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Neighbours Episode 2884 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2884
Australian airdate: 26/06/97
UK airdate: 08/12/97
UK Gold: 27/11/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Rohan Kendrick: Paul Zebrowski
Jamie-Lee Duggan: Josephine Clark
Dianne Carter: Marilyn Rodgers
Buyer: Roy Thompson
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Anne and Hannah see Sarah and Rohan at the mall, hugging.
- Marlene tells Helen she's thinking of joing a dating agency.
- Anne and Hannah tell Libby about seeing Rohan and Sarah at the mall.
- Helen asks Lou to give Jamie- Lee a chance.
Lou tells Jamie- Lee that she has word cleaning the bus - if she does well, he might find her something else.
Sarah tells Rohan "she's going to love this"
Just then, Libby pops round. They tell her that they've been home all day, but Libby tells them to stop lying.
LIBBY: Stop the act, OK?! Anne and Hannah saw you kissing in the shop, and then saw you buying this.
ROHAN: Libby, you're making a big mistake...
Libby has picks up the dress.
LIBBY: You bought this for her. After all the time we've been together and all the effort I've put into helping you, this is the thanks I get!
SARAH: Libby, this isn't...my dress...
But Libby has stormed out.
Libby is ranting to Karl about guys cheating on her. Sarah pops round to tell Libby that she's making a terrible mistake.
SARAH: Why didn't you let us explain?
LIBBY: Explain? Don't you mean rub it in?
SARAH: Shut up and listen, OK?! You ruined a beautiful, beautiful surprise.
LIBBY: What?
SARAH: That was *your* dress. Rohan bought it for you with my help, it was going to be a surprise!
LIBBY: But you were kissing, Anne and Hannah saw you.
SARAH: A thank you kiss! After we saw your dress, I saw one in the sale I couldn't resist. I didn't have the money, Rohan offered to lend it to me until I get paid. I was excited, I gave him a hug and a kiss, that's all!
Libby looks embarrassed.
LIBBY: I'm sorry.
SARAH: Well, so am I. What happened to trust, Lib? We were friends, you and I, I don't steal from my friends!
LIBBY: I'm so sorry.
SARAH: Yeah, well, apologise to Rohan. He's the one you've really hurt.
Karl sees Sarah out.
LIBBY: Oh, no, Dad, what have I done?!
Jamie- Lee is trying to clean the bus, but it isn't going very well.
She goes to clean the upstairs, and meanwhile Lou is showing a bloke around. The bloke isn't impressed with the condition of the bus and moans that the windows are perspex, not even glass. He says he's no longer interested.
When he's gone Lou tells Jamie- Lee off. He tells her she can go - and he's not paying her.
Libby has come to apologise to Rohan.
ROHAN: I can understand the mix- up. I can even understand the jealousy. But you said a couple of things today that really upset me.
LIBBY: Like what?
ROHAN: Like all that stuff about owing you something for your time and effort. Is that what this relationship's all about?
LIBBY: I didn't mean it like that.
ROHAN: Sure, you've been nice to me, Lib. But it should be give and take between us, not you counting up your brownie points.
LIBBY: That's not how it is!
ROHAN: 'After all I've done for you' you said.
LIBBY: Rohan, please, it was in the heat of the moment!
ROHAN: But maybe that's how you really feel.
LIBBY: You're wrong.
ROHAN: I'd like to think so, but I'm not so sure anymore.
Karl is casually practising his golf swing while Libby tells him about Rohan. Karl takes Rohan's side and says he's not surprised that Rohan is hurt.
KARL: I think you need to think about your attitude. What does Rohan mean to you, what do you want from him?
LIBBY: Rohan's my friend. I want more because he's Rohan, not because...
KARL: ...because he's blind.
LIBBY: No! No, that has never had anything to do with it.
Karl does not look convinced.
Dating Agency
Marlene is at the dating agency - it has pictures of weddings of clients on the wall. The lady put Marlene at her ease and explains that they'll register her and then so a video. Marlene looks a bit nervous, but the lady assures her it's the best way to meet suitable gentlemen.
Jamie- Lee tells Helen that she did her best with the bus, but Lou threw it back in her face. She's very angry and says that Lou is a moron.
HELEN: I like you, Jamie- Lee. But if you don't pull up your socks, and stop being angry and cynical...
JAMIE- LEE: I'm not angry!
HELEN: You *are* angry! No- one will give you a go and that includes me.
JAMIE- LEE: Suits me fine!
She storms out.
Dating Agency
Marlene is making her video.
MARLENE: Um...My name is Marlene K...Kratz and I'm 60. I'm a grandmother and I work in a doctor's surgery as a receptionist.
LADY: Grandchildren?
MARLENE: Oh, yes, I have a lot of grandchildren, I have Darren and Brett and Danni...and Sam, and Louise, she's the little one, she lives with me, she's gorgeous and funny! I picked her up the other day and she said 'Nana, you've got milky hair!'. Out of the mouths of babes.
LADY: Hobbies...
MARLENE: Well, no, I don't have a lot of hobbies...at least, I don't have a lot of time because I'm working...and my grandchildren...I like the horses. I used to enjoy going to the track, but it's not much fun going on your own. Perhaps there's a race- goer out there who's in the same boat.
She tries to pose(!)
Libby is apologising to Sarah over the dress incident and they agree to be friends again. Libby tells Sarah that she's blown it with Rohan - he accused her of only going out with him to patronise him.
SARAH: When you broke up with Darren, you were scared that the same thing might happen again, am I right?
LIBBY: Yeah, yeah, I suppose.
SARAH: So you were looking for a...a safer relationship with Rohan? Not as passionate in some ways?
LIBBY: Oh, my feelings for Rohan *are* very passionate, believe me! Why do you think I went off my head this afternoon?
SARAH: But Lib, you see...I think you allowed yourself to fall in love with Rohan *because* he's blind. He has a disability that makes it less likely that he'd cheat on you.
LIBBY: That's an awful thing to say.
SARAH: Not really, Lib. Look, all I'm saying is that you want a relationship where you're in control, what's so awful about that? Look, I could be totally wrong, OK, but is Rohan wrong too, and your father?
Marlene is telling Lou and Karl about the dating agency.
LOU:(reading from the leaflet) 'Future Engagements'.
KARL: What's that? Sounds like a science- fiction conference(!)
Marlene informs them that she has already signed up. They laugh a bit, but Marlene says it's very respectable and above- board. Lou thinks Marlene is being naive and she'll be disappointed. However, Karl thinks otherwise - there's loads of people out there who don't have spare time to meet people, so a dating agency really makes sense.
Helen comes in to find Jamie- Lee there. She apologises for before and says that she's going to try not to be as angry. She'd really appreciate it if Helen would still help her to find a job. Helen agrees and says she's sure they'll find her something.
Libby has come to see Rohan. They head out for a walk.
Lou comes in. Marlene tells Lou that she's had a phone call from Future Engagements to say that Lou left his sunglasses there. It seems Lou has come round to the idea and he's joined up too(!) Marlene gives him a bit of a hard time, and then gives him stick about not paying Jamie- Lee. Marlene doesn't like to see Helen upset and asks Lou to smooth things over.
Coffee Shop
Jamie- Lee comes in and Toadie is serving - he's sure he's seen her before somewhere. Suddenly he recognises her as "the chick that robbed Mrs D's joint". Jamie- Lee runs out and Toadie tries to chase her, but she's gone.
Toadie has come to tell Helen he's found the thief. Helen explains that she's met "the thief" and is now trying to find her a job. He is staggered.
LIBBY: When I first started going out with you, I had an argument with my parents. They said I was only attracted to you because I felt sorry for you. I told them it was rubbish, but then today you said it, and Sarah said it, and I had to have a really good think about it.
ROHAN: We were right, weren't we?
LIBBY: Look, the truth is, when I first met you, I was still really shaky after what Darren did to me. I didn't know if I could trust men ever again. But then I got to know you, and you were warm...and kind...and incredibly sexy of course!
ROHAN: Oh, well, of course!
LIBBY: ...and you started to rely on me for things. Just little things.
ROHAN: I only did it to make you feel wanted.
LIBBY: It did make me feel wanted. It made me feel important. You know, that I mattered to you far more than what I ever did to Darren. When I was with you, I could relax, you know, I could drop my guard and it felt safe.
ROHAN: Because I'm blind.
LIBBY: My parents were right - in a way. It meant I was in control.
ROHAN: That's not my idea of a relationship.
LIBBY: I know. It was really unfair of me. Do you forgive me? Can we be friends?
ROHAN: You know, since I've been with you, I've become twice as independent. Ten times more confident. Even my mother has noticed! I'll always think of you as a friend, Libby. Far too bossy, but a friend(!)
LIBBY: Thank you.
Lou tells Helen that Jamie- Lee didn't do a good job on the bus, but he's willing to pay her half. Helen isn't pleased. Lou says that Jamie_Lee is insolent and sly. She also knocked over a bottle of bleach.
LOU: Now, that kid is taking you for a ride, and if you can't see that, then heaven help you! Helen, I've seen kids like this before. She's never going to be what you're trying to make her. She's trouble, and you're the one who's going to end up paying for the damage.
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