free food. Lance is shocked.
Susan pops over to see Phil. She tells him that Ruth isn't coping very well with the break up and that it might be easier for her if she knew that it had affected him too. Phil admits that he doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve.
Phil heads straight across to find Ruth, and tells her that he is finding it hard too, but thought a relaxed attitude might help them stay as friends. Ben arrives with bad timing causing Phil to head back to his paperwork. Ben asks Ruth if she knows of any vets as he's been sucked in by Bob.
Amy and her friends are quick to raid the fridge and turn the music up loud much to Lance's annoyance. They decide to head to the spa, as Amy tells him not to be so grumpy. He tells her he thought it would be just the two of them.
Number 30
Sarah arrives home to find Bob is still about. Ben admits they can keep him, but he is her dog and she has to train him.
Lance looses his patience as Amy's friends come running through the house, wet from the spa. He tells her to get rid of the, but she tells him it'll blow his entry to the group. He informs her that she's about to blow her status as girlfriend.
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