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Neighbours Episode 2843 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2843
Australian airdate: 30/04/97
UK airdate: 10/10/97
UK Gold: 01/10/03
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Rebecca Knotts: Charmaine Gorman
Summary/Images by: JA
Ruth finds out that Ben is her son, and struggles to come to terms with the information.
Toadie worries that his lies are about the be exposed.
Phil realises how much the revelation has affected Ruth.
Number 32
Ruth is really upset, and Phil tries to console her. She tells her that she knew that her long lost son would come and find her, she was expecting it, but now that it has happened it doesn't make sense, and she doesn't know what to do. She doesn't know what to say to Anne and Lance. She asks Phil to go as she really needs some time on her own.
Libby is struggling to find work to cover her school fees.
Toadie has put on one of Karl's shirts and some horrible aftershave, awaiting Becky's arrival. He is forced to admit to Susan and Libby that he has lied to Becky about going to uni, and asks them to keep up the pretence. Susan is not prepared to lie for him. But she won't go out of her way to tell the truth either, she tells him that is up to him.
Number 30
Libby is bemoaning Toadie to Lisa, he is driving her crazy. She is too flat broke to do anything with Lisa, Lisa suggests doing people's laundry, not the most exciting job, but Libby thinks that it might be a good idea.
Lance drops by to see Ben, but he is out. Lisa senses that there is something the matter with Lance, but he says that there is nothing wrong and he will catch up with him later.
Ramsay Street
Out on the street, Toadie is in good spirits, and greets Lance, with a 'Lancelot' Toadie thinks that there is something up with Lance, but before Lance has the chance to explain, Rebecca turns upand Toadies mind is elsewhere.
Number 32
Phil has not left as Ruth asked, he has made her a cup of tea, and she says that she is feeling a little bit better. She asks Phil if he thinks badly of her, but he doesn't. She says if she were in his position she would.
When Lance gets home Phil decides that he better make himself scarce. Lance tells Ruth that Anne has gone to the movies, and when Ruth asks Lance if he wants to talk he says that he doesn't. Not right now anyway. Ruth is still obviously struggling with her emotions, and the knock back from Lance hasn't helped, but Lance says that he wants to be alone.
Rebecca is helping Libby with her posters for her laundry cleaning business, and Toadie is making the girls a cup of coffee.
Rebecca wonders if Toadie and Libby are in any of the same classes. Libby says that she doesn't see much of Jarrod at uni at all, and it seems that Libby is about to give the game away, so Toadie hastily invites Rebecca to the coffee shop. Rebecca wants to go home first to get some money, she says that she wants to have a private chat with him.
Toadie tells Libby that he is worried that a private chat means that she wants to break up with him, Libby jokingly suggests that she is going to pop the question.
Toadie sulks off, just as Libby tells him that he was right, Rebecca is really nice.
Number 32
Ruth is still fretting, she tries to make small talk with Lance by asking what he wants for dinner, but he says that he is not hungry. She is also worried about where Anne is, but Lance is not giving much away.
Susan pops over to pick up the minutes for the last meeting.
Lance tells Ruth that he is going out, and to forget about dinner, he is going out and will get a takeaway. Ruth is still fretting, but Lance is being particularly frosty towards his mother.
Susan asks if she has come at a bad time. Ruth tries to tell her that it's fine, but she is struggling with her emotions, Susan wants to know what the matter is. A tearful Ruth tells her that she has just got a bit of a headache, but by this time is in floods of tears, Susan gives her a reassuring hug.
The Coffee Shop
Rebecca has something to tell Toadie, but he is distracted when Lance comes in looking out of it. Rebecca tells him to ignore Lance she wants to talk to him.
Thinking that Rebecca is about to break up with him, he tries to distract her from what she has to say, but she is adamant that she has to tell him something. Rebecca tells him that when they first met she made up some stories, she's actually only 17 and is not at Uni. Toadie seems shocked, and asks why she didn't tell the truth, she tells Toadie that she decided to tell him the truth because he is so honest and genuine (ah the irony) She says that the guilt of lying got to her. Obviously that same guilt has not got to Toadie, as with the perfect opportunity to come clean he doesn't, although it looks like for a split second he is thinking about it. Rebecca asks what it is that Toadie has to say, and he assures her that it was nothing, he was just going to make a joke.
Ruth has revealed the truth about Ben being her secret son to Susan. Ruth is still distraught, but she tells Susan that the kids (Lance and Anne) are still very upset, Ruth doesn't even know of Anne will come home. Susan assures her that Anne will be home and that Anne just needs some time. Susan asks if the twins' father is Ben's father, but Ruth says that it is not. She tells Susan the story.
RUTH: I met him a party, stupid. I was so young, mum and dad were the only ones who knew, I was even sent away to have him, can you believe that? Then when I came back no one said a word, it was like he'd died.
SUSAN: That's awful
RUTH: They convinced me that it was the right thing to do.
SUSAN: You didn't do anything wrong. You mustn't think that.
RUTH: Signing the papers was the easy part. It was after that that it sunk in, I didn't sleep for months wondering where he was. I think that's why I got married so young. Then when I got pregnant with the twins, it was like a miracle. A baby for now, and a baby for the one I had given away.
SUSAN: Did you give him a name?
A tearful Ruth nods.
RUTH: Christopher.
SUSAN: That's a nice name.
RUTH: Ben's a nice name too. I think his parents, adoptive parents, I think they must be good people.
SUSAN: I am sure they are.
RUTH: I don't know what to do I feel so guilty.
SUSAN: For now I don't think that you should do anything. Everyone's going to need some time to take it all in, you're going to need some time to think it all through, but you know that if you need me, I am always here for you.
A touching scene, as Susan gently pushes back Ruth's hair, showing her friend her support.
Lassiter's Lake
Ben is looking thoughtfully into the water as he is obviously contemplating the events of the day. Phil catches up with him, and asks for a word. He tells Ben that he knows about him and Ruth.
PHIL: You alright?
BEN: Suppose. Is she?
Ben seems concerned about Ruth's feelings, he asks Phil to join him for a beer, and as they are walking to the pub Ben tells him, that he wanted to get to know Ruth better before he told her, and he thought that would make it easier, but after what happened with Anne, he had to say something. He is sorry that he stuffed up, but he didn't know what else to do. Ben asks Phil if he thinks that Ruth will ever forgive him, Phil isn't sure he hasn't spoke to Ruth much. Ben asks Phil if he knew that Ruth had an adopted son, Phil didn't, he doesn't think that anyone knew. It was no big secret for Ben, his parents never kept it from him. Obviously it was a big secret for Ruth, but it is only now that Ben realises that.
PHIL: Well the damage is done, now you're going to sort it out with her.
BEN: I'm not going to hang around, I'm leaving.
PHIL: You think that you should?
BEN: Every time she sees me she'll turn away. Anne will never be able to look me in the face again, Lance either probably.
PHIL: That's what you should sort out.
BEN: I just wanted her to be glad to see me. I've just been living a fairy story thinking that everything is going to turn out alright, haven't I?
PHIL: I'll get that beer.
Phil obviously doesn't have the answers that Ben is looking for, it is not going to be an easy situation to resolve, and the look on Ben's face shows that he knows this.
The Coffee Shop
Rebecca has to run, and she thanks Toadie for being so cool about her telling the truth, and yet still Toadie does not take the opportunity to come clean with her.
Toadie meets Lance at the counter, and tells him that he is cursed, and he should have taken the opportunity to say something, he doesn't seem to realise that Lance is not really listening to what he is talking about, and tells him that he will see him later. It is obvious that Lance wasn't listening to a word that Toadie was saying, as he is probably in the same emotional whirlwind that is Affecting Ruth and Ben in this episode, Lance looks as if he is in a world of his own as he sits at the counter, but stares into space.
Number 30
Libby and Lisa are back from Netball, they find a distant looking Ben sitting on the couch, staring into the same oblivion that we have just seen has been affecting Lance. Ben doesn't have much to say, and it is obvious to Libby and Lisa that there is something wrong.
When Libby leaves, Lisa tells Ben that Lance was round earlier, seeing how keen Ben is to know more about that, Lisa thinks that something is going on. Ben insists that everything is fine, although it is clearly obvious to Lisa that it is not. Ben leaves.
Toadie is telling Libby that he is in trouble and he needs her help, but she is not interested. She relents, when a down Toadie tells her that he needs advice. He tells Libby that Becky has been lying to him, she isn't a uni student, she is only 17. He tells Libby that he couldn't tell her the truth about him, and he thinks that if he does she will hate him. Libby thinks it would be what he deserves. She tells him that a relationship cannot be based on lies, and Toadie realises that she is right, he is going to have to tell Becky the truth about him, though it looks like that it is not an option that Toadie is looking forward to.
Number 32
Susan says that she should get going, she tells Ruth that she is always there if she needs her, but she thinks that kids will come round. Ruth is not sure, she tells Susan that she has spent so long going on to them about the importance of honesty and integrity, that she feels like a hypocrite. She fears that the kids will never talk to her again.
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