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Neighbours Episode 2882 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2882
Australian airdate: 04/12/97
UK airdate: 24/06/97
UK Gold: 25/11/03
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Robert Bird: John Bishop
Snake Wrangler: Doug Wintle
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie and Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: James
- Lisa is apologiaing to Debbie about her behaviour, so they agree to do something later, a game of netball for laughs.
- Billy is pawning his bike.
- Everyone is worried about the snake in number 32.
Number 26
Phil is on the phone about the snake.
Anne is telling everyone she knew she saw the snake, Hannah thinks it came back in some ones bag. Lance says it was only a snake but Anne explains he ran out as fast as everyone else.
Phil has arranged someone to get the snake, but it may be poisonous.
Number 28
Susan is going though Lisas marking but Karl is distracting her as they have the house to themselves.
Toadie arrives looking for Billys helmet. Susan thinks Lisa has been giving out marks based on their first assignment.
Debbie arrives and Karl jokes welcome to "Grand Central Kennedy", she wants to know if Susan has played netball before. Susan and Karl explain it was a long time ago. Debbie is arranging a game to cheer Lisa up, Susan agrees to play and to bring food, Karl agrees to put a hoop out.
Billy and Toadie are discussing the marks Lisa gives out, before Billy leaves on his moms bike.
Number 32
The snake wrangler is looking for the snake but cannot find the snake as he believes it has already gone. Phil and Ruth leave Rob to hunt for the snake alone.
Number 28
Karl is using the computer, Susan was looking for her bike. Karl thinks Toadie has it as he walks in.
Toadie explains Billy has the bike as he had to leave his somewhere and was making some deliveries for Debbie.
Number 26
Debbie arrives home and asks why everyone is around, Phil explains there is a snake in number 32. Debbie explains she is arranging a game of netball for everyone in the street to cheer Lisa up. Everyone sounds interested in playing.
The snake wrangler arrives, but he didn't find the snake and thinks it already left. He advises to be cautious and double check everything.
Anne and Lance don't want to go home.
Ruth doesn't want to go back as she thinks the snake is still there, so Phil offers to let them to stay the night. Ruth agrees but they need to go to get their stuff.
Number 28
Toadie isn't playing netball as he thinks it is a girls sport, but Karl says anyone can play. As Karl is playing Toadie wants to play so he can beat Karl. Debbie tries to tell them it is only a friendly game.
Lisa comes in netball uniform, Debbie tries to explain it is only a friendly game.
The street
Karl and Toadie are carrying the hoop out, Toadie is complaining about having the heavy end. Toadie still wants to beat Karl.
Billy cycles back, and Karl asks about his bike, Billy says there was a problem with the gears.
Number 32
Phil suggests they could shout to scare the snake, but Ruth says snakes are deaf. They start to gather the stuff, but are very jumpy so agree to stick together.
Number 28
Billy explains there is nothing wrong with the bike, he needed some money so he pawned his bike. Karl wants to know what he brought, Billy got Anne a present for her birthday. He pawned his watch as well.
The street
Lisa and Debbie are captains, they pick Lisa, Anne, Susan, Karl, Lance. Debbie, Hannah, Ruth, Billy, Phil.
Number 28
Karl is trying to explain $150 is alot of money, but Billy wants her to have something to keep. Karl wants to put his foot down but cannot as he hopes he raised him as the sort of person who can think things through, so he must know that the ring is a little over the top. Karl needs to star in a netball game.
The street
They are playing a strange version of netball, Lisa is the only one who wants to play by the rules.
Karl arrives and they all want him as an umpire, but as they don't play by the rules Lisa goes to leave them playing.
Number 30
Debbie wants to know what is up with Lisa, Lisa explains nothing is going her way with work as she doesn't like teaching but is afraid of talking to Susan and wants to keep it to herself.
Number 28
It is dinner time, Toadie thinks anything but meat in a pie is un- Australian. Karl thinks Toadie is a philistine.
Billy comes in late, he didn't get his bike back as he was at the coffee shop and he has decided to give the ring to Anne as she is his girlfriend before storming off.
Susan says if Karl charges in he will make things worse.
Number 32
Lance, Anne and Hannah are watching TV, they are talking about perving over people on TV.
Phil thinks Hannah went to bed, Phil and Hannah leave.
Anne can feel something on the end of her sleeping bag, it is the snake.
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