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Neighbours Episode 2863 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2863
Australian airdate: 28/05/97
UK airdate: 07/11/97
UK Gold: 29/10/03
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Rohan Kendrick: Paul Zebrowski
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Rohan joking with Libby that he should drive back to Ramsay Street.
Ben telling Phil the troubles he seems to have caused for the Wilkinson family since his arrival.
Hannah falling off the flying fox.
Hannah rejects the offer of help from the boys to see what is wrong with her wrist but they decide to head home to get Karl to check on Hannah's wrist.
Number 22
Lou is reading up on the rules of netball but finds the appeal of watching a game of footy more appealing instead and Rowan jests with him that he should put cotton wool in his ears so the two of them can make one "whole" spectator.
Ramsay Street
Ruth spots Phil and Ben making their way home from the pub and is intrigued when there is silence after she asks if they solved the problems of the world. Phil says that they did talk about a few things and tells her about Ben's feelings that Lance is still interested in boxing and about the fight Lance had with Billy earlier. Ruth is shocked to hear this and the three of the head inside to talk about it more.
Number 28
Karl's idea of a romantic night in is spoilt when the boys and Hannah enter with Hannah still in obvious pain. He runs through a few things with her but a trip to A&E is in order. Susan joins them and the three of the lie about how the accident was caused (Hannah says she fell off her skateboard) and where the boys found her.
Number 32
Ruth is shocked to hear about Lance and Billy's boxing match and she decides that reading him the riot act is in order although Phil doesn't think that will do any good. She admits that of all the problems she anticipated having with her kids, boxing wasn't one of them and asks Ben why he didn't encourage Lance to take up stamp collecting!
Number 22
"Did you see that" Lou asks Rohan about something that has happened in the footy and Marlene fills in the blanks Lou missed out. Lou is very much watching the game for himself and Marlene has to remind him to explain to Rohan what is happening but eventually, Rohan bails to go listen to music in his room and Marlene has a go at Lou for not involving him.
Number 28
The painkillers Karl gave Hannah have kicked in and the pain isn't so bad but she lets slip about being burned by the rope and Susan tries to get a confession from the boys that the flying fox was responsible.
Number 32
Lance comes home for his supper and Ruth immediately asks if he is boxing and he admits that he is and asks that she stops him from trying to do everything her way.
Number 22
Marlene admits to Libby that Rohan is down in the dumps when she calls by and Libby quizzes him when they are alone. He rejects her offers of something to do but promises to think of something interesting that they can do.
Number 26
Phil gets ready to take Hannah to the hospital and Karl confirms that the wrist is broken but luckily not displaced. Ruth tells her that the worst thing will be the itching and Karl tells Helen to look out for her knitting needles disappearing!
Number 28
Susan is lecturing the boys in a big way and Karl joins in too when Karl comes back and he sends them off to their rooms to read so he can discuss a suitable punishment with Susan.
Number 32 (next day)
Lance is after some money from Ruth to buy a mouthguard and she asks him if he needs other protective equipment too but he replies that he can use the ones at the gym. He is also puzzled by Ruth's "new" attitude towards discussing boxing and is surprised when she replies that she listened to him.
Number 26
Hannah's left arm is plastered and because of that she is having trouble trying to do basic things like spread her toast with Vegemite. Ruth comes in and offers her sympathy which Phil moans at because she doesn't know how the injury was achieved!
Number 22
Lou is telling Rohan about his netball game last night when Libby arrives with news of his surprise. He thought she wasn't interested and eventually he gives in.
Outside Number 22
Libby's surprise is a tandem bike and Rohan tells her that she is very stubborn as she hands him his helmet.
Number 30
Ruth calls by to discuss Lance with Ben and thinks she knows what is up with him - he is jealous at not being the only son anymore and asks if he can come over and talk things through with Lance. Ben is hesitant as he doesn't think Lance will talk to him.
Libby and Rohan are out on the bike and he is having fun despite admitting that he is scared.
Number 32
As requested, Ben calls by for a chat and Lance immediately wants to go out, so Ruth comes clean - she invited Ben for the chat because she thinks Lance has taken up boxing as a payback for her spending time with Ben. Lance is aghast at her suggestion and leaves.
Lib and Rohan take a break from cycling and sit on the grass. He admits that it's nice to spend time alone with her and that he likes to get her attention too.
Number 28
Toadie and Billy are carrying out their punishment much to Karl and Susan's amusement as they sit and watch.
Number 22
Rohan thanks Libby for their bike ride as he didn't think he'd ever do that again. Libby tells him that there are lots of things like that that he can do. Rohan opens up to her that it's scary the pictures he holds in his head won't be updated. He then approaches Libby to ask her if he can touch her so he can tell what she feels liked and when he does, notices that she is trembling.
ROHAN: This is the closest I'll ever come to seeing you Lib. This is the closest I'll ever come to seeing anybody ever again as long as I live.
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