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Neighbours Episode 2831 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2831
Australian airdate: 14/04/97
UK airdate: 24/09/97
UK Gold: 16/09/03
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Darren telling Wayne that the bank knocked him back and asking if his friend can still get the cheap gear.
Ben inviting himself for lunch with Ruth.
Number 22
Marlene is surprised to see Darren arrives home but he explains that he has left Wayne to it because they are waiting for supplies. She tells Darren to show Lou the bank papers for his loan so that a second eye runs over them but Darren thinks quickly to avoid having to tell the truth and decides to head back to TCS.
Number 32
Ruth lays down the law to the kids about tidying up after themselves especially since they've got Ben coming for lunch. Anne isn't amused when she's told to go and make up with Billy when Ruth finds out why she is in a moody.
Lassiter's Complex
Wayne banters Hannah with when he finds she's knocked off for the day and invites her to dinner with him. Darren returns just as she is leaving and asks Wayne when the goods will be arriving. They aren't is his reply - they've got to go and pick up the gear themselves.
Number 30
Lisa looks at Jo's wedding album and asks her questions about Rob. Ben joins in both are surprised to hear that they broke up after a couple of months. He says bye to them as he is heading off to #32 for lunch with the family and Jo remarks that he's made friends quickly with them and she's never been invited for a meal!
Lassiter's Complex
Darren tells Wayne to knock off for his date with Hannah but then he drops it that they aren't just going somewhere to pick up the goods but they've got to break into the place first!
WAYNE: I've done it a million times.
Darren tells him to forget about it, he's not into it anymore. Wayne tells him that he can't back out but Darren tells him he just has.
Number 32
Ben is bonding with Lance and Ruth while Ruth finishes off in the kitchen. He remarks about the family photo and Lance mentions that their parents are divorced and Anne adds that they are better off without him. The twins start squabbling between themselves until Ruth calls a halt because Ben wouldn't want to hear their family history!
Lassiter's Complex
Wayne apologises for not telling Darren the whole truth but he still isn't any keener on doing the job especially as he is still on a bond. He tells Darren to take the easy route instead of asking Lou, which Darren wondered if he could ask for help.
Number 32
Anne is trying to persuade Ruth to cash the cheque Bill sent so they can buy the new clothes they are after. Ben offers to give them a lift into town but Ruth says no, they can get the bus instead.
Lassiter's Complex
Susan spots Darren working and remarks that she is pleased to see him doing well. He asks how Libby is going at Uni, good, and Susan adds that Libby has noticed how busy he is too.
Number 30
Ben tells Lisa and Jo that it went will with lunch at #32 before he leaves for his meeting with Lou. Jo gets rid of Lisa so that she can call Rob but he isn't in when she does so she leaves a message.
Number 26
"I've done something really stupid" Jo tells Debbie when they chat at #26. She tells her about calling Rob and they agree to chat more over a hot chocolate.
Number 30
Ben and Lisa vie to answer the phone as they enter the house but when they do answer it, it's for Jo - Rob returning her call. Both wonder what it's about especially when Ben tells her that he's staying put in his office until she calls him back!
Number 26
Jo decides to head off and Debbie reminds her of the tips she has suggested if he calls. She departs as Wayne arrives and Debbie introduces the two of them before she leaves. Wayne wants confirmation that they do have a date and settle on the pub with him calling round to collect her and to meet her dad!
Ramsay Street
Ben reassures Lisa that he isn't dodgy as he sorts her car. Jo is about to head off to work but they tell her about the call from Rob and that he isn't leaving until she calls back. The ladies head inside and Ruth comes over to chat with Ben and to explain why she didn't want him to give the kids a lift (an over-protective mum) when he offered. Ben is fine with her explanation and that he will work on her car too.
Number 30
Jo calls Rob and explains that she can't speak for long as she has to head to work but does explain why she called - she wanted to her his voice.
Number 22
Darren decides in a subtle way to ask him for a loan, mentioning that he profits from the interest the bank would have got. Lou is interested in his suggestion and agrees to think about it.
Road somewhere
Anne and Lance chat while waiting for the bus. Lance stops Ben as he drives past (a seatbelt was hanging out the door) and tries to sweet-talk him into given them a lift into town since there is no sign of their bus. Ben reluctantly agrees and Lance readily jumps into the car but Anne hesitates.
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