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Neighbours Episode 2876 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2876
Australian airdate: 16/06/97
UK airdate: 26/11/97
UK Gold: 17/11/03
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Rohan Kendrick: Paul Zebrowski
Geraldine Doherty: Maureen McInerney
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: James
Before his accident Rohan could have been a good cricketer, Helen tells Rohan that he could redirect his talents.
Susan knows the risks and wants another baby.
Number 22
Marlene is tired as she was looking after Lolly last night, Libby is there to see Rohan. Marlene says Rohans talk with Helen cheered him up, he explains it encouraged him to do new things. Rohan is expecting a councillor from the blind institute that Karl put him onto him, but doubts they can help. Libby offers to stay but Rohan says he will be ok.
Number 28
Karl needs to talk to Susan about what Dr Howland say, she is in the older age range for having a baby and because of the caesarean with Billy things might be more difficult. Karl wants to know more details about the difficulties, she said it would be difficult and agrees Karl can talk it though with Dr Howland.
Libby arrives and asks why Karl did not say Rohan came to Karl for help, Karl explains Rohan is his patient so it is not his place to tell Libby.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is chopping a salad when Darren arrives and invites her to a drink at the pub, but Debbie needs to practice for netball. But he really wants to spend some time with her, and she agrees to go to the pub later.
Number 22
Rohan is impressed by how fast Lolly is learning new words since she has been there, Geraldine says that is about a month. He has been managing well and Marlene and Lou are great. He called her as he cannot stay there forever, he struggled in a home alone but wants his independence. He had people offer him money in the street. She says when people see him manage they stop offering help and asks if he is ready to move into a place of his own, which he is and would like them help him. They need to assess him.
Number 28
Susan asks what Dr Howland said, Karl explains the problems with Billys birth were placenta praevia and will add risks to another birth. But Susan says it is possible and she is in good health and asks if Karl believes it can work out. Karl is worried about the risks and loosing Susan.
The Pub
Darren explains that he is stressed out about Debbie and him as they don't seem to get together.
Lou arrives to ask how many people he will be catering for after the finals but Debbie doesn't know, so Debbie has to go and help Lou.
Darren is disappointed Debbie cannot spend time with him so leaves.
Number 22
Libby asks how the meeting went, Rohan says he said the same as Libby but in a nicer way. Libby doubts anyone is nicer than her. He thanks her for sticking with him and invites her to join him in the spa but she has no swim suit. He says that makes no difference to him.
Libby and Rohan are in the spa, he feels she is smiling and thanks her for everything. He says when they first met and she asked how he lost his sight. It happened in cricket he was fielding in close and had a cricket bat hit him in the eye. Libby says ouch, he hoped the doctors were wrong and when the swelling went down he would see again but it didn't. They offered surgery but there was a risk it would happen in the other eye, he had the surgery and then he couldn't see out of either of them.
Number 28
Karl is showing Susan a table of risk, but she is not interested in his reasons and thinks he doesn't understand and it is her decision. But he thinks it is a joint decision which Susan is not happy about so he offers to go and buy some dinner which she agrees to.
Number 22
Libby is massaging Rohan when Darren arrives and leaves them to soak. Libby is embarrassed to sit in the spa without her swim suit, she is not naked though. Rohan explains Darren is not her boyfriend but Libby needs to get going.
The Pub
Karl is there for a bottle of red wine, Lou offers him a bottle of Cab Savos. Lou is tired as Lolly has a bad ear, Karl asks how he copes with raising Lolly at his age. Lou says it is terrific but exhausting. Marlene says she was up half the night which Lou adds he was up the other half. Karl asks if he would do it again, Lou says all but the delivery drama and they have Louise now and wouldn't give her up for the world.
Number 22
Libby left a towel in the bathroom, Darren offers her coffee but she declines so Darren apologizes for interrupting.
Libby leaves as Debbie arrives, Debbie asks is he has had a water fight with Libby, he explains Libby was in the spa with Rohan. She asks if Darren is still mad with her but he just wants to spend some time with her and do something with her tonight.
Number 28
Susan is reading the paper when a wet looking Libby and Karl arrive, Libby goes and he explains Libby was having a spa with Rohan.
Susan is looking up baby things which annoys Karl as he thinks she ignored him, she tries to sooth him into agreeing by saying she has thought about what he said. He says he doesn't want a baby which Susan tries to convince Karl she loves him more than ever and that is why she wants a baby.
Number 22
Lou, Marlene and Lolly are off as Libby and Debbie arrive. Darren has got Debbies favourite flowers. Libby and Rohan leave as they see Darren has cooked for Debbie.
Number 28
Susan has prepared a romantic meal for Karl, with candles she has made Coq au Van and starts pouring him some wine. Karl says it not going to work but Susan replies it is nice to have time alone.
Number 22
Darren asks Debbie if she thinks he is cute, she replies maybe.
Marlene arrives with Lolly as Lolly has a sore ear so Marlene was going to put her to bed and go out again if they don't mind looking after Lolly which Darren agrees to.
Darren thinks Debbie should go away with him somewhere romantic and jokes about her paying for him.
The Pub
Libby says there you go a fluffy duck, but Rohan realizes it is another beer. Libby asks if everything is right, he says it is and was wondering what the story between her and Darren is. He thinks Darren still affects her, Libby says he doesn't affect her and she loves Rohan before kissing him.
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