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Neighbours Episode 2858 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2858
Australian airdate: 21/05/97
UK airdate: 31/10/97
Writer: Russell Kiefel
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Rohan Kendrick: Paul Zebrowski
Jeff: Andy McPhee
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Jeremai
Rohan scrambles to the edge of the drop and Libby tells him not to go any further. She thinks she has twisted her ankle but it's too dangerous for Rohan to help her.
Ramsay Street
Billy and Anne are walking up the street and Billy is complaining about Toadie having the day off to go and see his mum for her birthday. Anne suggests they go away for the weekend; she saw an advert for a horse riding camp in the newspaper. Billy thinks their parents would freak but Anne says they've got a few weeks to work on them!
Number 30 garage
Darren comes into the garage and helps Ben hook up a punching bag he's bought from a garage sale. They both try it out.
Libby can't get up. Rohan says he's got to do something and Libby tells him he'll have to head back to the road. Rohan doesn't think he can do it but Libby says no one is going to come to them and she doesn't want to be stuck here all night. Rohan starts clambering up the slope.
Number 30 garage
Ben is imparting some boxing advice to Darren when Lance comes along.
LANCE: Excellent. Where did you get this?
BEN: Garage sale.
LANCE: Is that why it's hanging in the garage?!
Lance has a go but hurts his hand. Hannah also appears and seems to have a good time punching the bag, despite saying she thinks it's stupid. She asks Lance if Anne is home and goes off to see her.
Number 32
Billy and Anne make a list of questions their parents might ask about them going away. They are kissing when Hannah comes in and makes herself comfortable on the couch. She mentions the punching bag and Billy wants to go and see it but Anne reminds him they're busy. Hannah asks if they want to play Scrabble but Billy suggests maybe Lance will go rollerblading with her. Hannah realises she's in the way, apologises, and leaves.
Number 30 garage
Ben gives Lance some boxing gloves to protect his hands. Hannah returns and asks Lance if he wants to go rollerblading but Lance is having too much fun. Ben puts on some gloves and tells Lance to throw a punch at him which he successfully blocks. He wants Lance to block his punch but Lance fails to do so. Ben hits him and gives him a nosebleed!
Rohan is using a stick in place of his cane. He almost falls down a small slope. He calls out but there is nobody to respond.
Number 32
Hannah comes back in and asks Billy and Anne why they can't do their homework later because she is bored. Ben and Darren bring the wounded Lance in to lay down on the couch. Anne says she told them boxing is bad for you. Lance refuses to let Anne look at his nose so she decides to go outside with Billy and Hannah before Ruth gets home and chucks a mental.
Rohan continues calling out but still nobody responds.
Number 32
Ben brings Lance some frozen peas to use as an ice pack and apologises again. Lance says he'll know to block next time. Ben isn't sure there will be a next time but Lance says he'll be alright in a minute.
LANCE: You're not going to stop showing me are you? Because I mean I'm just starting and I'm really liking it. I like getting hit!
Number 28
Hannah is playing on the computer while Billy is doing homework and Anne is reading the newspaper. There's an advert for volunteers at a senior citizen's home which would give them a reason to be away at the weekends. Billy says they'd still need a reason to be away at night but it might help them get in the good books. Susan arrives home with some groceries and Billy is very keen to give her a hand. He has put the washing machine on too. Susan's suspicions are aroused and she asks if they're in any trouble. Billy tells Anne he told her Susan wouldn't appreciate it. Susan apologises and tells Billy he's a good boy! Anne gives him a thumbs up as Susan hugs him.
Rohan trips and falls but gets back up again and can hear traffic. He finally makes it to the road and hears something coming. He steps out into the road as a small lorry comes along. The driver stops and gets out.
Number 28
Anne is trying to get rid of Hannah who doesn't take the hint but asks if they want to go to the coffee shop. Anne tells Hannah not to take this the wrong way but she thinks Billy wanted to talk to her about something private. Hannah gets slightly upset and leaves, saying she'll get Toadie to put the game on her computer.
The lorry driver has some rope and Rohan is trying to direct him to the river but doesn't remember the way exactly. Libby suddenly hears Rohan's voice and calls out to him. Rohan tells Libby he has help; the driver's name is Jeff. Jeff climbs down to Libby and Libby asks him how Rohan found him.
Number 26
Billy and Anne come to talk to Hannah and tell her they didn't want to upset her. Hannah tries to close the door on them, saying she knows they don't want to hang out with her. Billy says it wasn't personal; they were just trying to work on an idea. They ask if she wants to go to the coffee shop but Hannah coldly says she's got some things to do.
ANNE: Well we'll see you tomorrow.
HANNAH: Yeah, maybe.
Jeff drives away and Rohan hopes he knows how much they appreciated his help. Libby says Rohan must have been terrified but he ignores the question and asks how Libby's leg is. It's just a bit bruised. She tells Rohan she'll have him home in no time but Rohan has changed his mind and wants to go back to Ramsay Street.
ROHAN: Do you want me to drive? I think I've got my licence in my pocket!
LIBBY: Wait until we get to the freeway!
Number 30 garage
Lance is hitting the punching bag again after dark. Billy and Anne walk past and Anne tells Lance that Ruth will kill him if she sees him doing that. Lance says Ben was lucky being able to train as a kid and Ben says it kept him fit. Lance asks him if he's planning to get back into it. Ben says that's the plan and Lance asks if he can join him. They don't have to tell Ruth, and they wouldn't really be boxing anyway, just working out. Ben isn't happy about not telling Ruth but gives in.
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