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Neighbours Episode 2864 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2864
Australian airdate: 29/05/97
UK airdate: 10/11/97
UK Gold: 30/10/03
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Rohan Kendrick: Paul Zebrowski
Wendy Scott: Marissa Warrington
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Marlene telling Libby that Rohan is feeling down.
Rohan enjoying Libby taking him out on a tandem bicycle.
Rohan feeling Libby with his fingers so he can see what she looks like and then admitting this is the only way he is going to see people for the rest of his life.
Number 28
Lib is a bit down after what happened post bicycle ride with Rohan but Karl tries to point out to her the positive things that he is now doing due to her involvement in his life and its only natural for him to get depressed over losing his sight.
Number 22
Darren is enjoying watching the motorbikes on TV but Debbie isn't and tries to get Darren interested in something else and they tentatively agree to do something tomorrow as it's his day off. Lou however puts a spanner in the works when he returns home by wanting Darren to help finish doing the work on the bus tomorrow but throws in a couple of sweeteners to help him change his mind - a free meal on the bus and drinks now (with Rohan too) at the pub.
Lou's Place
Lou guides Rohan to a seat at the bar and the lad is full of jokes - wanting to play pool, play darts and to drive the community bus too after Lou tries to get Karl to be on the bus tomorrow when he comes in seeking refuge from Toadie and Billy.
The Coffee Shop
Lib is seeking solace away from #28 too and Darren invites her to join them in the pub for a drink but she turns his offer down as she has a lot of reading to do but promises to have a coffee with him when she is less busy.
Lou's Place
Karl and Lou are aiding Rohan as the 3 of them play pool. Darren joins them and mentions that he saw Libby in TCS and Lou is pleased to hear that they are talking. He confirms to Rohan that he went out with Libby but doesn't expand on why they broke up although does agree with Rohan when he says that Libby is a nice girl.
Number 26
Phil is surprised to hear that Debbie is going out again and when she explains the reason why, both are keen to go on the bus too.
Lou's Place
Some female, known to be Sindi in the future if you FF to the 2002 summaries but Wendy in this eppy, comes to the bar to ask about Rohan and if he'd like to her to say hello. Lou and Darren reply positively and to encourage her, give her Rohan's beer to take over to him.
Debbie arrives and tells Lou that Phil is looking forward to coming especially for the free beer and food. Free food isn't what Lou was planning on doing but they tell him its standard fare at these things.
Wendy approaches Rohan's table and hands him his beer and adds that they guys at the bar thought he'd be company for him.
Commercial break later and Rohan isn't amused at what he thinks is him being set up by Darren and so reverts into his old charming self, so much so that Wendy decides to leave. He then decides its time to go home after sarcastically thanking Darren for his help.
Number 28
Karl is telling Libby that her work with Rohan is paying off as Rohan was at the pub last night and he even played pool with them. she is surprised to hear this but is happy for him.
Lou drops by to tell them about what also happened at the pub (with Wendy) and that Rohan has withdrawn himself. He asks Libby to come by to talk to him and she agrees to go over once she's finished at home but then changes her mind to go over immediately.
Ramsay Street
Lib catches up with Lou as he is leaving and walks with him over to #22. They run into Debbie and Darren as they get ready to leave for work and Lou asks Debbie if she'll do some food for the bus journey but she has to turn him down as she is too busy and Darren suggests asking Marlene instead. Meanwhile Libby asks Darren to give her a call about them having coffee since she's caught up with her work.
Number 22
Lou returns playing dumb to Rohan about why he was out of the house (saying instead he was getting the paper) and chats Marlene up nicely about doing the catering for the bus trip and she agrees to help before heading to work.
Meanwhile Libby talks to Rohan about his trip to the pub and he tells her about Wendy trying to chat him up out of pity (he heard it in her voice) adding it was the last thing he needed.
The Coffee Shop
Debbie tries not to be obvious in quizzing Darren as she gets to work about who asked who out for coffee with Libby.
Number 22
Marlene is busy making sandwiches and isn't pleased with Lou's help! Meanwhile in the livingroom, Rohan is turning down every suggestion Libby is making to get him outside but eventually he gives into going for a walk with her.
The Coffee Shop
Phil drops Helen off at TCS while he goes to get more shopping. Debbie tells her about Libby inviting Darren out for coffee and Helen asks if it's bothering her. She replies no however Helen advices her to be cautious the next time she speaks to Darren. Debbie then says that that she'll clear the air if she needs to.
Lou's Place
Rohan thinks Libby is being too obvious about bringing him back to the pub. He is relived to find out that Lou, Darren and Wendy aren't there but still thinks that Libby is patronising him (when she suggests they have some food and a game of pool) and walks out.
The Coffee Shop
Phil returns for Helen and she asks Darren to let Lou know she won't be there as it wouldn't look nice her sleeping in the corner!
Libby appears and asks Darren if he is ready to have their coffee but goes to say no as he was going to be having something with Debbie but she is too busy to take a break so tells them to have coffee instead. Libby starts the chat by telling him about taking Rohan to the pub and that he makes her so mad sometimes!
Lou's Place
Marlene drops the food off with Lou and he tells her he owes her one.
The Coffee Shop
Debbie has her envious face on as she watches Darren and Libby chat even though it is totally innocent and when she interrupts on the pretence of offering them free cake Darren decides its time for a quiet word with Debbie.
In the kitchen, Darren tells her he is onto her and adds that she doesn't trust him. "Gee she's only your ex-girlfriend" is Debbie's reply to that one. Darren points out that if he were up to anything with Libby, doing so in front of her at TCS is hardly the likely place.
DEBBIE: Well you would have looked pretty guilty if you'd gone somewhere else.
DARREN: Guilty?! I've got nothing to be guilty about.
DEBBIE: Well why are you in here then telling me you are not guilty?
Darren doesn't answer that one and Debbie tells him to get back out to Libby as she'll be waiting for him. This doesn't go down well with Darren and he bluntly tells her that Libby is just a friend and he won't be dropping his old friends just because she feels uncomfortable.
DARREN: If you've got a problem with this, maybe we should call it off right now.
<<2863 - 2865>>
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