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Neighbours Episode 2886 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2886
Australian airdate: 30/06/97
UK airdate: 10/12/97
UK Gold: 01/12/03
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jamie-Lee Duggan: Josephine Clark
Detective Harris: Kevin Summers
Fire Chief: James Fremantle
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Toadie recognises Jamie- Lee as the girl who broke into Helen's house.
- Helen tells Toadie she's helping Jamie- Lee to find a job.
- Lou tells Debbie that he gave Jamie- Lee some work and it didn't go well.
- Debbie tells Jamie- Lee that she didn't.
- Lou's bus catches fire.
The fire brigade turn up and extinguish the fire, but the bus is ruined. Ben looks on from the crowd. Marlene pushes her way through the crowd and looks in despair at the bus. The fire brigade ask if they saw what happened, but they didn't. The fire brigade push the crowd back.
Lou answers the phone to Marlene, who is on a mobile, still at the bus site. She tells him to take Lolly to Karl's and come straight down. Ben takes the phone and tells Lou that the bus has gone up in smoke. The fire is still raging.
Sarah, Lisa and Lou arrive. They look on at the continuing fire.
The fire is out now. Lou says maybe it is fate - the bus has been a disaster since the beginning. He thanks the fire brigade, and says at least nobody was hurt.
The police ask Lou for his details. Apparently the fire brigade think it was arson. Sarah wonders who could have done it and Lou looks thoughtful.
(The following morning)
The fire brigade are examining the burnt- out shell of the bus, while Lou watches on. He walks around the bus (which is codoned off) and looks at it.
Sarah is a few minutes late because she's been having a look at the bus. Karl isn't impressed and says she has to be professional while at work. He doesn't want her and Marlene reading magazines. Sarah points out that there are no patients. Karl hands her a medical journal and tells her to read that instead. Sarah leafs through it and looks interested.
Lou has come to see Phil, to have a look at the insurance papers for the bus. Debbie tells him he isn't there. She's surprised Lou is going for the insurance so soon, but Lou says the whole thing was a disaster, and now he can at least get some money back!
Marlene pops in with Lolly to have a measles vaccination booster. Sarah is very bored - there are no patients to keep her occupied. Marlene gives her a magazine to put inside the medical journal(!)
Karl comes out and asks Marlene about the bus. They talk about the insurance and say that it's quite handy for Lou to be able to get some money back for the business.
Lisa tells Ben that since he's been monopolising the garage, she's had to keep her car outside. It's covered in bird droppings, and she wants Ben to clean them off(!)
Susan pops round in the middle of this. She tells Lisa that she's found some essays on her desk in the staffroom - ones that are meant to be marked over the school break. Lisa tells her she's being ridiculous - it's only the first day of the break! She claims Susan is always picking on her. Susan keeps her cool and tells her she has to get rid of her negative attitude. Lisa apologises and says she'll get her act together.
Office at the back of the Pub
Lou tells Marlene that he's spoken to the insurance and it's good news - everything is going to be covered.
The detective from last night turns up and tells Lou that he'll have to ask Lou a few questions. Marlene leaves them alone, but the detective says he may need to talk to her later, too.
Toadie comes in with a trolley of sandwiches and rolls. Apparently it's Debbie's new idea to improve business. Karl comes out and Toadie asks him for a word.
The Inner Office
Toadie tells him that he's concerned about Jamie- Lee - he thinks she's a "bit sussed". Karl points out that a lot of people judged Toadie before they got to know him, so he should give her a chance. Toadie sees his point.
Detective Harris pops round to see Marlene. She tells him she doesn't know anything. He asks her about the business and she tells him that it wasn't going well. Marlene tells him that Lou did raise the cost of the insurance, but he was just being cautious. The detective thinks that it's all very convenient.
DETECTIVE HARRIS: Mrs Kratz, do you think it's possible *he* could have started the fire?
MARLENE:(shocked) No, I don't! Lou would never do a thing like that! How could you possibly think that?
DETECTIVE HARRIS: It's my job to look at all the possibilities.
Sarah is enjoying reading the medical journals. Ben comes in and asks Sarah to help him have a word with Lisa. Sarah thinks Lisa's problem could be medical - she's been reading about the symptoms of an over- active thyroid in the medical journal(!) The symptoms are nervousness, irritability, hyperactivity, thirst...she thinks it all adds up. Ben says whatever it is, he can't take much more.
Coffee Shop
Jamie- Lee comes in with Bonnie who she has found in the street. Toadie says that Lance is a responsible dog owner and Bonnie must have escaped. He tells Jamie- Lee to take Bonnie outside.
Ben and Sarah asks Lisa for a "meeting". She instantly flies off the handle, but Sarah explains about "thyroid toxicity" and the symptoms. Lisa wonders if there might be something in it, and looks worried.
Jamie- Lee and Toadie have brought Bonnie home, and shut her in the back yard. Jamie- Lee is still moaning that Bonnie hasn't been looked after properly. They chat and Toadie end up asking where she lives. She says she'll show him, but it's not the sort of thing Toadie is used to.
Detective Harris comes in and asks Lou if he's told him everything about the bus situation. Lou says the project was less than successful, but he did give it his best shot. The detective tells him that things look very suspicious, with the insurance money being such a good bail- out for Lou.
LOU: Are you suggesting that I did it myself?
DETECTIVE HARRIS: I'm just looking at all the possibilities, that's all.
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