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Neighbours Episode 2850 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2850
Australian airdate: 09/05/97
UK airdate: 21/10/97
UK Gold: 10/10/03
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Rebecca Knotts: Charmaine Gorman
Summary/Images by: JA
Billy invites Anne to a special lunch.
Helen encourages Debbie to admit to Darren how she feels.
Billy reveals Toadie's secret to Rebecca.
Number 28
Toadie tries to justify himself to an angry Rebecca, she is not too keen to forgive. Toadie is keen to hear what Rebecca thinks of him.
REBECCA: Your problem is that you are a total dufus. How I ever got involved with a dork like you, I will never know.
It seems that Toadie has won her round though, as it's not long before they are hugging, with Toadie proclaiming Becky as 'cool or what.'
Hannah is bemoaning the fact that she has no one to hang out with. Debbie is getting dressed up for her date with Darren, and Phil is suspicious of her motives. Phil says that he is glad that they are friends, but tells her not to rush into anything else. He says Darren is a complicated person, and he doesn't want her making the wrong decisions for all the right reasons.
Number 28
Rebecca leaves with a kiss, and arranges to meet her again, once she has gone, Toadie tells Billy that he thinks that he is the luckiest guy in the world, he was sure that Becky was going to dump him. Billy tells Toadie that it was about time he grew up and stopped lying his way through life. Billy also berates his mate for accusing him of being a kid.
BILLY: I'm seventeen tomorrow, so I'm not going to be a kid anymore.
Billy gets wound up and storms out telling Toadie that he is not a kid anymore, and Toadie should get that into his thick head.
Later on, Billy emerges from his room in a sour mood. It seems that it's entirely the wrong time for Susan to broach the idea of a party, but she does anyway, trying hard to convince him that a party is a good idea. Billy rebuffs the idea, saying that he doesn't want to hang out with his mates. Toadie teases Billy about the party being childish, and Billy responds by punching Toadie, before storming out to go to Anne's, telling his parents that Toadie's behaviour is juvenile and he doesn't want to put up with it.
Karl wonders what is wrong with Billy, and Susan rightly assumes that it is something to do with Anne wanting a more mature man.
SUSAN: Personally I don't know what she sees in them, men just get worse as they get older.
KARL: Well, is that right?
KARL: Why don't you let me show you something that men do better as they get older.
SUSAN: Oh really?
KARL(tossing a tea towel carelessly on the counter): In fact why don't we forget about the washing up and go and play doctors and wives for the rest of the evening.
SUSAN: Yeah, we could do that. As long as there's nothing good on telly.
KARL: Oh... well there is the golf. Thanks for that.
Forgetting about the kinky game of doctor's and wives, Karl heads towards the TV to catch the golf, much to Susan's disappointment it seems.
Number 32
Lance is not enjoying being subjected to Billy and Anne pashing on the sofa. He asks them to go and kiss somewhere else. Billy also tells Lance that he would prefer to be called Bill, and the send Lance to his room.
Billy asks Anne what she is going to wear to the restaurant tomorrow, it's a pretty suave place, he wants it to be nice. It seems that Billy is taking the maturity thing a bit far.
BILLY: Do you think I should grow a moustache?
ANNE: Not if you want to keep kissing me.
Lou's Place
Debbie and Darren are enjoying a game of pool, with much flirting going on. Darren apologises for getting off on the wrong foot, he wanted to say more about them earlier, but he didn't know how. Debbie says that he thought that he had decided on friends, but he admits he said that because he wasn't sure how she would react if he said he wanted more. Debbie says nothing, except to say that she appreciates his honesty. Darren tells her that if she ever changes her mind, and she wants more than friendship, she only has to say the word, and she agrees to give it some thought. And think about it she does, as Darren goes to the bar for another drink, Debbie looks disappointed that she didn't take the chance to say that she wanted more too.
Number 26
Next morning Debbie is filling Phil in on the night before. She says that she left it hanging in the air, as when Darren had told her that he wanted more, she felt that the pressure was on. Phil urges Deb to do what her instincts are telling her, and she says that she should probably tell him to forget it, as she and Darren are 'totally not on'
Number 28
Toadie is bemoaning the fact that he hasn't got Billy a birthday present, so Susan suggests that he give him the socks and undies that she bought to go with what she has bought him. Toadie is mortified at the idea, but it seems that he will have no choice. When Billy gets up, the family are keen to wish him a happy birthday. Toadie nervously gives him the gift, and Billy also agrees that socks and undies are a strange present to be getting from his friend. Toadie asks Billy not to tell anyone at school, but Billy cruelly tells him that he knows a few people that might be interested. Well, that's gratitude for you.
Number 22
Debbie drops by to thank Darren for last night. She also tries to tell Darren that has been thinking, but Darren is pre-occupied with Lolly who is misbehaving. Debbie suggests that they talk later, leaving things in the air.
Number 28
Anne arrives very dressed up and mature looking, and Karl and Susan are impressed. Billy emerges equally as dressed up. Susan is quite upset to realise that Billy won't be there for lunch, but Billy is not keen to change his plans with Anne. He tells them that it's all arranged and he will see them tonight. Susan concedes that he is growing up, and might not need his parents cramping his style, but it does seem that she is a little disappointed.
La Piaza Restaurant
The restaurant is indeed very posh. Anne is concerned that the prices are not on the menu, but Billy assures her that she can having anything she likes. Anne is a bit nervous as she looks at the menu.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie and Becky's date is not quite as sophisticated, as they share a sandwich at The Coffee Shop. Toadie tells her that he is going to be bored without her, and makes her promise to phone and write.
When Darren arrives he tells Phil that he is there to see Debbie. Phil puts his foot in it by letting it slip of what Debbie's intentions towards him are, this prompts Darren to suddenly remember that he has to be somewhere else, and it's up to Phil to explain to Debbie that he has put his foot in it. Debbie isn't too pleased either, as she hadn't said anything.
La Piaza Restaurant
Susan and Karl arrive at the restaurant with a birthday cake, thanking the waiters for letting them do it. Over at the table Anne and Billy are enjoying their lunch, even though they are not quite sure what it is they are eating. But things are ruined when Billy sees his parents with his birthday cake. He reluctantly blows out the candles, but is mortified when Karl and Susan break into a round of 'For He's A Jolly Good Fellow'
The Coffee Shop
Phil is still apologising for putting his foot in it with Darren. He offers to go and speak to Darren, but Debbie insists that she will have to do it, meaning that Phil will have to mind the shop for a while, much to his horror.
Toadie asks Becky if her going home means that it's over. Becky admits that she has a boyfriend at home, they were going through a rough patch, and Toadie thinks that this boyfriend doesn't deserve her. Becky says that she has to sort it out with her boyfriend, and their relationship comes to an end, eventually. They both agree however that it has been great, and they have one last kiss. Becky tells Toadie that he is the best kisser in the world.
The Restaurant.
Karl and Susan have joined Billy and Anne for lunch, and Billy certainly doesn't look impressed. Even less so when Susan presents a CD from 'A kid's band' Karl also agrees to pay for the meal, and Billy is mortified, he starts shouting at Karl, and tells his parents that he wants his freedom, and he doesn't want their help anymore. His violent outburst upsets his parents, and seems to have ruined the lunch.
Number 22
Debbie tries to talk to Darren about what Phil said. Darren tells her that he will get over it. Debbie tells him that Phil was wrong, maybe they could be more than friends.
The Coffee Shop
Anne tries to encourage Billy to apologise to Karl and Susan for his earlier behaviour, but he is adamant that it's them who should be apologising to him. He says that they have to stop treating him like a child, and Anne tells him that it was about time he stopped acting like one.
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