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Neighbours Episode 2883 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2883
Australian airdate: 05/12/97
UK airdate: 25/06/97
UK Gold: 26/11/03
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Rohan Kendrick: Paul Zebrowski
Jamie-Lee Duggan: Josephine Clark
Snake Wrangler: Doug Wintle
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: James
Number 26
The intruder is scared off by a knock at the door so runs away.
Anne and Lance find the snake on her sleeping bag. Lance is trying to keep the snake in sight so it doesn't escape again but is bitten by the snake.
The pub
Libby is complaining about money problems because she has to buy so many books for uni.
Lou arrives to read an advert he is placing "Are you looking for a change in lifestyle, double- decker bus for sale, top condition, you can live in it, tour in it or park it in your back yard and shove your granny in it when she comes to visit, please contact Lou Carpenter" Sarah asks why is he selling the bus, Lou explains it has swallowed alot of money. Libby is not keen on the ad so they go to make changes.
The street
Lance is being taken out on a stretcher and away in an ambulance with Ruth, while Anne, Karl and Phil drive there. Hannah is told to go and reassure Helen.
The Pub
Rohan wants to buy Libby something special, but is not sure what to buy so needs Sarah to help him out, as he is not sure what would look good or what size Libby is.
Anne is blaming herself as Lance stayed to let her get away from the snake. Phil thinks he should have left the snake alone.
Karl arrives and says they gave Lance the antivenin and as ok but as a precaution they want to keep him in overnight.
They go to see Lance and are relieved to see that he is ok, Ruth tells him if he ever sees a snake again to run fast.
Number 30
Rohan asks what Lisa was upto, Sarah thinks she wanted an early night and is not ill unless you count chronic grumpiness as an illness. Libby thinks a good nights sleep will do her good. Sarah offers Libby some of her old dresses as a way to find out her dress size but Libby isn't interested. Libby goes to put on a new CD.
They agree to go shopping straight after lunch, by agreeing to do that straight after lunch, as Libby returns she wants to know what that is so Sarah lies about going to the gym.
The street
The intruder is sneaking around.
Phil is trying to get Hannah to the hospital to see Lance before school.
Number 28
Karl opens the door to Sarah, she wants to see Susan who isn't there. She has to explain to Karl it is about a girl thing.
Number 26
The intruder is there to see Helen, she is there to apologise and to give Helen a new canvas to replace the one she broke. Helen explains she didn't call the cops so has nothing to worry about before inviting her in.
Number 28 garden
Sarah is looking through the washing as Karl comes out to feed Cassie and is shocked to see Sarah there, Sarah claims she is looking for her Frisbee but Karl isn't very convinced.
Hannah and Anne think that Lance was very brave, but Phil thinks he is very brave as he picked up the sleeping bag with the snake in it. Phil and Ruth take Anne and Hannah to school.
Number 22
Lou is doing a deal on the phone as Rohan is reading brail. Lou needs to get a move on to clean the bus in time.
Sarah is there to see Rohan, Lou asks why he always has lovely ladies chasing after him. Rohan jokes it is because he always eats his spinach.
Number 26
The intruder is reassuring Helen that she has never tried to rob anyone before and won't ever do it again. She is trying to get on her feet, get a proper job, get a flat and her life together. Helen asks what she wants to do for a living, but the intruder is happy to do anything as long as it is legal.
Ruth and Phil arrive so Helen introduces the intruder as a friend called Jamie- Lee, which Ruth and Phil believe so leave with the items they came for.
Jamie- Lee is relieved Helen didn't dob her in.
Shopping Mall
Sarah is looking at dresses for Libby, she finds a dress she thinks is perfect, she explains it is green and blue and is very Libby. Rohan says if Libby doesn't like it, it will be Sarahs fault. Sarah find the perfect dress for her so Rohan agrees to lend the money until pay day.
Number 32
Ruth is relieved she can walk into her own house without finding a snake. Phil asks what if there was more than 1 snake. Ruth wants a special celebration for the twins 16th birthday, Phil thinks there should be a great party with great presents. Phil scares Ruth by making her think there is a snake there, which leads to them cuddling.
Number 26
The Jamie- Lee is looking at Helens paintings. It is a painting of her second husband, Jamie- Lee thinks he looks like a nice man. Jamie- Lee is glad that Helen explained she was her friend and was protecting her without expecting something back in return. Helen does expect something back in return, she expects Jamie- Lee to keep trying to find a job, new friends, a decent place to live. Helen says she will talk to some friends who may be in need of some staff.
The Mall
Anne is explaining that Lance is very hard to buy for. Hannah suggests a shop but Anne doesn't think they will find something for Lance in a dress shop. Hannah explains they might find something for themselves. Sarah and Rohan are shopping in the same shop, the only dress shop around? Sarah and Rohan hug and Anne is shocked as she though Rohan was going out with Libby so they agree to go tell Libby.
The pub
Jamie- Lee is looking for a job, she explains she hasn't really had a proper job before. Lou wants to know how good her maths skills are as she will need to be able to count cash, add up prices and give change. She can do all that and is almost 19.
Lou leaves the office to see Helen, Helen wants Lou to give Jamie- Lee a chance. Lou has an idea of what she can do.
Number 26
Helen is explaining to Marlene all Jamie- Lee needs is a chance, Marlene wants to know how Helen met. Helen explains she came selling a painting and they started talking about art and Helen took her under her wing. Marlene wants some advice as she has been wanting the company of a man around her own age. She has found a dating agency, but is worried she will seem desperate. Helen was given similar advice when she first met Ruben from Marlene.
Number 28
Anne and Hannah are trying to explain to Libby they saw Rohan and Sarah together, as Rohan was buying Sarah an expensive dress in the mall and they kissed. They both promise they are telling the truth.
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