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Neighbours Episode 2852 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2852
Australian airdate: 13/05/97
UK airdate: 23/10/97
UK Gold: 14/10/03
Writer: John Upton
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Rohan Kendrick: Paul Zebrowski
Mrs Davis: Phyll Freeman
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Previously on Neighbours
- Anne calling her mum a hypocrite.
- Libby telling Rohan to wake up to the fact he's blind.
Ramsay Street
Marlene drops by with a peace offering for Sarah and an invite to afternoon tea after she explains about her insecurities especially over the job share.
Rohan's house
Libby is helping Rohan put the shopping away but the pair are still at loggerheads. She asks if she still wants help and he replies that it's a no- brainer as he's got no friends and no money, just people telling him it's going to be alright. Rohan then seems to mellow slightly when Libby starts to rub his shoulder as if to sympathise with him.
The Coffee Shop
Susan tells Ruth to drop in at home when she came in looking for Karl about some urgent referrals. Ruth remarks that it will be good to get out of the house given the tense atmosphere with Anne. Susan suggests patience.
Rohan's place
Lib has done the sums for Rohan and he's left with just under $50 to live on after all deductions. She suggests moving to somewhere cheaper but he's not so sure as he's just gotten used to getting around the place. Lib then apologises for what she said and that she won't do so again before heading off for the night. Rohan thanks her for her help and she switches the light off before exiting.
Number 28
Karl tells Susan about a competition to find Erinsborough's receptionist of the year but that he daren't decide which one to enter!
Marlene drops by to talk to Karl about the chat she had with Sarah and how they can make the running of the surgery better.
Lib comes home and isn't amused at Karl making a joke about Rohan and she explains why. Marlene congratulates Libby on the admiral thing she is doing
Number 32
Ruth asks Anne to give her a hand making supper but she sees though why her mum wanted help and refuses that and to chat about it. Ruth heads out to see Karl and Lance has a go at his sister and warns her if she continues, then they won't have a family.
Number 28
Susan gets Karl to tell Libby about the competition but he's burying his head in the sand and is putting the leaflet in the bin! Ruth drops by to chat about the referrals before chat turns to the battle she is having with Anne. Karl puts in his tuppenceworth, which Susan doesn't agree with!
Number 32
Ruth has taken Karl's tuppenceworth and is no longer going for pizza but they are going to have what was originally planned (chicken). Anne thinks it's another case of double standards but finds no ally in her brother.
Number 28 (next day)
Marlene drops by with an Irish stew for Rohan. Susan/Libby twig why Marlene is suddenly being so helpful and Karl is really looking forward (not) to his day ahead!
Lib isn't sure whether to give Rohan the casserole as he probably wouldn't accept her talking to others about him, so swithers about saying it was her that cooked it.
Number 32
Anne's mood hasn't improved and she stomps off to school. Ruth warns Lance about getting stuck in the middle before he too leaves for school.
Karl is suspicious of Marlene suddenly going above the call of duty as she sneakily puts a copy of the competition flyer into the next patients file before handing it to Karl! In return, he subtly makes it clear that he isn't going to be entering neither of them in the competition.
Rohan's place
Rohan likes the smell of the Irish stew that Libby has "made" when she arrives. They then chat about how he can save money and Lib tells him about a government department for housing that looks promising and Rohan seems keen and insists that he can make the calls when she wants to do that.
Karl seems relived when Susan comes in for them to go out to lunch after the hot/cold treatment Marlene is giving him. They spot Sarah talking to Marlene in the reception and Karl brings up the receptionist of the year competition (which is news to Sarah) and quickly disappears leaving the ladies to fight it out.
Rohan's house
Its bad news for Rohan that while he qualifies, the wait list is 6- 10 weeks and he can't afford to wait that long, and seems very reluctant to move back home.
Karl is back from a lovely lunch and just as he is giving Sarah plaudits, Marlene drops by with some cakes for afternoon tea. She denies there are ulterior motives behind it and he seems very relieved when Lib calls by wanting a chat!
Lib asks if Rohan can move in but is told no and suggest instead that he call his contact. She refuses that one as he reiterates its no to Rohan moving in.
Number 32
Anne announces that she's got to go back to the library for more books and wants money to have something to eat at the coffee shop. Ruth refuses to hand over money and the pair of them then have a blazing row which ultimately results in Ruth yelling to Anne that she isn't allowed out. Anne storms off to her room and Ruth apologises to Lance for him witnessing it but is refusing to back down.
<<2851 - 2853>>
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