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Neighbours Episode 2885 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2885
Australian airdate: 27/06/97
UK airdate: 09/12/97
UK Gold: 28/11/03
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Jamie-Lee Duggan: Josephine Clark
Eva Montana: Anna Pinkus
Courier: Paul Baiguera
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Rohan Kendrick: uncredited
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou joins up to Future Engagements, the same dating agency as Marlene.
- Rohan and Libby decide to be just friends.
- Lou warns Helen that Jamie- Lee is trouble.
Lou is telling Darren and Marlene that Jamie- Lee is trouble. The conversation turns to the dating agency and Marlene tells Darren that she and Lou have signed up. Darren says dating agencies are a scam.
Rohan and Libby arrive back. Libby heads off and Rohan goes straight to bed.
Debbie is very tired after a hard day. She tells Helen that she needs someone to do an early morning food preparation shift - but it's too inconvenient for most people. Helen suggests Jamie- Lee. Debbie says she can't take anyone without experience. Helen wears Debbie down and Debbie agrees to talk to Jamie- Lee about it.
DEBBIE: I love you. Even when you're blackmailing me(!)
Marlene and Lou are watching Marlene's dating agency video. Marlene doesn't think it's very good, but Lou assures her it's not supposed to be a slick production.
Rohan comes out in his pyjamas and tells Darren he couldn't sleep. Darren asks if he's had a bust- up with Libby. Rohan admits that they mutually decided to separate, but isn't impressed by Darren's stirring.
Ben is reading through the rules Lisa has left on the fridge. He thinks the rules are a bit over the top, and Sarah agrees.
Libby comes in through the back door and tells Sarah that her advice was good.
Sarah has come over to pay back the money Rohan lent her. He tells her he still intends to give the dress they bought to Libby as a present. On Sarah's way out, Darren offers her a lift.
Coffee Shop
Darren has followed Sarah into the Coffee Shop. He wants to pump her for information about the breakup and makes out that he is Rohan's confidant. Sarah sees straight through this, but she does tell Darren about the misunderstanding, and that Libby has realised that she's not ready to have a relationship.
Helen is giving Jamie- Lee some last minute tips before her interview with Debbie. She thanks Helen for organising it for her.
Lou is doing the books and groaning. A courier comes to the door with a "parcel from Future Engagements" and gives it to Marlene. But it turns out that the parcel is for Lou - it's a videotape. In fact, there are three women on the video tape. Lou puts it on straightaway, pleased that three "lovely ladies" want to meet him! He sends Marlene out of the room while he watches the tape.
SULTRY WOMAN ON TAPE: Hi, I'm Eve. And I'm looking for an Adam to share my Garden of Eden. Fig leaves strictly optional.
Lou's face falls and he looks a bit worried(!)
Coffee Shop
Debbie is very busy. Darren is sitting at the bar, distracted, then decides to head off.
Jamie- Lee comes in. She chats to Debbie and claims she has some experience making sandwiches and doing the till, but she doesn't have a reference because their employers didn't write English very well. Debbie says she could phone them, but Jamie- Lee says the previous place has now shut down. Debbie says she has a few other people to interview and Jamie- Lee should drop by after 4pm to see if she got it.
Darren comes round with a bunch of flowers for Libby saying he thought she "might be a bit upset". She is surprised and says she isn't really, but realises he's talking about Rohan. Darren awkwardly says that she's handling things well.
DARREN: I...I think about all that sometimes, and try and see some way it could all have come out different.
LIBBY: It's a bit late.
DARREN: I still care about you. That's why I bought you those (he indicates the flowers)
LIBBY: Thanks, they're really nice.
DARREN: I'm glad you like them.
LIBBY: Um, I don't mean to be rude, but I've got this essay, you know...
Darren heads off.
Debbie tells Helen she doesn't think Jamie- Lee is right for the job. Lou pops round having found Holly in the street. Helen heads off for a rest, telling Debbie to think about it.
When Helen has gone, Lou tells Debbie that Jamie- Lee is hopeless and sly. Debbie is determined not to hire her.
Libby is telling Sarah about her "weird" encounter with Darren. Sarah tells her that it's obvious Darren wants to get back with her, and he's twisted the whole Rohan thing around in his mind to mean that no other guy can measure up to him in Libby's mind.
LIBBY: He said he still cares.
SARAH: Right. Well, the question is, then, do you?
Susan arrives home at that moment and comments on Libby's flowers. She's surprised to hear they're from Darren. Libby says she wishes Darren would concentrate on the girlfriend she's already got - Debbie.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is taking some orders when Jamie- Lee comes in. Debbie tells her that she didn't get the job. Jamie- Lee gets angry and says that nobody will give her a go. Debbie tells her that she agrees with Lou's opinion - that Jamie- Lee can't be trusted.
Lou is looking forward to arranging a date with "Eve" - he's bought a new suit for the occasion! Marlene says he's just an ordinary bloke who wears jeans and owns a pub and a bus. Lou says he wishes someone would steal the bus so he could claim on the insurance, as it's useless to him.
There's a knock at the door and it's the courier again - he's given Lou the wrong video! Marlene tries hard not to laugh(!)
Darren is trying to persuade Ben to go to a bar, but he's already arranged to meet his mates at the pub tonight. Sarah asks Darren pointedly if he's out celebrating Rohan and Libby breaking up. Then she comments about the flowers and tears a strip off him for making eyes at Libby when he's meant to be going out with Debbie. Darren says Sarah has no idea what she's talking about.
Ben is on his way to the pub when he sees Lou's bus in flames! A fire engine arrives, and two police cars too. A crowd has gathered to watch the blaze.
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