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Neighbours Episode 2887 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2887
Australian airdate: 11/12/97
UK airdate: 01/07/97
UK Gold: 01/12/03
Writer: David Allen
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jamie-Lee Duggan: Josephine Clark
Mary-Anne Duggan: Michele Williams
Joe Duggan: Tony Porter
Detective Harris: Kevin Summers
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: James
- Ben is annoyed about Lisa, Sarah thinks Lisa has a medical problem, thyroid toxicity.
- Jamie-Lee shows Toadie where she is living.
- Marlene doesn't think that Lou could have started the fire
Jamie-Lee's Shed
Toadie is shocked where Jamie-Lee lives as it is run very down which is why Jamie-Lee wants Helen on her side to get her get a better place to live, Jamie-Lee left home as she had a fight with her dad about her boyfriend as he was a bit rough but was a nice guy. They broke up and she is now alone. Toadie offers her a free meal so she comes with him.
Sarah offers to make dinner as Lisa isn't feeling well, Ben thinks Lisa should see a doctor. Lisa says she is happy with boiled eggs on toast, but as her metabolism is hyper she may need to eat more, Ben leaves to work on the Ute.
Lisa is grateful for all the help that they have given her, but is happier now she knows why she has been so rough on them, Sarah says not to assume anything until she has spoken to Karl. A loud engine starts in the background so Sarah goes to see if she can stop Ben making so much noise.
Lou comes home and wants to know what Marlene said to the police, as she said Lou was keen to get rid of the bus. The police are preparing to charge Lou with insurance fraud. Lou is frustrated that Marlene is not supporting him as she thinks he burnt down the bus.
Karl is warning Jamie-Lee that Toadies idea of a snack and five course meal for 1 are the same thing, Karl asks Jamie-Lee more questions but Toadie tries to stop him, Karl leaves to get the door.
Ben is there to see Karl as he wants a run down on a hypothetical hyperthyroidism, Karl explains the symptoms as increased appetite with loss of weight, heat intolerance, nervousness, palpitations, unusual thirst. Ben thinks Lisa has these symptoms but Karl explains it covers a lot of medical conditions, Ben explains Sarah saw it in one of Karls medical magazines and now Lisa is playing the dying swan. Ben agrees to get Lisa into the surgery as she is being a pain.
Lou arrives to see Phil to see the bus accounts and check they are legal and above board as the insurance people can ask complicated questions, Debbie agrees the last thing he needs is more hassle. Lou explains he was out walking when the fire in the bus started and explains he told the police he ran into Phil in the park, as he wanted a witness of where he was. Debbie explains Phil cannot say that as he would perjure himself, but Lou explains he was out walking.
Karl is looking for his watch as he left it on the bench top, Toadie thinks that Jamie-Lee stole it last night. Toadie wants a chance to get his watch back, so Karl gives Toadie until the afternoon and says he will be timing him but Toadie jokes what with?
Coffee Shop
Phil is not looking very happy so Karl asks what is up, Lou wants Phil to provide an alibi for the time of the fire, but Phil is not sure if it is true or not, Karl agrees it is perjury and is too much to ask. Phil asks if Lou has done anything illegal and Karl agrees his heart is in the right place.
Jamie-Lees Shed
Toadie is there to see Jamie-Lee, he wants to ask if she has seen Karls watch as it has gone missing, as Toadie grabs her bag the watch falls to the floor. As Toadie leaves he wonders why he bothered to try to be friends with Jamie-Lee. Jamie-Lee tries to apologise and stop him leaving.
Ben is tired of fetching and carrying for Lisa, Sarah explains Lisa could be very ill and Ben agrees that Lisa needs to see Karl for a proper medical judgement. Ben says Sarah will book Lisa into the first available appointment and he will carry her to the surgery if he has to.
Coffee Shop
Toadie explains he tries to do Jamie-Lee a favour and she rips the docs watch off, Jamie-Lee explains she is sorry and just needs to get some money together to move out of the shed. Toadie asks if she is serious, Jamie-Lee wants to be able to see who she wants whenever she wants and her parents won't miss that she is gone.
Detective Harris is there to see Phil as he wants to check Lous alibi as he claims Lou saw Phil, Phil tries to say that he did see Lou but Detective Harris wants to know what time Phil saw Lou and explains if he doesn't tell the truth he could be charged as an accessory. So Phil changes his original statement to say he didn't see Lou but explains Lou wouldn't set fire to the bus. Detective Harris asks to leaves it to the police to judge him.
Jamie-Lees House
Toadie and Jamie-Lee are watching her parents gardening, Toadie asks if she has been in contact or if she left a letter explaining she was running away. Toadie explains her parents probably think she has been murdered, but she has been coming there every day to see if they care, Toadie thinks she misses them.
The Pub
Phil is explaining he couldn't be Lous alibi, as he couldn't say what time that he met Lou. Lou is angry as he thinks he is as good as convicted on insurance fraud.
Doctors Surgery
Lisa is there to see Karl, Sarah explains that she is next in. Ben thinks Lisa is talking herself into feeling sick but Lisa thinks she feels terrible. Karl wants to speak with Sarah after examining Lisa.
Jamie-Lees House
Toadie is there to see Jamie-Lees parents, Mary-Anne Duggan and Joe Duggan and explains he has seen Jamie-Lee, and he is looking out for her. They ask why she hasn't come home so Toadie explains she thinks they don't want her as they were having a couple of problems. Toadie agrees to take them to see Jamie-Lee.
Doctors Surgery
Karl wants Lisa to have a precautionary blood test, but Karl thinks there is nothing wrong with Lisa. Ben takes Lisa to have a blood test.
Karl explains to Sarah she shouldn't have told Lisa she had a thyroid condition as she is susceptible, Sarah says she is very sorry but Karl thinks she should go back to her Hollywood Magazines.
Coffee Shop
Jamie-Lee and her parents are reunited, Mary-Anne wants her to return but Jamie-Lee didn't think they would care. They are grateful that Toadie has reunited them and offer him a lift but he says he will stay there. Jamie-Lee wants to thank Toadie, he hopes that things get better, she passes Toadie an item of Helen's jewellery she had taken.
The Pub
Lou explains the police think that he burnt down his own bus for insurance, Lou says Phil and Debbie also think he burnt down the bus, Karl wants to know who burn down the bus.
Detective Harris wants Lou to come down to the station.
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