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Neighbours Episode 2844 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2844
Australian airdate: 01/05/97
UK airdate: 13/10/97
UK Gold: 02/10/03
Writer: Susan Bower
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: JA
Ben telling Phil that he thinks that he should leave Erinsborough.
Ruth telling Susan that she is not sure that her kids will ever forgive her for lying.
Number 32
Anne has eventually got home, it is late, and Ruth has waited up for her. Ruth tells Anne that they need to talk, but Anne doesn't agree, Ben may have just come into Ruth's life, but according to Anne, from tonight he is out of her life, as far as she is concerned he doesn't even exist. Anne feels that there is nothing to talk about, so storms off to her room, leaving an anxious and upset Ruth alone with her thoughts.
Mrs Washalot, aka Libby is dreading her first day washing other people's laundry. Libby asks Susan if she thinks that people will ask her to wash their undies, Susan reminds her that they do have to be washed, and Libby wishes that she had never started this venture.
Susan tells Billy that there is something that he needs to know, she tells him to go easy on Anne today, as she has just found out that Ben is her half brother. Billy is shocked, and shows concern for Anne, he asks Susan if he should tell Anne that he knows, but Susan tells him to tread carefully, wait and see if Anne wants to talk about it.
Libby's editor has called to tell her that he wants her to cover a big story, but the timing is off, how can she be a washer woman and a writer at the same time?
Billy concerned that he may be asked to help wash people's undies, he decides that he should go and see Anne, Susan tells him to tread carefully.
Debbie has decided that her life from now on is work, sleep and eat, she has no time for men. Phil seems a bit offended.
DEBBIE: I'm not talking about you daddy, you're my dad, you're not a man.
PHIL: Thanks... I think.
It's the Wayne's of the world that Debbie is trying to avoid, Phil wonders where Darren rates on the bloke scale, and Debbie says that she may have to rethink her theory as bloke= trouble is a bit too general.
Phil pushes his breakfast to the side, he hasn't had much sleep and doesn't feel like eating. Debbie guesses that he is worrying about Ruth, Phil says that he hasn't heard from her and thought that she may have come to him. Debbie asks if she is still his girlfriend, and she says that Ruth is probably holding out for Phil to go over there and give her a big hug. Phil thinks that she needs time, after all she told him to leave yesterday. He thinks that she needs space. He tells Debbie that the kids didn't even know about Ben, Debbie is shocked, she tells Phil that giving it time might be the best thing to do.
Number 32
Ruth has made pancakes, Anne's favourite breakfast, but she isn't hungry and tells Ruth to stop sucking up.
Billy drops by and asks Anne if she wants to walk to school, but she says its way too early, and would rather walk herself. Billy perseveres however, and Anne realises that he knows. She thinks that he will be gloating, but Billy is sympathetic, he tells Anne that maybe a walk is what she needs to clear her head. When Ruth answers the door to Ben, Anne rushes out of the house with Billy.
Ben realises that Anne is not taking it too well, he tells Ruth that he can't leave things the way they are and they need to clear the air. Ruth tells him to sit down, she needs a coffee.
Lou is envious of Darren's metabolism, as he is just having a second breakfast. Lou is not the only one. Darren tells Lou that metabolism has nothing to do with it, it's age. Lou tells him not to be so cheeky to his employer, telling him that he did a great job with the coffee shop. Lou asks Debbie what she thought of the renovations, and Debbie says that she is impressed, except for the fact that one of the cupboard doors is sticking, and asks if Darren can come over later and have a look at it. She flirtatiously tells him that she may even shout him a milkshake. Lou is impressed that they have seemed to have buried the hatchet.
Anne doesn't seem keen to talk to Billy about what has happened, she doesn't want to talk. Libby worries that she is barging in, and Anne is annoyed that the whole world seems to know about Ben. Libby tries to change the subject by trying to get Billy to help her by doing Lisa's laundry. Billy eventually agrees with the promise that he can keep all the money. He is keen to chase after Anne though, as she has in the meantime left the house.
Number 32
Ben tells Ruth that causing so much trouble, was not what he wanted. He is upset that Lance and Anne hate him, and he is sorry. Ruth asks him what he wants, he says that by making friends with everyone, they would all like him, but Ruth feels that by doing this he was deceiving them. Ben agrees and tells Ruth that he should just leave Erinsborough, and Ruth agrees that it might be for the best. Ben gets up to leave but Ruth follows him to the door.
BEN: I guess I should have just stayed in your past. Goodbye.
Ben leaves, looking dejected, is this the last time that Ruth is ever going to see her long lost son.
The Coffee Shop.
Susan bumps into Phil, and asks how Ruth is. Phil says that Ruth doesn't want to talk to him about it at all. Susan reveals that she had a big chat to Ruth about it yesterday, and Phil is a bit put out that Ruth has talked to Susan more about it.
SUSAN: I guess I was just the right person, at the right time.
PHIL: I wish I was the right person.
Susan tries to muster an apology, but Phil tells her not to worry about it, leaving Susan feeling awkward.
Darren arrives to inspect the cupboard, it will have to be re-hung, and that means that he will have to come back to do it later. As Darren leaves, Susan comments to Debbie that he has turned into a very polite young man all of a sudden. Debbie agrees, he is certainly different from the old Darren Stark. It's amazing she tells Susan, she even thinks that this one is quite nice.
School Corridor
Billy tells Anne that if it gets too much for her, she will walk her home, but the last thing that she wants to do is go home. Billy has a present for her, he has drawn a smiley on a scrap of paper, and the first time he sees her smile. He tells her that it is a breakthrough, he will wait for her at lunch.
ANNE: Thanks for being so nice to me, I know I am a bit weird at the moment.
BILLY: That's OK, just remember I am here if you want to talk.
Susan asks Billy how it is going, Billy is struggling to get through to Anne, and he doesn't know what to do. He tells Susan that now they are not going out, it is even more difficult. Susan tells him that they are good friends regardless, and to hang on in there, she needs him more than ever. Billy thanks his mum with a little kiss on the head, not what most schoolboys would volunteer to do in the school corridor, but shows what a sweetie that Billy is. Awwwww.
Number 32
Phil wants to check that Ruth is OK. She is not herself, and tells Phil that she couldn't imagine why he would want to have anything to do with her, the way that she is now.
PHIL: I understand, I just want to be here for you, I don't care what sort of mood you are in. I want to help.
RUTH: I don't think anyone can. I'm so mixed up. Of course I have thought about Ben all these years, his birthdays....
PHIL: You would.
RUTH: I always knew exactly what I was going to say to him, but now, why can't I talk to him. It's too hard. There is too much to say, and does it still apply after all these years. I just can't do it.
PHIL: C'mon.
Ruth rejects Phil's offer of a hug, she is worried that she is going to breakdown, and she knows that if that happens she will never cope for Lance and Anne.
RUTH: I have to stay strong, Lance and Anne need me to get them through this, if I start crying again, I will just fall apart. Anyway, Ben says he's leaving Erinsborough, so it will all be over soon.
PHIL: Do you really believe that?
RUTH: Yes I do. I want my kids to settle down, I want our lives to be just the way they were.
PHIL: You can't pretend this hasn't happened. Wouldn't it be better to deal with this first properly and then move on?
RUTH: NO! My kids have been through enough without having to deal with a mistake of mine. He has got to go.
Phil looks concerned at Ruth's words, but it looks like Ruth is trying to delude herself into thinking that when Ben goes everything will be fine. It looks like a can of worms has been opened for the Wilkinsons, and it will take a lot more to sort this one out.
Ramsay Street
Billy is trying to coax Anne into doing something to take her mind of things, she is distant though, and doesn't seem impressed with a trip to the movies or the city. Billy suggests that they go over to his to watch a video, and a pig out. Anne thinks that would be fine, though she doesn't look keen. Libby rushes out and reminds Billy to do the washing, but he tells her that he has plans with Anne. Libby doesn't seem to be listening, she tells him to watch the movie in between loads. Libby gives him some patronising instructions on how to do the washing, and Billy assures her that he does know how to work a washing machine. Billy apologises to Anne, and tells her that she doesn't have to stick around, doing the washing is obviously going to be boring. Anne says that it is fine, anything will be better than going home at the moment. Billy shows a look of concern for Anne.
When Billy and Anne get in, Susan is busy putting a lot of fruit into a bowl. She tells them to help themselves, and it is no wonder, she must have at least 20 bananas in that bag. Billy says he has no time as he has loads of washing to do. Susan never thought that she would hear Billy say that.
Anne excuses herself to go to the bathroom, and Susan asks Billy if he is making any progress. He says that he isn't, she still won't talk.
SUSAN: Poor thing, hanging about doing nothing is probably all that she can cope with right now, but full points to you for trying.
Billy is not so sure, and decides to get on with the washing, he asks where the washing powder is, 'under the sink' says Susan. Billy investigates, but it's not under the sink. 'Laundry sink' reminds Susan, but of course Billy knew that. Something tells me that this laundry business is doomed.
Lou's Place
Phil is bemoaning the situation with Ruth to Lou, he just wishes that she would let him in, and tell him what she is thinking. He feels as if he is getting shut out.
Ben interrupts, he wants to see the list of spare parts that Lou ordered as there may be some missing, as Lou goes to fetch the list Ben and Phil are left in each other's company.
BEN: Nice day.
PHIL: Yeah, you still leaving?
BEN: Yeah, it's the best thing to do.
PHIL: Ruth needs a bit of time, that's all. Why don't you stick around?
BEN: It's going to take a lot more than time to sort this out. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of the day that I'd meet my biological mum. I guess I should have just kept dreaming shouldn't I?
Ben still looks as upset with the situation, Phil certainly looks sympathetic. I think that every viewer in the world just wants to give Ben a big hug right now, that is what Ruth should have done.
Number 32
Anne and Billy come in, Ruth is glad to see Anne, but Anne informs her that they are not staying. Billy tells her that they are there to look for some fabric softener, he tells her that they are doing a favour for Libby. Once Anne has found the fabric conditioner, she marches straight past Ruth again, on her way out. Ruth wants to know what she would like for dinner, Anne doesn't care. She asks Anne if she can have a quick word before she goes, Anne says 'No'
Ruth hurriedly tells her that Ben is leaving, and doesn't Anne think that is a good thing? But Anne doesn't care, she doesn't care where Ben is. She storms out leaving Ruth frustrated at not being able to get through to her.
Billy and Anne think that they are on to a winner, it is an easy way to make money. But uh oh, Anne finds a stain, and Billy quickly realises that there are stains on everything, an inspection of the laundry basket reveals that there was a biro in with the wash. The only thing that they can do is panic, and when Libby gets home that is what they are doing. Libby discovers the stains, and tells Billy that ink is impossible to get out. He says that it is the last time that he will do her a favour.
The Coffee Shop
Darren has arrived to fix the cupboard, He and Debbie are quick to start flirting. She offers him his milkshake, he does, chocolate with extra ice cream.
It's getting late, and Susan tells Anne that she should go home, he mum will be looking for her. Billy wants her to stay for dinner, but Susan says that tonight wouldn't be a good idea. Anne agrees that she should go home, and off she goes to face the music.
Libby is frustrated she has tried everything to get the ink out, and she doesn't know what she should do. She starts shouting at Billy, but Susan tells Libby that she is the one who took it on, and it is her responsibility. Billy storms off, and Susan tells Libby to go easy on him.
Libby doesn't know what to do, she has to sort out the washing, and do the article. Susan is not quick to offer her help, she tells Libby that it is Murphy's law- 'If it can go wrong, it will go wrong' Libby doesn't think that this is much of a solution, and gives Susan a scornful look.
Number 32
Anne sulks in...
RUTH: You're home?
ANNE: Brilliant observation.
RUTH: Stop this right now, we have to talk about Ben.
ANNE: You've told me, he's leaving, there's nothing else to say.
RUTH: I know it's hard, but I'm hurting too. We have to get it out in the open.
ANNE: I'll ring the papers, everyone else in Erinsborough knows anyway.
RUTH: I mean between us.
ANNE: I think it's a bit late for that.
RUTH: I was always going to tell you, but I was waiting until you were old enough. Then there was the trouble between your dad and me, I couldn't tell you then...
ANNE: And then you get a new boyfriend, and that wouldn't be right either. We could just go on making up excuses forever.
RUTH: That's not fair.
ANNE: And neither is being told by a complete stranger. How do you think I felt when Ben told me? You're a liar, I am never going to trust you again.
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