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Neighbours Episode 2910 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2910
Australian airdate: 01/08/97
UK airdate: 14/01/98
UK Gold: 17/12/03
Writer: David Allen
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Harold tries out for the position of football umpire, but ends up hurting his finger.
Libby and Darren disagree over her friendship with Martin.
Karl informs Harold that it doesn't look like his finger is broken, but they won't know the full extent till the x-rays come back. Karl is surprised to hear how he did it, and wonders why Libby didn't tell him about the position as umpire. Harold is upset that he may not be able to get a place in the Salvation Army Band.
Billy and Toadie have a laugh at Harold's expense. Susan tries to encourage them against it, but admits he probably did take it a little to seriously. Libby arrives home and Susan shifts the boys. Libby is annoyed at Darren, but Susan thinks she may be over-reacting just a bit.
As Debbie prepares dinner, Phil comments that Helen is heading out for a meal again. They wonder how they can find out what she's up to, but Debbie points out that Phil isn't subtle enough to get answers. Harold comes over clutching his finger in an ice-pack, and proceeds to tell them the story. It seems to do the trick as Phil invites him to stay for supper.
Number 30
Darren asks Ben if he'd be able to have a look at the ute. He explains the mess it's put him in with Libby after the last time he rigged a car to stop her getting to an exam. Ben reckons he can probably fix it, but not till the next morning. He invites Darren down to the pub.
Karl arrives home to find Libby digging into chocolate ice-cream over Darren. Karl comments that maybe he's not all that great, but Susan refuses to get involved. Karl tells the boys how he saw Harold earlier and found out about the umpiring position. He tells them he's going to apply. Billy looks thoroughly horrified.
It would seem that Harold has bored the Martin family totally over dinner, as Phil encourages him to head to the TV. Libby arrives and apologises to Debbie, about Darren. She asks if she'd join her for a drink down the pub to drown her sorrows and have a gossip. They head off, but not before Libby sparks Harold into talking about his finger - again!
Lou's Place
Darren and Ben are playing pool as Libby and Debbie arrive. Libby isn't keen on staying but Debbie persuades her into it. At the bar Ben and Debbie agree to keep the two of them separated for the evening.
Billy and Toadie are shocked to hear that Karl is heading down to the school before work to apply for the position of football umpire. Billy asks why he can't just stand on the side lines like a normal dad. As he leaves Billy asks Susan to stop him, but she refuses. Spotting he'd left his pager, Susan sends Libby out to chase after Karl with it.
Ramsay Street
Libby gives her dad the pager as he reverses the car out of the driveway. Once he's pulled off, Libby spots Ben under the bonnet of Darren's ute. He informs her that the ute is definitely in need of a repair, and it's not the type of fault Darren could've set up.
Harold arrives bright and early to meet Helen, who is already out the front of the house. Phil realises they are off on another jaunt and is quick to follow. Debbie isn't so sure on the idea of Phil following them.
Number 22
Libby comes over to visit Darren. She tells him that she's just seen Ben, and apologises for not believing him when he said the ute had broken down. He admits she had her reasoning; 'once bitten, twice shy', etc. She asks if they can be friends, but when he doesn't say anything she goes to leave. He pipes up and tells her he'd like it if they can be friends, and to go for a drink sometime; as mates.
Phillip arrives back but with no luck in following Helen as he lost her at a junction. Debbie jokes that he'll just have to admit that he's hopeless as a detective, but he worries what she's being so secretive about. At that moment, Helen calls from the lounge; she saw Phil following her and isn't impressed. He apologises, so she reveals that she's been looking at retirement homes; somewhere to move into. She tells them that at first it was an idea, but now it may have to become a reality.
Toadie is putting together some crazy sandwich for lunch as he and Billy discuss Lance's change in personality. Karl arrives home, informing them that he got the position as school umpire and has his first job at their match on Saturday.
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