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Neighbours Episode 2873 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2873
Australian airdate: 11/06/97
UK airdate: 21/11/97
UK Gold: 12/11/03
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Rohan Kendrick - Paul Zebrowski
Rupert Sprod Tobi Webster
Summary/Images by: Chloe
Billy arguing with Anne over the school debate, Helen getting upset with Lou about the paintings.
Number 32 - back garden
Bill has come over to see Anne who is feeding Bonnie. He doesn't think they've seen much of one another recently but Anne disagrees. Billy thinks she's mad at him over the debate. However, Anne says she isn't too worried about the debate, it's the things he said in the corridor. Billy remind her he was joking but Anne knows he wasn't and isn't sure if she should be wasting her time with him.
Number 26 - living room
Debbie is looking at her netball uniform Hannah thinks she'd play better but Debbie reminds her that she has a broken wrist. On the other hand, at least Hannah has played recently! Debbie and Hannah go to make a drink.
Phil moves over to join Helen who's on the sofa who looks like she's in a far off land a long way away. Phil would like a chance to see if he can help. Helen asks for a lift into town to see her sister.
Number 22 - living area
Lou's watching TV and there's a knock at the door and it's Billy. Billy's after some public opinion and quotes for a debate at school. Lou asks what the top is and when Billy says it's about women needing more protection then men Lou thinks that's easy! Women clearly need more protection because they are the weaker sex - that's fact not opinion.
Number 26 - kitchen
Phil offers his advice to Debbie about netball and says he'll be coming along to watch with Hannah. Hannah goes to answer the door to see its Billy. He tells her that Lou is on their side and Hannah explains the whole debate thing. Helen reminds them to take what Lou says with a pinch of salt and when Phil asks why she respond by saying that he's only interested in himself. Phil suggests that Helen could counter any arguments that Lou gave to Billy. Unfortunately, they don't have time, it's the netball match! The kids leave and Phil tells Helen that they'll talk about it again later before leaving.
Number 22 - living area
Rohan is reading (Braille) when Lou walks in. Rohan asks what's wrong and says, when asked, that he can tell by the sound of Lou's feet. Lou thinks he's amazing and tells Rohan about Helen. Darren walks in and Lou's surprised to see him - he explains they had to call it off because some of his mates ate some dodgy food. He's going to surprise Debbie by watching her match. That reminds Lou - he'd better be off!
Netball courts
Lou gathers 'Lou's legends' and tells them they win and they go to the finals. Debbie puts on the GA (Goal Attack) bib (this is surprising, you usually have a more experience player in GA I'm sure, not one that hasn't played for a few years! There again this is Neighbours...). Phil tells Hannah that it looks like Lou has everything under control and sends her to buy some drinks. Lou comes over and asks after Helen, when questioned he explains that Helen thinks he only bought the paintings so that he can sell them on. Phil can't believe it and when Hannah returns he departs saying he has to speak with Helen.
HANNAH: (to Lou) It must be serious, he didn't even ask for change.
The Coffee Shop
Billy comes over to talk to Anne. He thinks it sounds like they can't have different opinions without breaking up over it and asks what she would do if she was on his debating side. Billy just wants to take the debate seriously and Anne says it would be boring if they agreed on everything all the time. They smile and then jokingly debate.
Netball courts
Our Lou's legends are losing by a few goals as Lou gathers them in. I think he tries some reverse psychology on them, telling them it's only a game. He then leaves them to it. Lisa encourages her team and they all 'wooo' before starting again. Lisa reminds Debbie they need to get some goals. In the most constructed game I've seen, Lisa intercepts a pass from the other team, and the ball makes it's way up the court. Debbie passes to GS (Goal Shooter) who bounce passes back to Debbie. She shoots and scores (I won't comment on the lack of good defence because if I do I won't shut up - I'm a bit of a sports fanatic, especially netball! But it was a pretty good shot). Lisa congratulates her.
Number 26
Helen and Phil sort of half argue about whether he should have come back or not. She assures him not be worried but he says he understands how she's feeling. Phil goes to answer a persistent knocker at the door. It's Rohan! Phil's pretty keen to get him away but Helen tells him to come in (he's come to see her) and Phil makes a swift exit. Rohan tells Helen how Lou feels so bad about the paintings. Rohan explains he seems like a good guy. Helen thank him for coming over and offers him a drink.
Netball courts
Billy and Anne ask Hannah how it's going and Lou's legends are a goal down. Oh, not anymore! Debbie scored again (bit of repossession there but never mind! Sorry I said I'd shut up!). They all clap and Lou says that its one more and they win the match - they can't get through on a draw. In another constructed game Lisa intercepts and the ball moves down the court again. Then the GD (Goal Defence) on the other team contacts Debbie and she gets a penalty shot. Predictably, it goes in - they've won the match.
Anne goes to buy ice-cream and Billy tells Hannah that him and Anne are sorted - he just had to convince her he wasn't sexist.
Number 26
Helen and Rohan are talking about they're experiences. Rohan tells her how he was a keen cricketer before his accident, but he couldn't do it now, as it would just upset him. She thinks that he shouldn't give up and could redirect his talent Phil overhears this and tells her that it's a good point, the passion doesn't go away but the situation changes - he thinks a lot of people good do with advice like that, and looks at Helen.
Netball courts
Lou's Legends celebrate their success. Hannah tells the team she'll see them there, but Debbie tells her she's underage and Lisa apologises - but they didn't think of that. The team run off.
Anne tells Billy she has to go and study with Cindy for the debate and leaves him with the dog. Billy goes over to join Hannah whose not looking impressed - they walk home together.
Number 26
Rohan leaves and Phil turns to Helen. She expects to hear that she's a hypocrite and a nightmare to be around. Phil doesn't want to spoil her fun. Helen admits that she should follow her own advice and apologises to Phil for how she's acted.
Hannah comes in and slams the door. Phil assumes they lost but Hannah says they won. Helen and Phil don't get it - why isn't she out celebrating. She tells them that it was like she didn't exist and they're at the pub, with the 'big star', Debbie. Hannah comes to the conclusion that life sucks and she doesn't like netball and goes in search of the chocolate cake.
PHIL: At least it hasn't affected her appetite. So, we have chocolate cake left do we?
Lou's Place
Darren asks to borrow Lisa's secret weapon and Lisa parts. Darren asks Debbie out to dinner but she says she'll have to be with the team tonight but they'll do it tomorrow. She goes off to join them. Darren goes over to Lou who admits that he did it - he led the team to victory. Darren thinks he's responsible for him not getting time with Debbie and accepts the offer of a free beer.
Number 28
Dahl's sitting in the plant! Billy answers the door to 'Sprodi' who's looking for Libby. Sprodi is about to leave but Billy has a plan and would he be interested? Well, indeed he would. Indeed he would.
Billy and Anne are going out. They decide to leave early and walk to the cinema. Anne starts talking about the debate and Billy says he's put a lot of work into it as well and maybe she won't know what hit her.
It's dark and they're somewhere in Erinsborough. As they're walking Anne asks 'what was that?'. Billy teases her that she's freaked out but she said she thought she saw something. Billy thinks they should have taken the bus if she's so sad. But Anne says she fine - as she does a 'stranger' springs out form behind the bushes demanding their runners. Anne gives it a bit of the tae-kwon-do and Sprodi ends up on the floor. Anne begins to run off but Billy helps his friends up and Anne demands an explanation. Billy tells her he was just trying to prove to Anne that the streets aren't as safe for girls as she thinks they are. Understandably that doesn't go down very well with Anne, who storms off.
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