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Neighbours Episode 2840 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2840
Australian airdate: 25/04/97
UK airdate: 07/10/97
UK Gold: 26/09/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: JA
Anne is upset because she thinks that Ben thinks that she is just a kid.
Sarah quits her job at the pub.
Number 32
Lance is picking fleas of Bonnie, I guess there is nothing on TV.
Anne is still in a strop about the movie. Lance tells her to cheer up, they probably wouldn't have let her in to an R rated movie anyway. That's not the point according to Anne, and she doesn't want to talk about it. They hear the sound of Ruth's car in the drive, and Anne makes Lance promise that he won't say anything to their mother.
When Ruth comes in she is dead beat, as she has had a hard day, she has a lie down on the couch, and asks the kids to help with dinner. Anne however is not hungry, and doesn't want any dinner. Ruth is worried, she wants Anne to eat something, but Anne slopes off to her room.
Ruth asks Lance what's up, he's not very good at keeping secrets, and Ruth knows that there is something up.
Number 30
Lisa and Ben are home, they have enjoyed the R rated movie. An emotional and upset Sarah tells them that she quit her job, because Lou refused to support her about the sleazes at the bar. She is worried what she is going to do for money, but Ben thinks that she should ask for her job back. Lisa is outraged, Sarah has been sexually harassed according to her and she things that Sarah should go to the union, Sarah doesn't have one. Ben is not as supportive, he thinks that drunks in pub's are an occupational hazard. Sarah doesn't agree and is not going to put up with it.
Number 32
Ruth and Lance are watching a murder mystery whilst eating their dinner, and a mopey Anne comes in to tell them that she has seen it, and it was the gardener. Seems as though she wants to take her bad mood out on everyone. Lance and Ruth are not impressed at having the show ruined for them. Anne thinks that she is funny.
Ruth asks Lance to take Bonnie out for a walk, so that she can have a chat with Anne. Ruth is eager to know what is upsetting Anne, but she is not keen to give anything away. Ruth thinks that it might be her break up with Billy that is upsetting her so much, but Anne admits that it's not Billy, she is upset because she has made a fool of herself. When Ruth suggests that it might be Ben, Anne's rushed and emphatic NO is not convincing, in fact all it does is convince Ruth that Ben is the problem. Anne says that she is tired and disappears off to bed.
Number 30
The next morning Sarah is scanning the paper for a job. There is one that she is interested and is going to call them.
There is a knock on the door, it is Ruth there to see Ben, she wants to have a word. She wants to know what happened between he and Anne, she tells him that there is something that is making her terribly upset. From the look on Anne's face Ruth thinks that Ben has something to do with it. Ben tells Ruth that she is barking up the wrong tree, he hasn't done anything to upset her, and suggests that Anne could be upset that they didn't sneak her into the R rated movie, Ben assumes that Ruth knows about this, but she doesn't and Ruth admits that maybe she has her wires crossed.
The Surgery
Marlene is in a cheerful mood when she comes it with a big vase of flowers for Karl's desk, She tells him that there is no need to apologise, and she is going to get him a nice cup of tea. Karl doesn't have a chance to get a word in edgeways to mention to Marlene that she doesn't work there anymore.
When Marlene gets to her desk, the phone rings, it is someone ringing about the job in the paper. Marlene is furious and confronts Karl, she tells him that it will be cold day in hell before he will find a secretary as good as her, and she is not going anywhere.
Number 30
Sarah is telling Ben that the phone call about the job went really well, and she has scored an interview, Ben still sounds sceptical. Sarah asks Lisa what she should wear, but Lisa tells her to be careful, Sarah insists that they sounded really professional.
While Sarah is off trying on interview outfits, Lisa asks Ben what Ruth wanted. He tells her that Anne has a crush on him, and Ruth thinks that he has been encouraging it. It all falls into place, Ben thinks that he should talk to Anne and apologise, Lisa thinks that the best thing to do is leave it alone, Anne will get over it and there is no need for Ben to say anything.
The Surgery
Things are frosty between Karl and Marlene, and for a change Karl is making polite conversation with Marlene, who is being deliberately frosty. Karl tells Marlene that he is thinking of getting someone to job share with her, and she goes part time. Marlene is not keen, but Karl threatens her with the sack if she will not consider it. Before things can get nasty Phil arrives to pay his bill.
Marlene tells Phil that Karl is trying to pressurise her into going part time, so that he can get a dolly bird in to replace her. But as Marlene tells Phil, Karl doesn't intimidate her, she is not willing to give in easily.
Number 32
Anne is worried about where Anne is, and is asking Lance if he has any idea, he doesn't seem to be that bothered.
Anne comes home shortly afterwards, and Ruth tells Lance to go out rollerblading so that she can speak to Anne.
Ruth asks Anne to tell her what is going on, and she tells her that she has had a talk with Ben. Anne is mad, she tells Ruth that it is none of her business, and tries to leave, but Anne grabs her arm and tells her that she is going nowhere until she gets an explanation from Anne.
Number 30
Sarah is not happy when she gets back from her interview, it turns out that the position was for someone to 'waddle around the city in a duck costume' The company were trying to advertise their early bird parking rates. Lisa and Ben can't help but laugh, but try hard not to, as Sarah is not finding it funny at all. She tells them that it is alright for them, as they both have qualifications, but she left school at 16 to become some stupid model, and now she has nothing. Not for the first or last time, Sarah heads off in the huff.
The Surgery
There is a woman there for the interview, and Marlene is less than impressed. When the applicant hands in her forms Marlene tries to put her off, she tells her that if she gets the job, she will have to have lots of injections, there is an especially big needle for one. She tells her that the last girl didn't think that she would need the injections either, but had to leave because of everything that she caught. The woman is frightened by what Marlene has said, and decides to give the interview a miss, perhaps she is not cut out for the job.
As the woman leaves, Marlene smirks to herself at her success.
Number 32
Anne will not talk to Ruth, she tells her mother that she is embarrassing her, and then breaks down in tears as she tells Ruth that Ben is really special and she thinks about him all the time. But she is upset that Ben told her that she was just a kid. She is really upset, and tells her mum that she knows that Ben is the one, and she just wishes that she was older.
Ruth gives her a hug and tells her that it is all part of growing up, and that she will get over it. Ruth understands what she is going through, and tells her that she will always be there to support her, and she can talk to her about anything. Anne by this point is inconsolable.
The Surgery
Karl enquires where the applicant, Marlene says that she has changed her mind and has gone. Karl thinks that Marlene has said that he is impossible to work with, Marlene of course strongly denies this and Karl backs down, bemoaning the state of the country, as nobody these days is willing to put in a decent days work. He skulks back into his office and Marlene grins to herself.
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