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Neighbours Episode 2839 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2839
Australian airdate: 24/04/97
UK airdate: 06/10/97
UK Gold: 25/09/03
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: JA
Susan asks Billy about his break up with Anne. Billy telling Susan that Ben is cracking on to Anne.
Ruth and Anne arguing about her being at Ben's
Marlene walking out on Karl in the surgery.
Karl gets home in a bad mood, and mentions to Susan that Marlene has resigned. Karl shows Susan the leaflets, with the 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' quote.
Susan asks if Karl will get into trouble over that, Karl says that the medical council will certainly take a dim view. Susan offers to get Karl a drink and let him calm down, but he says he is as calm as he can be, and Susan and Karl have a huge argument about Marlene and her competence as a secretary. Karl is glad that Marlene has gone, and Susan sighs as she takes a swig of the beer that she had taken out of the fridge for Karl.
Number 30
Anne brings over an assignment for Lisa to check, it's two weeks early, but Anne says that she wants to make sure that she is on the right track. Lisa says that she could get it back to her tomorrow, but Anne suggests that she could wait while Lisa reads it. Lisa is reluctant but agrees and they both sit down at the table. Anne subtly enquires where Ben and Sarah are, and when she realises that Ben is not home, she is not keen to stick around, so says that she has just remembered that she has to go to the shop for milk and tells Lisa she will pick up her work tomorrow. Lisa looks bemused as to what Anne's intentions are, but continues to mark her work.
Lou has dropped by to say that Marlene needs a day off today. Karl tells Lou that he was under the impression that Marlene had resigned and he is not expecting her in at all. Lou knows nothing about this, Marlene mentioned to him that there had been a bit of a barney between her and Karl, but she has certainly no intentions of resigning.
This news doesn't seem to go down too well with Karl. Lou asks if it is anything to do with the posters, and admits that he had a hand in that, he apologises to Karl, and says that they were only trying to help by drumming up a bit of business for him. Karl says that he knows that, but there are the legal implications that go with things like that. Lou is sorry, but assures Karl that Marlene only has his best interests at heart. Karl says that it's just not working out, and a surgery is very different to the pub. Lou decides that he is not getting involved and disappeared.
Susan asks Karl if he is going to go and speak to her, but he tells her 'absolutely not' He thinks that the only thing wrong with Marlene is wounded pride. Libby wonders what is going on, and Susan informs her that She has quit/was pushed out by Karl. Libby and Susan feel sorry for Marlene, they think that she is an excellent receptionist.
Karl is not interested in listening to them, he is more worried what he is supposed to do about a receptionist for the surgery today, looking hopefully at Susan, who point blank refuses. He eventually manages to get Libby to agree, with the promise of a high wage, for the first day at least.
Ramsay Street.
Anne is walking Bonnie, and surprise surprise she bumps into Ben. She wonders if he is off to work, but actually he is off to the coffee shop, Anne says that she will come with him, but Ben has some concerns. What will Ruth think. Anne tells him not to worry, she tells him that Ruth realises that she over reacted and isn't taking no for an answer, Ben has little choice but to agree to letting Anne come to The Coffee Shop with her.
Lou's Place
A rowdy cricket team. arrive for a drink, and Sarah proves to be popular with them. One of the team members is flirting with her at the bar. It turns out to be Guy Fisher the captain. Sarah is intrigued.
The Coffee Shop
Ben and Anne are sitting at the counter, Anne keeps questioning him. When Lance comes in Ben is quick to leave Anne with Lance and disappears.
Anne is mad with Lance for interrupting, she was hoping to spend the day with Ben. Lance tells Anne to give the guy a break, he is not interested in her, but Anne says that that is not true, he has taken her shopping, they went swimming, she is still reeling off a list of reasons why she believes that Ben is interested in her when Lance stops her, and tells her that those things don't mean that he wants to have her children. Anne tells Lance to shut up, she obviously doesn't like hearing the truth, .Lance says that everyone else can see that he is only being nice to her because she keeps hanging around him, Anne tries to tell Lance that is not true, but he insists that it is.
Lou's Place
The captain of the cricket team is at the bar flirting with Sarah, she is quick to mention that she has a boyfriend, but he tells her that he doesn't believe that she has a boyfriend. She gives him short shift, she is not interested.
When he gets back to the table, he tells the rest of the group that he thinks that he is wearing her down.
Number 30
Lisa is looking at Anne's assignment, and Ben is checking the listings in the paper for the cinema, he and Lisa are thinking about going to see a film.
There is a knock at the door, and it doesn't take a genius viewer to guess who it is. It's Anne to collect her essay, and Anne is delighted to find out that Lisa is still looking at it, so she is going to have to sit and wait for her to finish.
Ben asks Anne if she has any recommendations from the cinema, Anne suggests the new animated film, but Lisa and Ben look a bit scathing, so Anne quickly back tracks and says that Lance would like it, but too young for her. When Lisa asks Anne a question about her essay, Anne says that she's not sure, she is not interested in speaking about her school work, she wants to ask Ben about what type of films he likes.
Anne thinks that it's a little early to go to the movies when it is still light outside. Ben says that's what's great about it, hardly anyone will be there so it is like a private screening. Anne flirtatiously mentions that it sounds great, and that she will have to try it some time. Again is sounds as if Anne was angling for an invitation, but again Ben doesn't rise to it.
Lisa says that she will give Anne a few notes on her essay, while Ben decides what they will see at the cinema, whilst Lisa goes over the notes, Anne's eyes are firmly concentrated on Ben.
Lou's Place
The rowdy crowd are still hassling Sarah, and when she tells them to get lost, Lou comes to intervene, cutting his arm on a glass in the interim, he has to get straight over to Karl, leaving an uncomfortable Sarah alone with all the men.
The Surgery
Karl has been getting a lot more patients than usual, Libby is quick to compliment Marlene's leaflets.
Lou comes in to get his cut seen to. Libby the temporary secretary can't find his card in Marlene's complicated filing system, Karl suggests looking under P for pub.
Number 32
Anne has really gone all out and is dressed up, in a smart white dress, and has her hair up very nicely, something tells me that she is trying to make herself look older. Bonnie is chewing on her shoes, and Anne is furious. When Lance asks her where she is going she tells him that she is going to the movies, Lance wonders who she is trying to look nice for, and Anne is passive, Lance guesses that it is Ben, and he is concerned, but Anne ignores him and heads off all glammed up.
The Surgery
Lou is all fixed up.
Libby has completely refigured the filing system. Libby has not been impressed by Marlene's system.
Karl is writing an ad for a new receptionist, Libby asks what about Marlene, but Karl doesn't care. Libby thinks that Karl will get himself in deep water, but Karl tells her he can swim.
Lou's Place
The cricket captain is still trying to get Sarah to agree to a date, but she is not having any of it, calls him a sleaze and refuses to serve him, Lou comes in to see the drama unfolds, tells the guys to sit down and he will sort their drinks out and summons Sarah into his office, she does not look happy.
The Cinema
Ben and Lisa are in the queue for the movies, when surprise surprise Anne has come to see the same movie. Ben and Lisa think that Anne has wasted her time, it's R rated and it's not for kids. Anne is embarrassed and leaves looking disappointed.
Lou's Place
Sarah is telling Lou that she can't handle the rubbish she has to take with the customers. Lou tells her that she has to change her attitude as it is a pub, there are bound to be lairy customers.
Lou tells her that she won't have to serve Guy and his mates, but Sarah feels that Lou is not impressed with Lou's lack of support and quits her job.
Libby gets home from her day at the surgery, complaining at how difficult Karl is to work with. When Karl gets home he is in an equally bad mood. Karl and Libby tell Susan complain about Marlene's filing system. Susan suggests some training, but Karl says that he is not going to let Marlene come back to the surgery.
Number 32
Anne is back early, she is really upset, she tells people that she is sick of people judging her by her age. She is in tears, she is knows how she feels about Ben, but he thinks that she is just a kid. Lance asks if she has tried talking to him, but she says that she can't because he thinks that she is nothing.
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