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Neighbours Episode 2851 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2851
Australian airdate: 12/05/97
UK airdate: 22/10/97
UK Gold: 13/10/03
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Rohan Kendrick: Paul Zebrowski
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
- Billy annoyed at Karl paying for the birthday meal.
- Debbie suggesting to Darren that they could be more than friends.
- Anne telling Billy he's acting like a child.
Number 32 driveway
Ben tries to talk to Anne as she arrives home from her set- to with Billy. She doesn't seem too keen so he pleads to be heard out and then she can not talk to him again if she chooses!
Number 22
Darren wants to know why Debbie keeps changing her mind about him. She replies that she doesn't hate him but avoids answering his question directly. The pair are just getting friendly with each other when Lou walks in on them. She decides to head home and Lou teases Darren about what he walked in on.
Number 28
Karl is filling Libby in on what happened in the restaurant. She suggests that perhaps they embarrassed him but does add that Billy is just going through the 'Mr Cool' phase and will get over it! When Lib announces she's off to the blind institute, it's his turn to then lecture his daughter on what role she is playing in Rohan's life.
Number 32
Anne isn't making things easy for Ben. He begins by explaining why he went about the subtle questioning before it all came out and adds that it's very scary for him. Anne wishes he'd said something but refuses to accept his offer to get mad at him! "You should have at least said something," she pleads which he concedes but can't change that now. He asks if they can put it behind them since they are half- brother and sister.
Lassiters Complex
Toadie is surprised to see Billy in the complex and that he's annoyed. Billy explains why and Toadie can see why Anne is peeved at him. His suggestion is for Billy to apologise to his parents before he's then dragged off by Debbie to start his shift.
Number 32
Anne explains to Ben what happened at the restaurant and why she's annoyed. He tells her not to go hard on Billy and she's got to listen to him since he's her big brother!
Number 26
Darren calls round to see Debbie and asks if she wants to go out tomorrow as he's now got the day off. Unfortunately she can't as she is working all day.
Number 28
Karl is very cool with Billy when he comes home. Billy apologises for his behaviour but is still annoyed at them turning up as it was a private thing with Anne. Karl concedes at them barging in but just that Susan wanted to make a fuss of his birthday before he gets too old for things like that. He really lays the guilt onto Billy and he immediately wants to go apologise to his mum although Karl thinks its too late for that and when Billy asks what he can do (to make it up) is told that he's the adult and can come up with something himself!
Rohan's house
Libby is telling Rohan things that he can participate in but he's not up for it and tells her to get on with her work. However she can't as she needs supplies so he tells her to go now and get it and refuses her suggestion for him to go with her.
The Coffee Shop
Darren volunteers to help Debbie out so he can at least spend the day with her since she isn't free.
Ramsay Street
Toadie and Billy chat about the birthday lunch fall out while playing basketball. He gives Billy advice on the best way of sucking up!
Ben comes out to the street and decides to have a word with Billy over that happened (he mentioned speaking with Anne) and suggests that all Anne wants is for Billy to be himself.
The Coffee Shop
Debbie is unsure whether to add more chilli to the taco mix but when she decides to, she adds more than she wanted to!
Rohan is annoyed at Libby taking him into the coffee shop (they're on route to see Karl) and accuses her of further wanting to humiliate him (his card was rejected in the shop they were at previously).
Number 32
Billy comes over to explain to Anne why he blew up and within seconds everything is fine between them again.
Karl gives Rohan's hand the once over and announces that it's coming along nicely. He also subtly talks to him about Libby overstepping the mark and hopes that if that were to happen, he will keep Libby suitably in line!
The Coffee Shop
Toadie approves of today's lunchtime special but Debbie warns him off sampling it until lunchtime is over.
Lib and Darren share an awkward moment when he is collecting dishes after Debbie asked him too.
Rohan isn't pleased when Lib tells him about buying some fruit and the pair depart so she can do his cleaning.
Toadie finally gets to sample the taco mix and from his facial expression, it doesn't seem that it's hot enough.
Number 32
Billy is further telling Anne what Ben told him. She is still anti her mum over her keeping quiet about Ben. Billy thinks that's them even but she thinks otherwise, and says that she will never forgive her mum.
The Coffee Shop
Karl calls in for the lunchtime special and Debbie serves him his taco and one for Darren too. The pair excitedly munch away then seconds later are in serious need of some water! Debbie reassures Karl that she only added a wee drop chilli but turns out that both Darren and Toadie have added more which explains why it's now very hot!
Rohan's house
Rohan is still annoyed at Libby buying things for him and is further annoyed when she insinuates that he doesn't have money (he keeps saying he's waiting for his fortnightly cheque to clear). Libby is very blunt with him and tells him to stop burying his head in the sand and wake up to the fact that he is blind.
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