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Neighbours Episode 2830 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2830
Australian airdate: 11/04/97
UK airdate: 23/09/97
UK Gold: 12/09/03
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Ben making small talk with Phil and Ruth.
Marlene coming to see Lou as she is annoyed at him.
Karl threatening legal action if Hannah's story is published.
Lou's Place
Lou plots a plan to not be there when Marlene arrives and escapes before she does arrive. Ben arrives to tell Sarah he'll be moving in tonight.
Number 26
Phil and Ruth try to work out why Karl is upset when the lady of the moment arrives back with Helen (they've been out walking). Hannah confirms that she posted her essay but runs off to get a copy of it when he asks to see it. With Hannah away, Phil tells Helen what is going on and Karl threatening legal action. Ruth suggests they read it first before jumping to conclusions. Hannah returns with it and leaves him to read it when Helen suggests that she goes to find her friends.
Lou's Place
Marlene arrives miffed to find Lou has done a runner but tells Sarah that Lou won't get away with it and she can tell him that from her!
Number 22
Lou arrives home all sweetness and like but Marlene is still annoyed at him. He continues to protest that he shouldn't pay for something he hasn't received and remarks that he is sure the church can cover the cost. Marlene takes offence at that but Lou is over discussing it.
Number 30
Ben is moving his belongings in and Lou brings a box he found outside. Lou offers Sarah some extra shifts (and asks her to come in early the next day too so he can sort out the pews business) and he offers Ben a job working on the community bus too when Sarah mentions that he is a mechanic.
Number 32
Hannah arrives to talk to Lance because she is stalling her return home. She tells him about the story she wrote and knows Phil will freak at her.
Number 26
Helen finishes reading the story again and it doesn't get any better. Both agree when Hannah returns home that it's been well written but its still Tim and Susan's story. Hannah pleads that they wait and see if it wins before doing anything but Phil doesn't want to chance it.
Ramsay Street (next day)
Ruth drags a reluctant Lance shoe shopping and while she checks the mail before leaving, Sarah formally introduces Ben to her.
Number 28
Libby talks her dad out of growing a moustache as they make small talk just before Phil arrives. He apologises for what Hannah wrote adding that he had no idea she was writing it. Susan is annoyed to find out Karl threatened legal action and Phil reiterates that he didn't tell Hannah anything nor did he know what she's written but if he had he would have stopped it. Phil's honesty appeases Karl and they hope that the story is stopped.
Lassiter's Complex
Ben watches on as Lance moans about their shoe shopping adventures before going over to talk to him. Ruth introduces him to Lance and he disappears as quick as he arrived although Ruth does comment that he is nice.
Lou's Place
Marlene is on the hunt for Lou because he didn't go and see Father Donnelly like he said he was going to. Sarah tells her that Lou is on the phone to the police and a few seconds later Lou comes out of the office to tell them that he is wanted at the police station... to collect the prize he won in the raffle!
Number 28
Hannah arrives to apologise for writing the story and to their relief that she has contacted the paper to ask that he entry be withdrawn. Both thank her for what she has done but Susan remarks after Hannah leaves that she feels awful for punishing her for taking time out on her holidays to write an essay.
Lou's Place
Ben arrives to see Lou but he's still away at the police station. Marlene gets introduced to Ben and she volunteers to mind the bar to let Sarah finish work. Lou arrives back with the hamper and sets a time to meet with Ben later on to talk over his plans for the bus. When Sarah and Ben leave, he taunts Marlene that he should change his name to 'Lucky Lou' but she tells him not to be lulled into a false sense of security! ... and as he heads to the office with the hamper, he trips and then bashes his head on a table as he tries to get up!
Number 22
Lou and Marlene return home with Lolly still debating his mishap. He concedes to contact Father Donnelly to sort out the pew problem.
Ramsay Street
Lance runs into Ben as he is showing off his rollerblading skills but skates away when Ruth comes out of the house. She makes small talk with Ben and jokingly suggests cooking a meal for him which he turns round and invites himself to lunch that day.
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