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Neighbours Episode 2860 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2860
Australian airdate: 23/05/97
UK airdate: 04/11/97
UK Gold: 24/10/03
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Helen Gaynor
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Anne not impressed at the flying fox.
Darren confirming that he and Debbie are 'babysitting' Helen.
Lance telling Ben he's going to be joining a boxing club.
Number 32
Lance is after boxing tips from Ben and Ruth mentions that he should have his hands strapped up too.
Number 26
It looks like everyone his having a miserable night in front of the TV! Helen doesn't believe Debbie when she says they so want to stay in and be with her. Finally Darren calls a halt to the pretence and says that since Helen is fine they should go out and if Helen needs them, she can always phone his mobile, so Helen asks for the number.
Lou's Place
Darren and Debbie are so enjoying themselves now they are out of the house. Ben joins them and tells them about the predicament he is in - that Lance wants to join a boxing club whereas Ruth doesn't want him to and he's caught in the middle.
Ben heads to the bar to get a drink (and see if it will solve his dilemma!) and Phil enters the bar unamused at seeing Debbie and Darren there. Debbie shows him the mobile phone and the compromise deal they struck with Helen. They suggest that Phil gets a mobile too although he'd have preferred it if they'd stayed at home with Helen.
Number 28
Karl heads off to work after taking the last bit of toast much to Billy and Toadie's annoyance. The boys discuss the flying fox and Toadie reckons they can get a rope from the PE department. Billy suggests that they let Hannah in on it too after she took the huff last week at the thought of being excluded when Billy wanted to talk to Anne.
Number 26
Billy and Toadie arrive to escort Hannah to school and they let her in on the flying fox secret and she is keen to join in.
Helen and Phil discuss mobile phones and she thinks he shouldn't get one but he is insistent on getting one partially so she can get "her fussing relatives out of her hair" and also for his business use too.
Number 32
Ben is round to talk to Ruth about Lance and boxing, even though he isn't keen on betraying his brother. He tells her about Lance's plan to join the boxing club and wonders what she is going to do. "Speak to him" is her reply and reassures Ben that he's done the right thing telling her.
Toadie has got hold of some ropes and they "nominate" Hannah to store it in her locker.
Number 26
Ruth is round to do physio with Helen. She unloads on Helen about Lance and his boxing before complementing Helen on her progress. Helen tells Ruth about Debbie babysitting her and that Phil is out buying a mobile phone.
The phone goes and Helen asks Ruth to answer it - its Phil telling her to get back to work... he's trying out his mobile phone! He enters the house and shows it off before programming the house phone with the number, adding that to show her he's not mollycoddling her; he's taking Ruth to the pub for lunch.
The Coffee Shop
Phil asks Debbie if she wants to join Ruth and himself for lunch at the pub. Debbie thinks it's a great idea and that she'll see him there. Ruth sends Phil on ahead so she can have a word with Lance after spotting him.
She comes straight to the point and tells him she doesn't want him going to the boxing club. He isn't exactly happy at Ben grassing him up and Ruth's ban but she's insistent - until he's old enough it's the punching bag or nothing!
Number 26
Helen spots that Holly isn't looking too great and calls the vet instead of Phil. They want her to bring the dog in straight away but as she can't drive, asks that they come over and pick them up, which they agree to do.
The Coffee Shop
Lance is in a mood thanks to Ruth's boxing ban and unloads on Hannah. Toadie and Billy come in to tell them about the latest development of the flying fox - they've found somewhere to set it up and agree to meet after school but Lance bails as he wants to talk to his mum.
Lou's Place
Phil decides to show off his mobile phone by calling home to check on Helen and immediately panics when there is no answer. Ruth tries to assure him Helen will be fine but he thinks there is something wrong and they all decide to head to #26 immediately.
Number 26
Phil comes rushing in shouting out "Helen" but she isn't there. Debbie is sent to check the bedrooms and reports back that she isn't there and nor is Holly. Darren suggest that she's just taken the dog out for a walk but Ruth adds that they've only been to the corner before so would have seen her.
Hannah, Toadie and Billy check out the location for the flying fox. Billy and Hannah think they are too close to the school but they agree on a compromise - setting it up where they are and having a lookout in case a teacher comes by.
Number 26
Phil has called round Helen's friends and they are about to head out when Helen arrives home. She tells them about being at the vet's and there was no time to call because Holly was sick (Holly's eaten something dodgy and is being kept in) but he still thinks she should have called him.
Ramsay Street
Ruth runs into Ben and she tells him about her chat with Lance. He wants to come and talk to Lance to see if he can repair some of the damage caused by grassing him up to her.
Number 32
Ruth and Ben enter the house and Ruth heads off to prepare dinner. Ben tries to apologise but Lance isn't listening nor willing to listen and tells Ben he can get lost! Ruth reappears back after hearing Lance tell Ben to get lost and he tells the pair of them that he is going to keep on boxing regardless of what they say or what punishments Ruth dishes out!
RUTH: Here we go again.
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