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Neighbours Episode 2874 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2874
Australian airdate: 12/06/97
UK airdate: 24/11/97
UKGold: 13/11/2003
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Chloe
Anne and Billy arguing about the debate.
Susan telling Ruth that she wants another baby.
Anne doing some kung-fu on style moves on 'Sprod'.
In the dark in Ramsay Street
Needless to say Anne is very angry with Billy and is storming ahead of him. Billy's trying to apologise but Anne won't hear any of it. Ruth asks what's going on and Anne goes inside, she turns to Billy and he says that it's nothing.
Number 28
Toadie's grabbing a sandwich and Karl comments with him around they won't have enough food for another mouth. Susan tells Karl she's booked in to see the specialist tomorrow and Susan doubts they'll be a problem - it's just a formality.
Billy comes in telling the three of them that he and Anne never made it to the movies and why do girls take everything so seriously? He goes to his room. Karl suggests that Toadie go after him and after some persuasion, he does.
Susan can't believe what Toadie had in his sandwich (there's a long list) but Karl says she can't say anything as when she was pregnant her craving were just as mad! They cuddle up and Susan can' believe they're going to go through it all again, she kisses his cheek and Karl can't believe it either.
Number 30
Marlene is reading a letter out to Sarah saying that unfortunately she did not win the receptionist of the year award. Sarah is surprised she isn't disappointed but Marlene is very pleased they even read her letter and replied to it.
Number 28
There's a knock at the door. It's Ruth! She's mad - or so it would seem. She tells Karl and Susan about the mugging incident. Billy defends himself saying tit was only a prank and wanted to prove to her that girls do need more protection than guys, she was supposed to find it funny. Susan thinks it more likely gave her a heart attack. Toadie chips in that he is surprised Billy didn't run it past him first! Karl retorts that he's surprised Billy didn't get the idea from Toadie in the first place. Billy says he's sorry, it was a very stupid idea and walks off. Ruth can't believe they're just letting him walk off but Susan says they'll deal with it. She apologises for everything and is seen to the door.
Number 30
Marlene tells Sarah to read out her letter but Sarah said she didn't get one Sarah thinks they only wrote to the best lot, but Marlene says Sarah's entry was almost as good as hers and she'll hear from them soon.
Number 28
Susan and Karl have sat Billy down. He says he is sorry, but he was just trying to prove a point to Anne. Karl says that Billy should be looking out for Anne - but in an emotional way. Susan says a relationship is about mutual love and respect and not fear. Billy says him and Anne only ever argue. Karl thinks that's what makes relationships interesting and makes them individuals.
KARL: Look at your mother and I we disagree all the time.
SUSAN: (interrupting) Well, not all the time.
Karl says just because him and Susan don't see eye to eye he doesn't jump out of bushes to prove a point. Billy says there's no grounding then? Indeed not, Karl said his heart was in the right place but who knows where his brain was. Billy gets up saying he's only got to get things right with Anne then everything will be fine. This leaves Karl and Susan on the sofa where Susan reiterates that they don't disagree all the time.
Next morning, in Ramsay Street
Susan tells Billy she'll be back at lunch after her appointment. Although Billy wants to know what it's about, Susan doesn't say. Ruth and Anne are talking and Toadie is pushing Billy in Anne's direction. Toadie asks if she's walking to school with them but Anne declines. Billy tells Toadie that what's going on is between him and Anne and he doesn't need his help.
Doctor's Surgery
Marlene is studying a letter envelope holding it up to the light trying to read through. Karl startles her and thinks it would be nice to have x-ray vision. Marlene doesn't need it because she thinks she knows what's in the letter. Marlene explains to Karl that she had a letter come through from the Award thanking her for her application, which was worthy of merit. Marlene thinks Sarah might be put out because she hasn't got one. Karl remarks that the letter is actually for him!
Susan walks in asking if Karl has a minute - to which he does. Susan sits down on the chair and Karl on the desk. She has brought him lunch before her appointment. Karl explains to Susan about the whole letter situation and the Receptionist of the Year Award and how Marlene did and he decides to open his letter.
KARL: "Dear Dr Kennedy. I love you,I have always loved you..." Oh, wrong letter!
He reads it out, stopping as he goes, Susan tells him to continue. Sarah has been accepted as a finalist! Susan thinks that's great but she wouldn't want to be him and have to tell Marlene!
Erinsborough High School
Billy, on Toadie's suggestion, makes his way over to Anne who's at her locker. Billy tries to apologise, he doesn't want her to hate him. She doesn't - but she's not sure how to feel. Billy thinks they should talk about everything, but the school bell goes and Anne uses it as a convenient excuse to go to her lesson.
Doctor's Surgery
Marlene wants to know what the letter said. Karl won't say anything except 'Sarah's letter was a bit different'. Marlene wants to know how different. Karl tells Marlene Sarah got through, and Marlene, initially gutted, smiles and says that's great. No, I don't believe she means it either! As Marlene goes to leave she congratulates Sarah. Confused, Sarah asks Karl what's going on.
Coffee Shop
Susan's staring at the salt and pepper shakers, just twiddling them in her hand, clearly her mind is not with her body. Ruth comes in and Susan asks after Anne. Ruth says she's still upset, but it's understandable. Susan says they spoke to Billy and although she's not making excuses for him she was sure there was no harm meant.
Marlene comes in and joins them both, saying it's good news about Sarah. Susan tells Ruth and then turns to Marlene saying that she too should have been a finalist. Marlene isn't so sure, she's happy for her! She's come to get a cake and Susan should join them. Susan makes excuses and Ruth notices.
Marlene leaves them and Ruth asks after Susan. Susan tells her she had an appointment with the specialist about the baby. Clearly optimistic, Ruth asks how it went. Susan doesn't answer.
Erinsborough High School
Anne's working in the classroom and Billy joins her. They argue about how Billy acted. He says he was desperate because they never see eye to eye anymore. Anne does a deal - next time a different opinion arises they simply state their view and then leave it at that. Billy thinks that's a good idea - they'll save their argument for the debate. One that Anne intends to win.
Doctor's Surgery
Sarah tells Karl he has a busy day tomorrow - back to back appointments until 4.30. Karl is pleased because the judges are coming tomorrow to see Sarah in action and explain the reward. Susan walks in slowly and her and Karl go into his room.
Coffee Shop
Billy and Anne are back on track. Ruth comes in and gives Billy a bit of an earful and Billy runs to do some homework. Ruth thinks Anne should have a long hard think about whether she can rely on Billy.
Lou's Place
Marlene and Sarah bump into one another in the pub. Sarah said that Karl went home with Susan. Marlene gets Sarah a drink - it's on her for making the shortlist. Marlene puts a bit of a downer on the whole competition which gets Sarah wondering about the whole thing.
Number 28
Susan and Karl get home. Susan sort through the mail and things are awkward between them. Susan heads over to the fridge and Karl offers to do dinner, Susan declines him.
SUSAN: Dr Harlan said I'm too old have a baby I'm not too old to cook.
Karl explains it's not just age but other factors as well. Whilst stroking his tie, Susan thinks that this has made her appreciate what she has now and is actually a blessing in disguise. There's a knock at the door and it's Anne after Billy. Anne thinks Billy should go over and apologise to Ruth for everything as she's pretty mad.
Ramsay Street
Billy is apologising, and it will never happen again. Ruth says she knows it won't. She softens though and all is forgiven (but not forgotten).
Number 28
My summary won't do this scene justice I'm afraid - but here we go! Susan is preparing some food while Karl watches on from behind. She reasons that they knew it might never happen, after all what has really changed? She moves around Karl to get to the fridge. They still have they're family and they're still happy. Her voice breaking, she says they shouldn't dwell on what might have been and just be grateful. Karl comes round to Susan's right and put his hand on her arm.
KARL: Susan...
SUSAN: What?!
KARL: It's OK to let it out.
SUSAN: Let what out? I told you it's no big deal.
She continues cooking, looking upset. There's a short silence and then Karl puts both his arms around her waist.
KARL: Susan...
KARL: That's the third time you've crumbed that piece of chicken.
She lets out a cry and leans into him and begins to cry into his shoulder, he puts his arms around her and kisses her head.
SUSAN (crying): Oh Karl. You don't know how desperate I was to have that baby. I've never wanted anything so much in my life (she sobs).
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