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Neighbours Episode 2865 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2865
Australian airdate: 30/05/97
UK airdate: 11/11/97
UK Gold: 31/10/03
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Rohan Kendrick: Paul Zebrowski
Ralph Taft: David Watson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lou wanting Darren to finish off the bus.
Rohan thinking that Libby is being patronising.
Darren telling Debbie that they should perhaps call things off now if she can't handle him spending time with his old friends.
The bus is ready and waiting as Lou arrives with the food and Phil helps load it on. Lou is very nervous as they go onboard and takes his frustrations out on Darren who was late in coming to give the bus a final going over because they have a reporter coming from the Erinsborough News and so wants everything spot on.
Number 22
Rohan answers the door to Libby and no, she isn't there to take him back to the pub as he suggested but to apologise to him, which he agrees to accept on condition she joins him for a sandwich.
Number 26
Helen senses that something is wrong with Debbie and she correctly guesses it's to do with Darren and Libby having coffee. "I thought you were keeping your jealousy under control" Helen asks and Debbie replies that she was - she was more than nice to them! Helen worms it out of her that she was uncomfortable with it and that Darren picked up on it and suggests that the two of them need a long talk!
Number 22
Lib complements Rohan on his sandwich making skills and then takes the opportunity to try and talk to him about Wendy but he's go this head buried in the sand again and is refusing to accept that Wendy found him attractive.
ROHAN: Do you find me attractive?
LIBBY: ...
"Yes well there you go" is his reply to Libby's silence.
Lou officially opens 'Le Bus' and invites the gathered onboard for the maiden journey. Onboard, Lou rings the bell to signal its time to go and eventually the bus starts and they move off.
Number 30
Lib calls by to get Lisa's advice on Rohan's question to her on whether she finds him attractive or not. "He is attractive" Lisa replies and Libby agrees with her - that is her problem. At Lisa's bemusement, she explains that she questions how she really does feel about him but does rule out that she is in love with him when Lisa asks her. She wonders if Karl's warning about not getting involved with a sympathy case should have been heeded although Lisa points out that her feelings for Rohan could be genuine.
LIBBY: You see if Rohan thinks I'm too full on I'm smothering him, that's why I am so confused.
LISA: Are you sure you're not making too much of this?
LIBBY: No. You see the problem is do I feel the way I feel about Rohan because I'm falling for him or because he's blind?
Road somewhere
The patrons are enjoying the free food and drink as Lou tries to plug what 'Le Bus' will do. Darren and Debbie decide to bail out so they can have a chat as the bus merrily goes on... before coming to a complete halt after a few small bangs. Lou tries to cover and say that the bus seems to like this spot and so it will become a regular stop but the journo onboard corrects Lou and says it's a permanent stop by the looks of things!
Number 22
Lisa questions Libby to see if her feelings have developed because she's been doing things for him instead of what normal dating people do. Lib sees the point of what Lisa is trying to say, so Lisa suggests that she gets Rohan to come with them to see a group she was planning on seeing so it doesn't look like it's a date. "That's not a bad idea" Libby replies before adding that all she needs to do now is to persuade Rohan to come!
Number 26
Debbie apologises for being jealous and adds that is to do with her not feeling confident enough with him/them to trust him not to do the same to her as he did to Libby. Darren is not happy at her suggestion and points out she is hardly one to say something with her past behaviour. They then start having a barney and eventually Darren realises they are getting nowhere and instead leaves.
Road somewhere
The RSR's console Lou and by way of compensation, he invites everyone to continue the party (on him) back at the pub...as long as they can walk there!
Number 22
Debbie explains to Helen about her argument with Darren and she points out that its asking a lot for Darren and Libby to totally avoid each other. "I'm not asking that they do" replies Debbie before telling Helen not to worry about it.
Lou's Place
Lou is annoyed at not being able to get hold of Ben and decides to do some sucking up to the Erinsborough News journo to avoid some bad publicity.
Number 22
Rohan tries to listen to his walkman as Darren takes out his frustrations at the footy as Lisa and Libby arrive. Lisa invites Rohan to the gig but he turns it down and likewise Darren does too.
Lib goes into the kitchen area to talk to Darren about Debbie and he reports that she was jealous of them having coffee and things came to a head. She replies that she can see why it would look suss to Debbie and Darren asks if she can talk to Debbie to put her straight but Libby would rather not get involved especially when the reason they broke up was because she couldn't trust him!
Meanwhile, while Darren and Libby were talking, Lisa has managed to convince Rohan to go to the gig but Darren is still a no although they ask that Rohan tries to convince him when they depart to get ready, promising to be back in an hour.
Lou's Place
Lou says goodbye to the journo hopeful that the article will be positive. When he returns to Susan at the bar, he wonders if he is losing his grip by getting carried away with this project since he invested a lot of time and money in it.
Number 28
Libby asks Lisa if she was too harsh on Darren but Lisa points out that it's too late now, she's said it! Rohan and Darren come over despite the girls supposed to be picking up the boys! Darren asks for a glass of water and at the sink he apologises to Libby for asking her to talk to Debbie. He reassures her that he has changed, that he can be trusted and is going to prove it to both of them. Lib then invites Darren to come with them to the gig and this time he says yes.
Number 26
Phil comes to chat with Debbie after Helen fills him. He asks how innocent the coffee between Darren and Libby was and Debbie replies "innocent enough" but then adds that he must still be interested in Libby. "That's a bit of leap" Phil replies and points out that there isn't any reason why they can't be friends. Debbie admits that she is finding it hard to trust Darren and Phil tells her that is one of the most important things in a relationship. "He's just so hard to work out" she moans and Phil suggests talking to Libby to get both sides of the story. Debbie likes this suggestion and will go and talk to her now.
Ramsay Street
Debbie heads down the driveway to go talk to Libby but spots Lisa, Libby, Rohan and Darren coming down the path of Number 28. She heads towards them saying that she was on her way to talk to Libby and hadn't realised that they were going somewhere. Darren explains that the four of them are off to see a band and invites Debbie along.
DEBBIE: You wouldn't have given me a second though if I hadn't just happened to come out here.
Darren thinks she is being silly but she doesn't. The ladies ask her along to and Darren adds that they only decided a couple of minutes ago to go.
DEBBIE: Right, so I'm inside trying to figure out what to do about our relationship and you are here about to go out with her. Its enough to make a girl paranoid isn't it Darren?
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