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Neighbours Episode 2861 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2861
Australian airdate: 26/05/97
UK airdate: 05/11/97
UK Gold: 27/10/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Anne asking Lance if she is a wet blanket and him confirming that she isn't but can be boring.
Lance not happy at Ben telling Ruth that he wanted to join a boxing club and he's going to keep pursing it regardless of what they say.
Toadie, Hannah and Billy excited at building the 'flying fox'.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie and Billy are moaning that the flying fox hasn't worked - the pulleys weren't working although Toadie reckons a bit of oiling will solve that. Anne arrives wanting to know if she is still getting the first go, which they confirm and when she gives them reassurance that it will work, Toadie thanks her for her confidence.
Number 32
Ben and Ruth are talking about Lance joining the boxing club (or not!) and when Anne arrives home and takes her mum's side although Ruth reassures Ben that it wasn't his fault Lance got carried away after being introduced to the punching bag. She then tells them about her annoyance at Toadie and Billy (she is calling them morons), so Ruth asks since she's in a mood if she'll tell that to Lance as long as she mentions boxing at the same time!
ANNE: At least I get to call him names!
Number 28
Susan tells Karl about a letter she has got from Mal and reads him the highlights - they've now got somewhere to live (a flat in Kentish Town) and both of them have jobs (Mal in a video store and Cath in a pub). She also adds that Cath took Mal shopping in Regent Street but they couldn't afford to buy anything and Karl thinks that is a big hint that they want money sent to them. Susan then has a brainwave - its Mal's birthday soon and ignoring Karl saying that they should sent a cheque, suggests they send him a video tape with birthday messages/wishes and news. Karl points out that they don't have a camcorder but Susan's already one step ahead - they can borrow the school's one and strikes while the iron is hot to go get it.
Number 32
Lance is still in a mood because of Ben grassing him up as he enters the kitchen to do his washing. Billy arrives and Lance enquires how the "school project" is going and Billy replies that it will be all set to go after a few minor adjustments. He also checks that Anne is still up for being the first to use it because he didn't thing she was really up for it but she is although the face tells a different story.
Number 28
Susan is back with the camcorder but the others don't seem to be taking it as serious as she.
SUSAN: This is not a showcase for amateur comedians alright. It's a birthday message to my son, your brother to let him know how much we love him and how much we miss him and if you can't be genuine you can forget the whole thing.
Karl is forced to agree with her but Toadie tries to say he can't do the soppy stuff and that there should be something funny in it which earns him a warning that he mustn't be stupid in it from Susan.
TOADIE: You're the boss.
SUSAN: And don't you forget it!
Billy wonders what Toadie is up to since he gave in so easily and Toadie replies that once Susan sees his comic genius on tape she'll change her mind.
Number 32
Ruth decides she's had enough of the silence as they eat their meal and decides to get a few things off her chest. First off is a ticking off for Lance for the way he spoke to Ben especially since they are all just at the getting to know him stage. Lance doesn't agree, saying that Ben got what he deserves after dobbing him in but Ruth is proud of what Ben did because it shows responsibility for his brother and asks that he gives her his promise that he will give up his boxing ambitions. "I can't do that mum, I'm not going to give it up" is his reply so Ruth formally tells her son that boxing is forbidden from this point onwards and it isn't up for discussion!
Number 28
Susan and Karl are arguing over getting the camcorder in focus and he suggests that they check out the manual!
Quietly, as they do the dishes, Billy suggests that Anne shouldn't do the first run on the flying fox as she is only doing it to prove to Toadie that she actually cool and not a goody-two-shoes but he thinks the main thing is that she is still involved and that she'll be converted once she's had a go.
Karl and Susan finally get the camcorder working and they record some "normal" behaviour from the boys but Susan ticks them off for mucking around and wasting tape space and reiterates her warning from earlier.
Next day though, Toadie and Billy give a sincere message about the comings and goings of Ramsay Street which meets with Susan's approval. She then has to get to work and leaves the boys to pack up the camcorder but once she leaves they add more to the tape that they think Mal would prefer to see!
Anne arrives to ask Karl if he can have a word with Lance and the injuries a boxer can get since he seems intent to defy Ruth's ban, which he is happy to do once he's had a think about what to say.
Ramsay Street
Ben tries to chat with Lance as he heads to school but Lance just thinks he'll blab to Ruth so avoids the chat and heads to school instead.
The other teens appear and Ben hands over a can of WD-40 to Toadie and he merrily heads off with Billy while Anne stays behind to tell Ben that she's asked Karl to talk to Lance about boxing injuries.
The Coffee Shop
Karl joins Ruth to talk about Anne's request and she is happy with him to interfere on the matter since Lance isn't listening to her.
The bell rings for lunchtime and Susan asks Billy for the camcorder so she can record her piece for Mal and they are forced to hand it over despite wanting to use it to show Mal how the work he did at the school now its been painted. Despite the boys doing a runner after handing over the camcorder, when Susan checks the tape, she isn't mad but amused at the extra stuff the boys recorded.
Later, Hannah has now appeared and Toadie shows off the now working pulley and the teens get themselves organised to put the flying fox together. Anne puts on a "I'm not worried" face in front of them about being first to go down the flying fox but when they move away before her, you can see she is worried.
The Coffee Shop
The teens get ready to head to the oval but Karl appears wanting a word with Lance. Karl starts off the chat being very friendly before getting out what he wanted to talk about. Lance looks set to have a go at him but changes tact to accept his advice when he sees that Anne hasn't followed the rest of the teens to build the flying fox and wants to go home (with Anne too) to talk to Ruth.
Number 32
Ruth is happy to hear that Lance is semi giving up boxing following Karl's chat (he'll still do the training but not the actual fighting). Anne wants to know what Lance is really up to when Ruth goes to show Karl out and he comes clean - he isn't planning on giving up on boxing but can put up a good front as she does over the flying fox. "At least I'm not lying to mum" she tells him but as if to prove a point heads off to the oval.
The flying fox is set up but they want to know where Anne has go to and persuade Hannah to do a pre-trial run but thankfully for her Anne and Lance appear although she looks rather scared of how high the thing is.
Number 28
Susan records her message to Mal, beginning with telling him that she misses their chats. Karl comes home as she is still recording to tell her the opposite - that she isn't actually recording anything as the battery must be flat. She decides to head immediately to school to get a new battery (she didn't bring home the charger) despite Karl telling her it can wait until tomorrow.
Anne is primed ready to go on the flying fox and is looking for another stalling tactic but Toadie uses reverse tactics to try and get her to go and finally she does. When she reaches the bottom she isn't happy and wants a word with her brother but they've got more to worry about - Susan has caught them and wants a word... now!
Susan gets the teens to confess all about the flying fox and that they haven't thought of the risks. She really lectures them about the safety they didn't think of and bans them from using it and to make sure they don't use it the dismantled flying fox will reside in the garage at #28.
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