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Neighbours Episode 2859 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2859
Australian airdate: 22/05/97
UK airdate: 03/11/97
UK Gold: 22/10/03
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
- Helen annoyed at Phil.
- Anne showing Billy a suggestion for how they can go away for the weekend together.
- Lance wanting Ben to help him learn boxing.
Number 28
Anne and Billy talk about their potential weekend away horseriding until Toadie arrives home and interrupts them. He tells them about his time back home but they are more interested in the mystery parcel he's brought home with him but is refuses to talk to them about it.
Number 32
Lance brings his mum up to speed on how he spent the day. He adds that he's glad Ben is around and Ruth wishes that they'd been able to grow up together. Lance tells her to take a chill pill, he's fine with it all but is glad he's now here.
Number 28
Billy tries to get at Toadie's mystery parcel when he returns back from walking Anne home but Toadie guards it with his life. He then relents when he realises the K's won't be home from the cinema for a bit to show Billy what's inside the parcel - pulleys! Billy isn't exactly jumping for joy at what he sees until Toadie explains it's so they can make a flying fox and earn some money! (It went down a storm at the festival back home) Billy now looks interested!
Number 32 (next day)
Anne lets slip to Ruth that Lance has been boxing when they're getting ready for school. Ruth isn't amused and tells him it's a mugs game.
Number 28
Toadie asks Billy if they want to let Anne and Billy into the flying fox secret when they walk to school. They discuss where the best place to have the flying fox and when Toadie suggests the school, Billy immediately vetoes that suggestion because they risk getting into big trouble if they are caught.
Number 26
Helen isn't amused to find that Debbie has been declared her "babysitter" for the day. Phil explains it's because they care about her, which Debbie backs up, but Helen reminds them of an expression - killing with kindness.
Number 32
Toadie and Billy have told Anne and Lance about the flying fox but Anne isn't keen due to the danger factor. "Lucky mums are dumb isn't it" Ruth tells the kids when they clam up after she enters the livingroom. She then packs them off to school and Ben catches Lance as he's leaving to return his shirt. They chat briefly about boxing and Lance asks Ben not to talk about it to Ruth as he thinks it might make her come round to letting him box officially.
Ben is a bit apprehensive when he spots Ruth after the accident with Lance but she's cool with it and thinks it may have put Lance off of boxing!
Ramsay Street
Darren creeps up on Debbie to arrange a date for that evening but Debbie remembers that she's to stay at home babysitting Helen although she will ask Phil if she can get out of it.
Number 26
Debbie enters the house to beg Phil to get off the babysitting duties but both Phil and Hannah have commitments although he will try and get out of his meeting. Helen is suss as to them whispering and Debbie points out to Phil that Helen isn't happy at what they are doing but he replies its just until Helen is more independent.
Number 32
Ruth and Ben discuss the merits of boxing from their different standpoints. Ben points out the positives and that it would be good for Lance to be able to defend himself too although Ruth points out that the chance of being mugged in Erinsborough is very low! She makes it clear that she doesn't want Lance doing anything dangerous and they come to a compromise over what Ben can teach him.
Anne is totally against the flying fox and isn't budging her stance despite the boys trying to convince her otherwise.
Number 26
Phil tries to rearrange his meeting and the guy is happy to do so. Helen catches the end of his conversation and wants to know why he's changing the meeting and he lies, saying he isn't fully prepared for the meeting. She mentions if the change has anything to do with Debbie going out with Darren and he plays dumb but Helen is onto him and what they are doing. Phil denies that there is anything suss so she orders him to re- arrange the meeting back to its original slot.
The Coffee Shop
Phil tells Debbie and Darren about the re- re- arranged meeting after Helen caught him. Darren tells them that Helen doesn't need babysitting but they think otherwise. When Phil leaves to join Ruth, Darren proposes a compromise - coming over with a video to watch.
Meanwhile, Ruth overheard their conversation and agrees with Darren and he explains that he's doing it because he cares and doesn't want her to get hurt. This strikes accord with Ruth and she tells him about her conversations with Lance and Ben about boxing. Phil suggests that she goes easy on Lance, its probably just a fad and he'll be past it soon enough.
The boys have found a possible venue for the flying fox and are surprised to see Anne right behind them. She tells them that she's here to help after Billy asked her to come along.
The Coffee Shop
The quartet discuss the flying fox logistics briefly before Lance heads off and Toadie starts work. Anne asks Billy if she's a wet weekend but he immediately rejects that idea and reassures her instead.
Number 26
Debbie and Darren enter the house laden with videos and tell Helen that they couldn't decide on which movie to watch so they rented videos they both liked instead. Helen isn't buying it and when Debbie goes off to make munchies, Darren confirms to Helen that Debbie lied as to the reason they are here and tells her that in his opinion she looks fine. Helen asks if he can talk to her since Debbie isn't listening to her and explains her frustration at not being able to spend some time alone.
Darren heads into the kitchen and explains his frustration to Debbie and that Helen knows what she and Phil are up to! Debbie explains that she'd feel guilty if something happened to Helen and asks if he knows any ideas how they can get round the situation.
Ramsay Street
Ruth hears Lance and Billy boxing as she walks up the street and watches them briefly before heading home.
Number 30
Lance drops into their conversation as he works on the bag (the compromise with Ruth to Ben teaching him boxing) that he's looked into joining up with a proper boxing club and could be sparing in the ring within two weeks. This is a surprise to Ben and he tries to talk Lance out of it.
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