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Neighbours Episode 2875 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2875
Australian airdate: 13/06/97
UK airdate: 25/11/97
UK Gold: 14/11/03
Writer: John Upton
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Martin Durrell: Peter Maver
Les Driscoll: David Le Page
Cindy Willetts: Chelsea Johnson
Myles Guerber: Liam Janke
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: James
Billy was worried Anne was going to dump him, she says people argue and stay together. They agree that when they have a difference of opinion to state their views and keep the arguing for the debate.
Sarah is wondering about her chances of winning.
Susan is emotional about wanting another baby.
Lous Place
Sarah is wondering why she qualifies as a finalist, Ben says to celebrate her luck but she is worried she cannot impress the judges. He asks what the judges are after like job skills. Sarah is not sure why she was picked or how to impress them.
Marlene arrives and says the judges picked her and to relax, but Sarah is not convinced.
Number 28
Karl asks if Susan wants an early night.
Toadie arrives and Billy is sarcastic about how happy he is to see Toadie. Toadie asks how Billy and Anne are, Billy says they are good and at least he has a girlfriend. Toadie says it's not his fault Becky had to go back to Ballarat, Billy says escape to Ballarat and she has probably left the country.
Susan agrees to an early night and leaves for bed.
Billy asks what is up and Toadie goes to leave but Karl says to stay, he explains there is talk of another baby. Susan has seen a gynaecologist who thought it was a bad idea and she is just sorting it out in her head and leaves for bed as well.
Billy is not keep about another baby, Toadie jokes it could be like Billy another pretty boy.
Number 22
Marlene is feeding Lolly when Sarah arrives, it is Sarahs big day but is worried she is not as good as Marlene and thinks she was picked for her photo. Marlene is not sure but to be positive as she has a feeling Sarah can win.
Number 28
Toadie is looking for something, Susan tells him where it is.
Susan is glad Billy sorted everything out with Ruth, he says it is good to have mums on side and he can handle it. She says it sounded like he was mature. Billy asks about the specialist and comforts her about the results, before leaving to see Anne.
Susan tells Karl she is feeling alot better after sleeping, Karl says to have a positive attitude.
Ramsay Street
Anne is keen to get on with the big debate, Billy says they have to make an effort but it has caused trouble between the two of them and is looking forward to it being over.
They are joined by Toadie and Hannah, Toadie says they have a tactic where Anne sounds like she has no idea and he comes in and clinches the debate with award winning arguments. Hannah is proud of Toadie.
The Surgery
Karl asks if Sarah is nervous, but she is nervous as she does not know what the judges are looking for. He says she needs to be herself, but she does not think she is good enough so Karl chants "you are a great receptionist" which Sarah repeats and Karl jokes thank you very much.
The judges for Erinsborough receptionist of the year arrive they are Martin Durrell and Les Driscoll, Karl takes the judges off to do his part of the interview. Les asks for two drinks and jokes he wants them in a cup.
Billy asks what Anne is doing for lunch, she is working with Toadie on their debate and thinks Billy should work with Hannah. Billy has Susan first who is late, Anne has Johnston whose nickname is Mr Detention so rushes off.
Billy asks where Susan is but Toadie is not worried and is more interested in his paper aeroplane.
The Surgery
The judges explain they make allowances for the stress and believe Sarah to be a top candidate. Les explains that they have a deal with an office clothing manufacturer and the girl that wins get a chance to do modelling and will work around Karls requirements as they don't want to steal his staff. Karl asks if Sarah doesn't want to model but Les is sure she would find it hard to resist. Karl encourages the judges to see Sarah but not to make too much fuss in front of the patients before laughing at a skeleton.
Susan is crying when Billy arrives, she says she is ok but was looking at assignments and lost track. He says they must have been amazing assignments. She explains some things take a while to get over and hugs Billy. Who tries to comfort her by saying being the baby of the family is not so bad. Susan laughs the class is probably completely out of control. Billy asks for a five second head start which Susan gives him but does not follow and starts crying again.
The Surgery
The judges explain Sarah will get every girls dream, the opportunity to model for an office clothes manufacturer. She thought it was a competition for best receptionist but the judges view it as a springboard to a very lucrative career and they cannot decide anything until they interview all of the candidates. She has alot to learn but Lee thinks she could really go places. She is getting annoyed and explains she was a model in London for years and is not interested and asks them to buzz off and take their beady eyes, sweaty hands and pathetic spiel with them. But Lee does not understand if she was a model why she is a receptionist so leave.
Karl is glad Sarah is not taking up their offer and still has a receptionist before going to find the next patient.
The School
Toadie has bad news about the debate, they are looking for hot shot debaters to represent the school, but if they were to win they would lose more of their lunches and time after school. Hannah and Billy are not keen to lose their time, so Anne suggests terrible reasoning with bad arguments and no proper conclusions so they won't get picked to represent the school.
The argument begins on whether girls need more protection than boys.
Hannah is making an argument very badly about things being obvious, human nature and everyone being kind of humans.
Anne argues girls need more protection and you can argue both ways.
Billy messes up which side of the argument he is on and then drops his cue cards.
Toadie talks about taking action and calls the topic sexist so refuses to commit to the debate throwing his cue cards up into the air.
Susan thinks Hannah, Anne, Billy and Toadie were so bad they have to stay after class.
Coffee Shop
Sarah is collecting food when Marlene arrives, Sarah explains the interview was a nightmare as they just wanted an office model and they did not care if they wanted a good receptionist so Sarah told them to take a running jump.
Marlene is proud of Sarah.
Karl is blaming Marlene for rushing into the awards too fast but Marlene replies once bitten twice shy. Karl says they are both first class receptionist before they both ask about money. This leads to Karl calling them pains in the neck.
Susan asks why they did so much work and threw it away, Toadie replies they did their best but Susan does not believe him. Billy says they found out something which Anne adds the school was looking for hotshot debaters. Hannah said they would lose all their lunch times and after schools. But Susan explains they would not have been forced to do it, so their dismal performances were all for nothing and she is disappointed in them.
Number 30
Ben offers Sarah some food, she arrives dressed in a very smart suit as she is still upset by the contest and being seen as just a pretty face. Nothing Ben says helps her much as she cannot as she does not want her looks to be everything in her life. She doesn't know what she wants.
Billy and Hannah are blaming Toadie for ruining the debate. Toadie claims he lost out most as he loads of great arguments. Before restarting the argument between each other expect properly this time.
Number 28
Karl is pouring wine, Susan is disappointed by a stunt pulled by the debate team. Karl knows what Helen said to her was hard, she knows the risks and wants another baby.
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