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Neighbours Episode 2841 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2841
Australian airdate: 28/04/97
UK airdate: 08/10/97
UK Gold: 29/09/03
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Rebecca Knotts: Charmaine Gorman
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: JA
Anne breaking down to Ruth about her feelings for Ben.
Karl accusing Marlene of putting off potential secretaries.
Toadie keeping up his lies of being a uni student.
Outside the Pub
Susan wonders how Marlene reacted to the job sharing prospect, and Karl says that she was cool, and he thinks that she is putting off applicants, Susan suggests that he shouldn't jump to conclusions.
When Lou comes outside Karl tells him about the job share idea, and that Marlene is not keen on the idea, and he thinks that she is sabotaging the idea.
Susan scolds Karl for telling Lou about that, he might tell Marlene, but Karl doesn't care.
Anne is telling Hannah about her having to tell her mum about Ben, and she was really supportive about it. She then tells Hannah about the fiasco at the movies the day before. Hannah thinks that it is humiliating, and it will be worse when they are back in school. They have a huge tub of ice cream to cheer themselves up. Anne thinks that it is going to be so embarrassing now that Ben knows, he lives next door, and he is going to think she is a complete moron. It is going to be hard for her to avoid him.
Number 30
Ben tells Sarah that he is really freaked out by what has happened, and it is going to be a nightmare living next door. He thinks that he is going to keep out of her way. Sarah mentions that it might not be for the best. She thinks that Anne will feel worse if it is obvious that he is ignoring her, if he could just be pleasant when he bumps into her, it might spare her feelings. Ben agrees that this is a good idea.
Ben asks how her job hunting went, she tells him that she wants to do a secretarial course, how convenient isn't one of their neighbours looking for a secretary.....
Number 24
Marlene has an early start and is up at the crack of dawn to water the garden.
Lou comes out and asks Marlene if she has been sabotaging the applicants for the job, he wars her that Karl is no fool and if she is up to any tricks that Karl will be right down on her.
Lou's Place
Toadie is in a good mood, and Lou wants to know why. Toadie tells him that he has a fantastic day ahead, he is having lunch with Rebecca. Lou asks if he has told her the truth yet, but of course Toadie hasn't. He says that he will keep the lies up until she goes back to uni. Lou wonders what will happen then, Rebecca will start to cotton on when Toadie doesn't drive up to see her. Toadie assures Lou that she won't find out the truth, and if she does, by that time she will be so wrapped with him that it won't matter.
Lou is not convinced and wishes Toadie luck.
The Coffee Shop
It's back to school for Anne and Hannah, Anne worries that the day is going to be hell. She is worried what Lisa and Billy will say to her about the Ben situation.
Things go from bad to worse for Anne when Ben comes in for some breakfast, when Hannah tells her that he is coming over, Anne says that she is going to die.
Ben however is friendly, and asks how she is. He also says that she wouldn't have liked the film anyway as there was too much gore.
When Ben leaves, Hannah tells Anne that he must like her in that way, otherwise why would he have made the effort to come and speak to her. Anne is inclined to agree with her, as she comments on his gorgeous smile.
Lou's Place
Sarah collects her wages from Lou, and he asks what she is going to do next. She says that she has decided to retrain, and do office type work. Lou thinks this is a good idea, and shouts Karl over to tell him that Sarah is looking for office work. Karl tells Sarah to ring Marlene and make an appointment. Sarah says that she will.
The Surgery.
Marlene is not happy with the way that Libby has rearranged the filing system.
Sarah calls for an interview, Marlene says that Karl is flat out all day and won't be free to see her this afternoon. Sarah thinks that this is strange as he said he would see her this afternoon, but Marlene assures her that he has forgotten even speaking to her about the job, and the best Marlene can do for her is to give her an appointment the next day at ten thirty.
Number 30
Ben says that he has bumped into Anne, and the being friendly approach seems to have worked, Sarah thinks that it's great.
Sarah has good news too, she has an interview with Karl and wants to tweak her résumé. If luck is going her way then Ben could be looking at Karl's new receptionist. Ah the irony. If only Sarah could not turn up for the interview....
Erinsbourough High.
Toadie rushes out at lunchtime to get changed, he can't have Rebecca seeing him in his daggy school uniform. Anne and Hannah tease him. Toadie tells them when they are mature they will understand.
Anne thinks that she needs to be more mature if she is to get Ben's attention. She needs a whole new look, new clothes, different hair. That will get Ben interested in her, she is sure of it. Hannah concurs and volunteers to give her a make over.
The Surgery
Karl asks Marlene what time he should expect Sarah for her interview that afternoon, but Marlene tells him that she can't make it this afternoon, so she has given her an appointment for the next morning. Karl thinks this is strange as she seemed very keen when he spoke to her early to come for an interview today. Marlene thinks that it's a sign of the times, unreliability of the young. Karl says that Sarah doesn't strike him as the unreliable type, he thought that she might be the answer. Marlene is quick to remind him what Sarah did to Lou, but Karl is not buying it. He is sure that Sarah had a perfectly valid reason. The bottom line is that Marlene is going to share her job, and according to Karl that is the end of the discussion.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie is getting changed out of his school uniform in the kitchen. Hannah wonders what he is doing, when she comes into the kitchen she tells him that Susan has just come in. Toadie is frantic, he can't let Susan see him out of uniform, she will think that he is wagging.
Toadie goes out to the floor and asks Susan if she is eating in or taking away. Susan comments that if it is OK with him, she will eat in. He goes back to the kitchen and stresses about what he is going to do, He has a brainwave he will sneak out the back way, and stop Becky coming into the coffee shop, he will then take her somewhere quiet and romantic, Becky will think that he planned the whole thing. The viewers are treated to some Naked Toadie. (is treated the right word? ) It's getting too much for Hannah and Anne, especially as they see that he is dripping in sweat. Lovely.
Outside The Pub
Marlene is moaning to Lou, she can't believe that Karl is seriously considering Sarah for the job.
MARLENE: She has about as much experience of being a receptionist, as I do flying a plane.
Marlene thinks that Sarah will not have her mind on the job, and she is not getting a lot of support from Lou, she thinks that he has been trying to get her sacked. He disputes this, he thinks that it is common sense for her to job share, and if she can't see that she should think about resigning, but Marlene will not do that, she is not a quitter. She tells Lou that if Karl does give Sarah the job it will be interesting to see who lasts the longest.
Lou is making his way back to the pub, and he bumps in to the young lovers, Toadie and Rebecca. .Rebecca looks smitten, especially when he suggests they have a romantic picnic down by the lake. He wants her to find somewhere really private and he will go and get the food. Rebecca looks impressed.
The Coffee Shop
Susan thinks that Sarah is a good idea!!!!! Susan NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Anne and Hannah have been shopping, and Anne has bought a dress that makes her look about 19. Hannah thinks that it will definitely impress Ben, she even suggests that Anne wear it for their first date. Anne worries that she might make an idiot of herself.
Toadie rushes in, he has changed into his uniform again, and makes a quick dash for the food, he rushes out forgetting to take his school shirt off.
Anne says that at least Toadie is making a go of it with his older girlfriend. Hannah says that Anne should ask Ben if he likes her, she thinks that it is obvious, and it is the only way that Anne is going to find out for sure.
The Lake.
Rebecca has chosen a good spot for the picnic. She wonders what the shirt is for. Toadie concocts a story about the coffee shop offers a student discount, so he was trying to see if he can get away with it. Rebecca thinks that Toadie is a pretty weird kind of guy, but he reckons that he can get away with it. Things are hotting up between them.
TOADIE: You're the acest girl I know.
REBECCA: Acest? I think that you are alright too.
She gives him a cheeky grin, and Toadie is delighted.
Outside The Coffee Shop
Hannah and Anne notice Ben in his sexy mechanics overalls. Hannah strongly encourages Anne to take her chance and talk to Ben, but Anne can't do it. Hannah however is very forceful and tells her itis the perfect chance, they might not be able to be alone again.
Ben is friendly when he greets Anne, he asks her if she has been shopping, and she shows him the dress, it is quite a low cut blue number, which IMO is not suitable for a girl of fifteen.
ANNE (as she holds the dress against her): Do you like it?
BEN: It looks great, that should really suit you.
ANNE: Actually that is the main reason I bought it, because what you think is really important, and I was wondering if you felt the same way about me? This is really embarrassing.
BEN: Anne erm... I know.
Anne tries to run away and Ben goes after her.
ANNE: Don't worry about it you don't have to say anything, I'm sorry.
BEN: Don't be sorry, You're a great girl it's just I can never think of you as anything other than a friend.
ANNE: If you are not interested then why did you lead me on?
BEN: I wasn't leading you on
ANNE: You have, you spent lots of time with me, you took me shopping, and you wanted to know all about me, what was I supposed to think.
BEN: Yeah, but it wasn't for that reason.
ANNE: What then, what's wrong with me?
BEN: Nothing's wrong with you.
Ben is getting more and more flustered as he tries to find the words.
BEN: What I'm trying to say....
BEN: It's more than you think, much more. You're probably not the one I should talk to about this, but the reason I came here is because I was looking for Ruth.
ANNE: Mum? Why?
BEN: Because I am adopted and Ruth's my mum, so you're kid of my sister.
Shocker, Anne can't believe it. Not only has she been lusting after her brother, but she has just found out a huge secret about her mum.
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