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Neighbours Episode 2845 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2845
Australian airdate: 02/05/97
UK airdate: 14/10/97
UK Gold: 03/10/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Damian Bedford: Leo Faust
Rohan Kendricks: Paul Zebrowski
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: JA
Billy tries to cheer Anne up.
Libby tries to rescue the washing.
Ruth telling Ruth that she is a liar, and that she is never going to trust her again.
Libby is still finding stains on the washing that she was supposed to do for Lisa, but after getting Billy to do it, things have gone wrong. She is still berating Billy for his stupidity, but Karl tells her that the washing was her responsibility, and if she had done it herself it wouldn't have happened.
KARL: A few stained shirts aren't going to be the end of the world are they?
LIBBY: Tell that to Lisa.
Karl gives her a look.
LIBBY: Alright, fine. My responsibility, I know.
KARL: Correct.
LIBBY: Billy ruins the clothes, I get to tell Lisa. Fabulous.
KARL: Well that's private enterprise for you, the buck stops with the boss.
LIBBY: What buck? Private enterprise, you're supposed to make money, not shell out for damages before you even start.
Libby sulks off to her room with the washing.
Karl and Billy are doing the dishes, Karl tells Billy that Susan has told him about the Wilkinson's situation, Billy says that he is really stressing out for Anne. He thinks that it is stupid that he goes running over to her when they are trouble, especially when they have broken up. Karl assures her that it is not stupid, they were very close, and they are still friends. Billy says that he is concerned that she won't talk to him, she needs to talk to someone- to him. Karl tells him that maybe it is too soon, and gives Billy a reassuring pat on the shoulder.
The Coffee Shop.
Debbie is locking up for the night, there is a knock on the door, it is a customer who tells her that he is starving to death, he wants a pizza, but Deb has turned the oven off and says no. But the guy is persistent, and pretends to drop down dead in the doorway, Debbie is swayed and lets him in, one more pizza won't kill her. The guy is grateful, telling a flattered Debbie that she is a beautiful person.
Number 32
Anne, wearing some awful dungarees, and a clashing orange t-shirt eventually emerges from her room, she ignores Ruth trying to get her attention, but Ruth is not giving up easily this time.
RUTH: I want to talk.
ANNE: I don't
RUTH: Well too bad kid, I've got something to say and you're going to hear it. Sit down.
Anne mournfully drags herself to the chair and sits down. Still not fully giving her mother her attention.
RUTH: You accused me of being a liar, that really hurt. I admit, I could have been more open, more upfront....
ANNE: You lied.
RUTH: Alright, so I wasn't completely honest.
ANNE: You lied to us.
RUTH: The number of times that I wanted to tell you, I wondered how to. I just kept putting it off, it never seemed like the right moment.
Anne is not listening, and shouts Bonnie over to play with her, she doesn't want to listen to what Ruth has to say.
RUTH: Anne, I can explain what happened, I was young, about your age, and it just all went wrong. Yes it was my fault, and yes I can look back now and see how silly I was, but at the time I thought I knew it all.
ANNE (to Bonnie): You have grass seeds all over your collar.
RUTH (getting frustrated and slapping the sofa): Are you listening to me? Look it was a huge slap in the face for me, I had to make decisions that I wasn't ready for, it was one of the worst times in my life.
ANNE: That's why you're so strict with me.
RUTH: What?
ANNE: You think that I'm just like you.
RUTH: Well I suppose....
ANNE: As if I would be that stupid, at least I know the difference between right and wrong.
Anne summons Bonnie to go out for a walk, she obviously doesn't want to hear anymore of what Ruth has to say for herself.
RUTH: Hang on Anne.
ANNE: I don't want to hear anymore.
RUTH: We've got to talk about things.
ANNE: You don't have the right to tell me what to do, you don't have the right, not after what you did.
Anne and Bonnie make their exit, and a frustrated Ruth, flaps her arms in despair.
The Coffee Shop
Debbie has made the pizza for her customer, who gives her the payment, she opens the door for him and he gets up to leave, but he changes his mind. By the time he gets home it is going to be cold, so he wants to eat it there. Debbie says no, he said take-away and that is the only reason she let him in. But he is not taking No for an answer, he tells her that she has cleaning up to do, and he won't get in the way. Debbie says no still, but she seems uneasy with his attitude. He tells her that his name is Damien. Debbie tells him that she has workmen coming any minute, hoping that this might move him along, but Damien sees this as further proof that he will have time to eat his pizza in The Coffee Shop. He tells Debbie that he wants a drink to go with his pizza and tells her to be nice. Debbie looks concerned at having to be alone in The Coffee Shop with him, but can't get him to leave.
Number 30
Libby has come over to return Lisa's walking, and has to break the news about the ink all over her clothes, Lisa is understanding, and tells Libby that it was as much her fault as Libby's but tells her that home help may not be the way for Libby to go.
A knock on the door, and it turns out to be Darren there to get back the shifting spanner that Ben borrowed from him, when he sees that Libby is there, he asks how she is, and there seems to be a bit of awkward tension in the air. His mobile rings, and what a mobile it is, bigger than two bricks. But the signal is faulty and then the battery dies so he doesn't get the chance to find out who it is.
The Coffee Shop
Turns out that it was Debbie on the phone, and when she can't get hold of Darren her concern is growing. Damien asks if she has been on the phone to the workmen, and he assumes that they are not coming after all. He tells Debbie that it is just the two of them, then seedily adds a 'great' Debbie is not impressed and tells him to leave, she opens the door for him, but he stands against it, closing it, and telling her that he is not going to leave. He tells her to settle down, he just wants to talk with her.
Damien tells Debbie that he threatened a parking inspector, and it is becoming clearer of how sinister the man is. Debbie tells him that there is Apple pie in the kitchen, that needs to be finished, andDamien tells her that he wants ice-cream with it.
In the kitchen Debbie is frantically trying to call home, but the line is engaged, and Damien appears at the door.
DAMIEN: You spend a hell of a lot of time on the phone.
DEBBIE: Customer's aren't allowed in the kitchen.
DAMIEN: Who were you calling this time?
DEBBIE: Just home.
DAMIEN: Instead of bringing me my apple pie? Not very friendly, I expect better service than that. I think you need a lesson in customer service.
Darren arrives just in time to stop Damien from giving Debbie that lesson, he asks Damien who he is, but Damien's only reply is that the shop is closed. A frightened Debbie gives Darren the signal that she needs his help. Darren wants to know what is going on, and Damien tells him that there is nothing going on, but Debbie's face tells him differently.
Number 30
Anne is back from her walk, and is still blanking Ruth. Ruth tells her that she gives up on her, she is getting angrier by the minute, and when Anne switches on the TV, Ruth angrily switches it off and tells Anne to look at her...
RUTH: Look at me.
ANNE: I can't
RUTH: What?
ANNE: I don't know who you are anymore?
RUTH: I haven't changed.
ANNE: Well something has, and it isn't me.
RUTH: You know what I think the problem is? When you do look at me, all you ever see is a mother. It's time you saw the real me, I'm not just the parent, and I'm not perfect or infallible, I'm just like everyone else.
ANNE: Oh sure, so everyone else has some secret child hidden away do they?
RUTH: We can't go back and change the past, all we can do is learn from our mistakes and move on, which is what I am trying to do, only it would be a damn sight easier if you would just give me a break. I love you, you and Lance are the most important things in the world to me, and I need you, right now Annie, I really need you.
ANNE: I can't help you. It's your problem.
RUTH: Darling I....
ANNE: That's not fair, I've got my own problems you're supposed to help me.
Anne by now in tears, again retreats to her room, and Ruth is still no closer to getting through to Anne.
The Coffee Shop
Damien is sitting at the table with his meal, when he takes his last swig of Cola, Darren tells him to get out, but he refuses he is still waiting for his apple pie. Darren forcefully tells him that the pie is off. Damien is getting shirty, but Darren is not taking him on.
Darren has the spanner in his hand, he tells Damien that he will throw him out if he has to.
DARREN: I think it is only fair to tell you, that where I learned to fight, we fight dirty and we fight for keeps.
DAMIEN: Big talker with a weapon in his hand.
DEBBIE: I don't want any trouble
DAMIEN: For you Debbie anything. You hear that, your little friend just saved you.
It seems that Damien is nothing more than a bit talker though, as when Darren takes a step towards him, Damien turns on his heels and runs out in a hurry. Obviously not as hard as he would like to think he is, he tells Darren if he touches him, he will sue, and makes a run for it.
When he has finally gone, Debbie thanks Darren for saving her from him, he was really scarring her. Darren says that it is no worries he has been hassled by a lot worse than that in his time. He tells Debbie that he doesn't think that Damien will be back. He tells her that it is getting late, so he better finish off the cupboard.
A tired Libby rises, after a late night finishing her article. Karl tells her that she has just had a phone call, from someone responding to her home help poster, Libby is not looking forward to having to do any more washing, but Karl tells her that it's not washing that she is interested in, the woman who called, has an adult son, who needs special attention. Karl gives her a number for the son and Libby doesn't think that it will hurt to give him a call.
Billy is ready for school, and he tells Karl that he hopes that Anne decides to be human today, though he's not so sure it would take him a few days to get over something like that. (well a few days inSoap land, as dragging it out over a months worth of episodes would get boring, but I am sure in Real Life it would take you more than a few days to get over finding out that you have a secret half brother, who just happens to be living next door.) Karl tells Billy that Anne is lucky to have a good friend like him, and tells him that he is proud of him.
When Libby gets off the phone, she tells Karl that he was a bit abrupt, all she managed to get out of him, was his address, she is going to go and meet him later. Karl doesn't like the sound of it, and asks Libby if he can drive her down there to make sure that everything is above board. Libby likes the sound of a life there, so she thanks Karl for his concern.
Number 26
Debbie is telling Ruth about her ordeal with Damien the night before. Ruth wonders if it is safe for her to be working there so late on her own, Debbie says that she hasn't had any trouble before. Ruth tells her that she was very lucky that Darren was there to save her, and Debbie agrees.
Debbie answers the door, and it is Darren, he is checking that she is OK, and asks her if she wants a lift to work. That's great thinks Debbie, and she goes to grab her bag.
Ruth commends Darren for his heroics, and he tells Ruth that he is not too keen on her working on her own so late, and Ruth tells him that she has just been trying to convince Debbie of her personal security.
As Debbie and Darren head off, Debbie tells Ruth that Helen is in the other room ready, if she wants to go through. She can see the stress in Ruth's face, and asks her if she is alright. Ruth says it's just that she didn't get much sleep last night, Debbie can see what is really concerning her, but seems a bit awkward about pursuing it any further.
Rohan's house
Libby and Karl arrive to meet Rohan Kendricks, the man she has agreed to meet. When he comes to the door it is obvious that he has a sight problem. He introduces himself to Libby, and he can obviously see Karl's shadow. He assures Karl that Libby is safe with him, as he may have noticed he is blind, so is in no position to be chasing her around the kitchen. Karl seems assured about things, and heads off to work. Rohan invites Libby to come in.
Number 26
Ruth is making a cup of tea for Helen, who is not looking too well, and is sitting in her dressing gown at the kitchen table. Ruth is telling Helen, that she has no idea what to do next, Helen tells her that the kids will come round, and she has another problem- Philip. Helen tells Ruth that she has to let Phil in.
HELEN: Philip could be your strongest support, if only you'd let him. Open up to him, he hasn't got a judgemental bone in his body.
Ruth agrees, she wishes that her family were the same, Lance is ignoring the situation, Anne isn't taking to her, and then there is Ben. Ruth realises that she has a lot of bridges to mend.
School Corridor
Anne thanks Billy for his support, especially since she has been a bit weird at the moment. Billy tells her that he understands. Anne says that Ruth wants to talk about it all the time, and she really doesn't want to talk about it. Billy tells her that when she does want to talk about it, he will be right there for her. Billy suggests that they get back together.
ANNE: Please don't spoil things, it's too much to think about right now, it's just I really need you as a friend and that's all I can cope with at the moment.
Billy says that it is fine with him, he apologises, and asks if she will be OK, Anne tells him that she will be and heads to her class, Billy looks a bit disappointed.
Rohan's house
Rohan is making Libby a cup of tea, and she tells him that he is very competent in the kitchen. He scathingly tells her that he is not a child, he doesn't seem to be incredibly friendly towards her. When she asks him what he needs help with, he says nothing. She wonders why she is there, and he says he has no idea, it was his mother's idea. She seems to think that he needs help and he can't cope on his own. Libby asks if he is wasting her time, and he says that at least it has got him mum off his back for a while. Libby suggests a compromise, Rohan is interested to hear more. She tells him that she needs a job for a couple of weeks, so if he lets her do all the boring stuff like washing and ironing until then, she will tell his mum that he doesn't really need her, and that might just get his mum off his back permanently. Rohan seems intrigued.
The Coffee Shop
Darren has been checking the the yellow pages for Security firms, he tells Debbie to check them out and get an alarm put in. At first she doesn't see the need, but Darren convinces her, she thanks him for everything that he has done for her.
Rohan's House.
Rohan makes Libby a cup of coffee, but as he places it on the table her handbag gets in the way and the coffee spills all over the table. Rohan is pretty annoyed he call's Libby a stupid girl, and will not let her help clearing up. She gets in his way when he cleaning it up and he gets annoyed.
LIBBY: Sorry, I'll get out of your way.
ROHAN: Yes, mustn't let the blind man touch you, it might be catching.
LIBBY: Would you stop being so defensive, I don't have a problem with your blindness.
ROHAN: I'm so glad.
LIBBY: Why don't you get someone in who's used to dealing with people like you?
ROHAN: Do you practice being insulting or what?
Rohan tells her, that his mother has already got everyone bar the United Nations into help him, but he has driven them all away. Libby tells him that she is still willing to give it a try for a couple of weeks, she needs the money, and he needs to shut his mother up.
ROHAN: You'll never be able to put up with me.
LIBBY: I've got two brothers I can put up with anyone. If the money's right.
ROHAN: Mum's paying. It's up to you if you want to turn up or not.
It seems like Libby is looking forward to the challenge.
Number 26
Ruth is apologising to Helen for breaking down in tears. Helen tells her not to be so silly, if you can't have a weep with your friends when can you. Ruth thinks that it is the lack of sleep that is making her emotional, but Helen says that it is that she is doing too much too soon, she has to take one hurdle at a time, and according to Helen, Anne is not the first hurdle, Ben is.
HELEN: You have to deal with Ben, before you even start to think of dealing with the others. Ask him to stay, at least until you have had a good talk.
RUTH: The kids aren't going to be happy with that, especially Anne.
HELEN: That is beside the point at this stage. You need time alone with Ben, I know it's going to be hard even traumatic, but I'm afraid there aren't any easy options. If you want to sort this out, you're going to have some very difficult decisions to make. You know that don't you?
Ruth gives a sorrowful nod.
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