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Neighbours Episode 2877 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2877
Australian airdate: 17/06/97
UK airdate: 27/11/97
UK Gold: 18/11/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Rohan Kendrick: Paul Zebrowski
Ian Palmer: David McLean
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: James
Karl has decided definitely not to have a baby.
Rohan wants help settling into a place of his own.
Number 28
Susan has made Karl breakfast, she made Eggs Benedict. Karl says it won't work.
Billy and Toadie arrive and ask what is happening, Karl replies their mother believes the old cliché about the way to a mans heart. Billy asks what the yellow stuff it. Susan replies Hollandaise sauce, Toadie thinks it is something the bird did. Toadie and Billy manage to escape breakfast by leaving.
Karl really liked the breakfast when a tired looking Libby arrives, but she is not hungry either and just wants coffee as it looks like a heart attack on a plate. Before leaving with the coffee for a shower, she is going with Rohan to his mobility assessment.
Susan wants to know what to do with all the food, Karl will eat it so it doesn't go to waste, and then adds it's still not going to work. With the amount of food Karl has I doubt he could try for a baby after eating it all.
Coffee Shop
Lisa has been watching tapes of old games, Debbie thinks TV must have been dull but the Lisa thinks it was useful apart from Lous camerawork and they need to work on their defensive skills before this afternoons final . She will take the afternoon off work to work on a few new plays, Debbie replies she did not think teachers were supposed to wagg. Lisa thinks it is important, and they can relax when they are champions. Before reminding Debbie of the lunch time meeting with Lou as she leaves.
Toadie arrives to check if he was working which he is that afternoon, Billy wants a banana smoothie and a muffin thing. Debbie offers Toadie some extra shifts as she is off with Darren, he agrees to before warning Debbie not to let Darren take her camping as he took Libby camping and she hated it. Debbie says she is civilised, Toadie jokes is civilised her middle name, Billy adds Toadies is Vincenzo.
Number 28
A stack of empty plates, Susan pours Karl a fresh cup of coffee, before she goes he has an itch and asks her to scratch it which she does as Libby arrives.
Susan goes to get the door for Rohan, who leaves with Libby.
Karl is worried Libby's feelings for Rohan are born out of sympathy but Susan says they don't want a repeat of Darren.
Susan has to go and is nervous about the day as she has to cover Lisas class as she has an important appointment. Karl says to keep cool, Susan agrees to meet for lunch before reminding Karl to take his patient files.
Coffee shop
Toadie is excited by the idea of double shifts on Saturday and Sunday as he will make a packet. Billy warns Toadie maths starts in 5 minutes so they run off.
Darren arrives with the perfect idea for the weekend, a perfect little spot near the lake. Debbie asks what the name of the resort is, but it is camping. Darren says that way they can get away from everyone and everything. Debbie asks if it the same place he took Libby, Darren goes quiet before Debbie saying she doesn't want to go to the same place he took Libby and she is not the camping type, she just want to go to a new place their place. He agrees but they don't know where.
Billy and Toadie are rushing for class as they are going to be late. They run into Susan who wants to be sure they had breakfast, Billy says they did before she leaves. Billy thinks something is up as she is smiling and made breakfast. Toadie thinks Susan is having a baby still.
The Pagoda
Libby is apologizing to the assessor for Rohans struggling. It looks like Rohan will walk into the lake but uses the stick to stop in time.
Number 30
Lisa is sure the legends will learn the new tactics quickly, Lou says winners are grinners and he expects to be doing alot of grinning that afternoon. Lisa goes to get the phone.
Debbie is worried the team will struggle to learn the new plays, but Lou is more confident and gives Debbie a pep speech about being a legend and to hold her head up high.
Coffee shop
Karl is looking forward to his burger before Susan wonders if he has had enough eggs, so Karl takes the egg out of the burger. Susan goes to get Karl a cappuccino with fat milk.
Libby and Rohan arrive, Rohan says the assessment went well before going outside to find a table.
Karl says Rohan seems happy, Libby agrees that it went well. Susan invites them over to dinner. Karl asks if Libby knows how much of a responsibility taking care of Rohan is, Libby knows it is but she thinks they both have a prejudice as Rohan is blind.
The pub
Lou is signing we are the champions, Lisa arrives and says they are off to the courts to warm up, to which Lou agrees to go, before asking the others if they can smell victory.
Susan is disappointed Karl upset Libby earlier, Karl argues he is not prejudice so he won't feel guilty as they are only thinking about Libby. Karl is worried as he has seen sympathy and love be confused hundreds of times before, Susan agrees they don't want Libby to get hurt. The bell rings so Karl leaves.
Number 28
Libby wants to know what discrimination against blind people is called, Toadie suggests blindist, Libby says not to say anything to Rohan.
Rohan arrives to ask what he doesn't know, Libby says nothing so he replies he knows nothing. Libby says she is very proud of Rohan.
Billy wants to know if Libby knows about Susan having another kid, Libby thinks she gave up. Toadie says if they read the signs like special dinners luby duby stuff they may still be trying. Libby says to ask them.
Number 30
Lisa is annoyed, but Debbie thinks they gave it their best shot. Lisa wants to be left alone as they got thrashed but Darren wants to party. Lisa is blaming herself for a botched pass that caused them to lose the game. Darren and Debbie still wants to party but Lisa thinks no one will remember them as no one remembers silver medal winners or the horse that came second at the Melbourne cup. Lisa leaves for a bath.
Number 28
Libby throughs Toadie and Billy outside for playing football inside, so they leave.
As Susan and Karl return home Rohan leaves as it is late, Susan says he can stay but Marlene is expecting Rohan so he goes.
Susan and Karl do not have any objection with Libby having a relationship with Rohan as he seems nice, but they want what's best for her. This annoys Libby who wants them to know she loves Rohan but Karl explains he is worried she is confusing sympathy with love so Libby leaves.
Number 22
Libby is there because she missed Rohan, but he is confused as he left minutes ago. He thinks they should have stayed as there was no one home and could have got a free feed, Libby suggests they go out but he is tired. Libby wants to talk about us. Rohan jokes he was born in a hospital a long long time. He wants to take things one step at a time which Libby agrees to.
Number 28
Susan is cooking dinner but won't let Karl help as she wants him to have a beer and relax, so he goes to feed the bird. Then jokes about Lisa netball teams humiliating defeat, Susan says there is always next year before asking Billy where Toadie is, he is washing his hair. Susan leaves.
Billy wants to talk man to man to Karl about having another baby, Karl says he won't give in for a few poached eggs and kind words and there won't be any more babies as it takes two to tango.
The Pub
Lou asks where the captain is, Debbie says Lisa blames herself for losing the game. Lou and Darren go to fetch Lisa and get her to go even if she is kicking and screaming.
Number 28
Susan has fetched Karls slippers when Toadie arrives and asks when dinner is, Karl says it is not dark yet. Toadie says he is a growing boy, Karl jokes sideways but Toadie replies at least he is not going bald. Susan is going to put the bins out.
Toadie and Billy talk alone, Billy explains it is ok but Toadie wonders why Susan is sucking up so much. Billy says mum wants a baby but dad doesn't, Toadie says if his dad wins it will be a human first.
The street
Darren wonders why they need the champagne which Lou is carrying as they have heaps of booze, Lou wants the bus to be a big success and they need a good word of mouth.
They knock on Number 30, to see Lisa just as the bus pulls up road with the team chanting Lisa, Lisa, Lisa...
<<2876 - 2878>>
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